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Growing Marijuana is one of the most fun hobbies I can think of.

You can harvest vast amounts of good quality pot from a cheap grow setup. One plant can yield enough to supply the average user for several month or even years!

Because Cannabis is such a strong Plant, it easily grows in many different surroundings. Even if the circumstances are not perfect, it will still yield a harvest.

Indoor or outdoor Growing

Outside growing is probably the cheapest method. But you are dependent on the weather.

Also, your Outdoor Plants are more likely to be found by other people.

Click to read my recommendations about Growing Marijuana Outdoors.

Have you got a Balcony? If you have enough sun, you could Grow Marijuana on a Balcony.

Growing Marijuana Indoors has some advantages.

You are independent of the weather. The risk of being discovered by others is greatly reduced. Plus you can grow all year long.

If you decide to go indoors, you need something like a Marijuana Grow Box with proper Marijuana Grow Lights. You also need space and think about issues like air supply and safety.

A Low-Budget way to cultivate Cannabis indoors is described in Beginners Growing Marijuana Indoors.

Growing good Marijuana?

This is what Good Marijuana is about:

- it has an awesome smell
- super delicious Looks (Many many crystals)
- has been HarvestedTrimmedDried, Cured and Stored properly.
- is a great smoke (little or no scratching and coughing)
- Relaxes and Inspires you. (Some great Music, Paintings and Websites have been written stoned)
- It is strong in its Effects

It starts with a seed

Whether indoors or outdoors. You usually start your plants from Marijuana Seeds. There are thousands of different Marijuana Strains available. Stick to the basics here and do not fall for creative names that are sold overpriced.

Learn about Germinating Marijuana Seeds here.

No matter where you grow, Marijuana is an extremely hungry plant. It grows fast and needs lots of sun, water and Fertilizer.

Eventually the plant will give back all the passion and love you put into it. You will be rewarded with a great smoke.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors Bill’s Grow Box Growing Marijuana Indoors
  • Rick Williams

    i have a start of a sativa-lsd any info plz

  • zak

    i want my plants short and fat…when and how do i start pruning?

    • Big John Stables

      Zak, Hey Brother. Do you Know The strain of the plant in the picture?? I have the exact same plant bro!! Don’t know where I got the seed from…at all, so I don’t have a clue to what strain it is.. Do you know the strain of your plant in the picture??? Thanks Brother…….. Yeah that’s how I’m growing mine to be short and fat also. It’s the same height as yours and everything. I just topped Mine about a week ago and it started making it get bushy the way we want it. So I’d say top it now. Hit me up ….Thanks

    • Big John Stables

      Hey Zak , do you know the strain of this plant??? I have the same exact plant, leaves are the same , the number of blades 3, 3, 5, 5, are the exact same, the spacing of nodes and everything. I just topped mine to make it short and fat. I just don’t what strain its is cause I have no idea where the seed came from. wondering if you know thestrain.. Do u need any info about topping and thinning your plant???

      • zak

        dude i think it’s kush….and yeah some help with the trimming would be usefull. I live in the caribbean and it’s VERY illegal here…cultivation is a $100 000 or 5yr minimum jail time. i need to keep it short and fat

      • zak

        iy’s kush dude

  • Ken Furnace

    Hello Jack
    I have three healthy plants they were all terminated at the same time and I have tried as closely as I can with your lighting schedule proper distance, time etc. My problem is this one of my girls has gone crazy and is growing like there is no tomorrow. I keep adjusting the light but before the other girls can catch up I have to adjust the light again. I have already pruned her but all the branches are growing like crazy too. My other plants are in good health but they are at half in height and they are falling behind in getting their share of the light. These ladies are being raised in one of those turn key grow boxes that came with everything I needed to go on this quest. So any suggestion or info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jack Tambo


      yes, they can grow fast.

      Firstly, I have seen turn key grow boxes that are very small, just 3 ft tall. That is too small, even for the best tricks.

      But you could try to tie down your plant carefully, so that it doesn’t snap.

      Step by step, a bit more every day.

      Other than that … start flowering if you haven’t yet or buy a taller grow tent.

      Cheers, Jack

  • Christy Smits

    Hi Jack,
    I love your blog! Do you know the unique strains of Kera Seeds aready?Would you like to review some of seeds? I’d love to send you something you might like!

  • snake

    hi i have 1.8 sqare foot space and have 6 plans in there.will
    1 Pure Light CFL 150W Bloom 2700K and 1 Pure Light CFL 125W Grow 6400K do my job?

  • caanabis420

    We have been making our own weeds and seeds for 8 years, and we are in our 7th year of producing top shelf seeds for the

    public. These are all regular weeds and seeds (about 60% will be females).

    Blackberry Diesel (indica)

    Does very well inside and outside, producing lots of large fat, rock hard buds loaded with trichromes and a blackberry

    fragrance. Flowering period is 8-9 weeks.

    Grape Afghan Kush (sativa hybrid)

    This has been crossed with Grape 48 so it will provide big fat very frosty buds with a wild grape-Afghan smell. Average

    indoor yield is 2 oz. per plant. Flowering period is a lengthy 9 to 10 weeks.

    Pauls Purple Fire (indica hybrid) OUT OF STOCK

    This is one of my best strains. Purple Fire (SFV OG Kush x Grape Ape) crossed with AK-48 and then crossed with original

    Grape 48. If you like fat, hardball buds similar to GDP, you will love this strain. Flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.

