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Growing Marijuana is one of the most fun hobbies I can think of.

You can harvest vast amounts of good quality pot from a cheap grow setup. One plant can yield enough to supply the average user for several month or even years!

Because Cannabis is such a strong Plant, it easily grows in many different surroundings. Even if the circumstances are not perfect, it will still yield a harvest.

Indoor or outdoor Growing

Outside growing is probably the cheapest method. But you are dependent on the weather.

Also, your Outdoor Plants are more likely to be found by other people.

Click to read my recommendations about Growing Marijuana Outdoors.

Have you got a Balcony? If you have enough sun, you could Grow Marijuana on a Balcony.

Growing Marijuana Indoors has some advantages.

You are independent of the weather. The risk of being discovered by others is greatly reduced. Plus you can grow all year long.

If you decide to go indoors, you need something like a Marijuana Grow Box with proper Marijuana Grow Lights. You also need space and think about issues like air supply and safety.

A Low-Budget way to cultivate Cannabis indoors is described in Beginners Growing Marijuana Indoors.

Growing good Marijuana?

This is what Good Marijuana is about:

– it has an awesome smell
– super delicious Looks (Many many crystals)
– has been HarvestedTrimmedDried, Cured and Stored properly.
– is a great smoke (little or no scratching and coughing)
– Relaxes and Inspires you. (Some great Music, Paintings and Websites have been written stoned)
– It is strong in its Effects

It starts with a seed

Whether indoors or outdoors. You usually start your plants from Marijuana Seeds. There are thousands of different Marijuana Strains available. Stick to the basics here and do not fall for creative names that are sold overpriced.

Learn about Germinating Marijuana Seeds here.

No matter where you grow, Marijuana is an extremely hungry plant. It grows fast and needs lots of sun, water and Fertilizer.

Eventually the plant will give back all the passion and love you put into it. You will be rewarded with a great smoke.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors Bill’s Grow Box Growing Marijuana Indoors
  • Hong

    Any indoor growers who can sell me fresh marijuana leaves? I need this for research and plz contact me via email: Thx Hong

  • droid4lif3

    Hi Jack I noticed that you didn’t write anything about water drainage in your grow book, I have everything ready in my grow room, proper ventilation, the foil on the walls and two hans led units but I don’t understand where the water is going to go? Do the plants take it all so there is no need to drain?

  • Martina

    I have a space heater with a thermostat be the intake. I also keep a probed thermometer to monitor the temp.

  • Djura Bgs

    HI, im new to indoor growing. Can i leave 1 REGULAR bulb on, in night period, for the heating box? Do that disturb plants? Please anybody help me and contact me on Thanks….

    • Jack Tambo

      I guess you could. But do you have to? Is is really that cold in your grow box?

      • Djura Bgs

        My box is at attic, and now is winter . Yes i have to raise temperature in box. I buy 1 infra red regular bulb 250 w, for heating. If i leave that bulb on over night period, what will happend with my plants. Can i finish my grow that way??? i realy need advice…. thanks. I dont wanna destroy my plants i love them SOOO MUCH.

        • Jack Tambo

          I am not sure if that infrared will prevent your plants from flowering.

          After all, they need total darkness for 12 hrs to flower properly.

          How about an electric heater that you place in from of the air intake?

About Us

Hi, I am Jack Tambo.
I started growing weed 16 years ago at the age of 14,

Back then I did not use it though.

But it have kept growing ever since.

I am now all about showing you how to grow delicious Marijuana by yourself.

With inexpensive basic equipment, you can grow beautiful looking sticky stoney buds. And it is usually great fun.

If you like, please comment your questions or experiences or opinions on almost any page on this website. I am reading every comment personally.

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