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Growing Marijuana is one of the most fun hobbies I can think of.

You can harvest vast amounts of good quality pot from a cheap grow setup. One plant can yield enough to supply the average user for several month or even years!

Because Cannabis is such a strong Plant, it easily grows in many different surroundings. Even if the circumstances are not perfect, it will still yield a harvest.

Indoor or outdoor Growing

Outside growing is probably the cheapest method. But you are dependent on the weather.

Also, your Outdoor Plants are more likely to be found by other people.

Click to read my recommendations about Growing Marijuana Outdoors.

Have you got a Balcony? If you have enough sun, you could Grow Marijuana on a Balcony.

Growing Marijuana Indoors has some advantages.

You are independent of the weather. The risk of being discovered by others is greatly reduced. Plus you can grow all year long.

If you decide to go indoors, you need something like a Marijuana Grow Box with proper Marijuana Grow Lights. You also need space and think about issues like air supply and safety.

A Low-Budget way to cultivate Cannabis indoors is described in Beginners Growing Marijuana Indoors.

Growing good Marijuana?

This is what Good Marijuana is about:

– it has an awesome smell
– super delicious Looks (Many many crystals)
– has been HarvestedTrimmedDried, Cured and Stored properly.
– is a great smoke (little or no scratching and coughing)
– Relaxes and Inspires you. (Some great Music, Paintings and Websites have been written stoned)
– It is strong in its Effects

It starts with a seed

Whether indoors or outdoors. You usually start your plants from Marijuana Seeds. There are thousands of different Marijuana Strains available. Stick to the basics here and do not fall for creative names that are sold overpriced.

Learn about Germinating Marijuana Seeds here.

No matter where you grow, Marijuana is an extremely hungry plant. It grows fast and needs lots of sun, water and Fertilizer.

Eventually the plant will give back all the passion and love you put into it. You will be rewarded with a great smoke.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors Bill’s Grow Box Growing Marijuana Indoors
  • Daz

    Hi All

    When growing autos do you need to change the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12 flowering period or do they flower when they are ready to start!


  • Butler


    I just started with cash crop box, I have attached a photo don’t make fun of me, I am wondering if 180 w is enough? I put in this other light, but should I put the old one back in? Any advice for super beginner would be great.

    • Jack Tambo


      thanks for the photo.

      put the old light back. The one you put won’t do much.

      The light in this box is not really that strong. Try to keep it as close as possible to the plants. Without burning them from the heat.

      Good luck with the grow, keep uploading pics if you like.


  • donna

    using malathion to kill aphids…will it hurt the plant

  • droid4lif3

    Hi Jack, I own a home with a back house I wanted to start growing in there without using a grow tent, how would I go about that? I was thinking of buying an LED grow light with a 6″ fan with the carbon filter do you think that would be enough or would it be better to grow inside of a grow tent?

    • Jack Tambo


      thanks for your question.

      For 12 plants on 35 sq, you will need more than 1 LED grow light.

      If you buy 2 good LED lights it will work well. Depends on your budget, LED is initially quite expensive. The cheap ones from eBay are rather disappointing. I always recommend Hans LED panels

      Have you also considered HPS lights?

      You don’t need a grow tent at all.
      But you will need to light proofen your back house. Because the bright light will easily be visible from outside. and you don’t want that.

      Also, a grow tent has reflective inner material. You could cover the walls in your grow room with reflective white foil to get that advantage, too.

      6 inch fan will be plenty. Get a fan controller to keep the noise down.


      • droid4lif3

        Hi Jack,

        Thanks for the response, I did consider buying the HPS, but they would cost more on my light bill and I can afford 2 x 150w panels from Hans. Also I was thinking of using the bathroom fan and putting a Carbon filter to remove the smell, how can I get fresh air into the room?


        • Jack Tambo


          ok the Hans panels are awesome.

          Using the bathroom fan:
          It may work. These fans are not very strong. Adding a carbon filter will slow it down as well.
          Your advantage is that the LED panels won’t produce much heat.
          Try it and see how it works. You can always upgrade the fan later. The young plants don’t require too much ventilation anyway.

          Getting fresh air in

          If you live in a warm climate, you can just let the fan run. It will suck air into the grow room through your house and then throw that air out.
          You will need some large gap under a door or a vent in the door. This will make your house cold if you live in a cooler climate. Also it requires a stronger fan. the bathroom fan won’t be good enough.

          Alternatively find some other opening in that room to let in fresh air.

          That foil will work. It might be overkill since its also insulation material. I’d go for this:

          Cheers! Jack

          • droid4lif3

            Thank you Jack, your help is truely appreciated. I will send you a picture once I have most of the room setup, I just ordered 2 Hans Panels and the White Foil, hopefully I can have this started by the end of this month. Is there any other way to get in contact with you? It takes a while for Disqus to approve my comments.

  • Rick Williams

    i like to read what you have on fb but iam barred from that site lol

    • Jack Tambo

      Barred from FB? You save a lot of time

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