    NEW Grape 48 (Indica hybrid) OUT OF STOCK

    One of my best strains. This strain will make you very happy. Grape 48 is Seedsman Purple Bud crossed with Nirvana AK-48

    and now crossed with Purple Kush for density. It will produce monster-sized very dense buds covered in trichromes and with

    a loud grape smell like Grape Ape. Flowering period is 8-9 weeks.

    Original Grape 48 (Sativa hybrid) – OUT OF STOCK

    The original strain without the genetics of Purple Kush (Nirvana AK48 x Seedsman Purple Bud). The big sativa buds are a

    little fluffy and extremely frosty. The strong grape aroma of the Seedsman Purple Bud really comes through.

    Trainwreck (Sativa hybrid) – OUT OF STOCK — MORE COMING SOON!

    This particular strain of Trainwreck came from a clone and was crossed with an AK47 male. The smell from the bud is

    awesome and so is the taste. She will produce lots of big thick sticky purple colas. Trainwreck is a heavy yielder. This

    is a great night time sleepy time high.

    Purple Wreck (Indica hybrid) – OUT OF STOCK — MORE COMING SOON!

    Purple Wreck from Reserva Privada is Trainwreck crossed with Purple Erkle. Another great top shelf strain – very frosty,

    very stinky and very dense buds make it an excellent medcinal choice.

    Call/text……….… (518 444 2976)
    Call/text….……… (518 444 2976)
    Email (

    Other strains available:

    Blue Cheese (Blueberry x UK Cheese) LIMITED SUPPLY

    Blueberry OG Kush (Blueberry x Tahoe OG Kush) – OUT OF STOCK

    Blue Tahoe Cheese (Blue Cheese x Blueberry Tahoe OG) – LIMITED SUPPLY

    Playboy OG Kush (indica) [ LIMITED SUPPLY ]

    Purple Berry Playboy (Purple Berry xPlayboy OG) -NEW!

    Lemon Skunk -NEW!

    Early Skunk – NEW!




    $1.00 each (min order 25) 500 or more – GET 25 FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY 500 SEEDS ORDERED!

    Willing to trade for other seeds or meds. No clones.

    /text……….… (518 444 2976)
    /text….……… (518 444 2976)
    /Email (

    Call/text……….… (518 444 2976)
    Call/text….……… (518 444 297jmmjjmjmjmjmjmmj

  • Paddy

    how many plants would be recommended growing with only one 250w cfl? and how many for the 400w hps?

    • Paddy

      also would 2 cfls make more sense than 1 hps in anyway? thank you

      • Jack Tambo


        thank you for your questions!

        1 x 250 W CFL will work for 4 plants.

        1 x 250 W HPS for 6 – 8 Plants.

        2 x 125 Watt CFLs are not as good as 1 x 250 W HPS.

        Because the CFLs use pretty much the same amount of electricity as the HPS, but the HPS will produce a bigger crop.

  • Paddy

    so using a credit card with my name on the seed website will be safe?

    • Jack Tambo

      If the US government decides to go after them, it won’t be safe.
      You could instead pay with Bitcoins and remain anonymous (apart from your shipping address).
      To get bitcoins, you could visit and exchange $ to bitcoin.

  • sid

    hi Jack.
    Got an tips on how to take a clone that has been under 18 + hours of light and plant her outdoors and keep her vegging? When iI have tried this I start to get buds and then she goes back to veg. Big waste of time and provides good spots for mold to line.

    • Jack Tambo


      it depends on the time of the year. If it’s spring or early summer, it won’t flower.

      But if its past midsommer, it will likely start flowering.

      Not much you can do about it …

  • Paddy

    Beginning the purchase of my grow tent setup and was interested in hydroponics and am curious on your take of them versus soil

    • Jack Tambo


      hydroponics are more difficult to use.

      People who are just starting have more success with soil.

      I cannot give much advice abt hydro. For the experienced grower, harvest is bigger with less work.



    • Jack Tambo

      That’s not ok. 10 days is too long.
      Are the jiffies wet?

  • Miko

    Hi Jack!
    Such a great website!
    Me and my wife want to start growing our own weed, as we are from a country which is very damaged by narco, drug cartels and violence.
    We now moved overseas and living in Australia, but we don’t want to buy, but grow.
    We already made a bit research, but just want to confirm with you about the best dates to grow the weed. Spring here begins in October; my question is; What happen to the plant if we germinate and grow since now (March)? Does the plant will grow and eventually flowered to get some buds?
    And second question; Which is the best strain or variety to grow in the South Australian (Adelaide region) weather?
    Thanks for your time and again, congrats for the great site!

    • Jack Tambo


      if you grow since now, the plant will not grow properly. Especially in SA, it is not sunny enough during winter.

      During summer, you can grow any strain really. A bit faster finished would be a strain that is more indica based. These indicas will flower sooner than their counterpart, Sativa.

      The strain does not matter too much, since during summer, there is so much sun in Australia that you can grow almost everything.

      Just for information, this seed shop has grouped their strains in “Indoor” or “Outdoor”.

      Any of the outdoor seed will do fantastic under the aussi (summer) sun.

      Thanks a lot for your comment and good luck growing!


  • Boring

    Hi Jack Tambo,

    I live in England and have set up a grow tent in my bedroom. The grow tent is 2 m x 1.2 x 0.6 (6 ft high x 4 ft wide x 2 ft deep.
    I have just germinated 3 seeds White Diesel

    • Boring

      Hi Jack. Sorry i hit the enter before finishing. I am going to grow with 200 W CFL white tubes in a flat panel ( 4 x 53 W ) and flower with a red 250 W CFL on a dutch barn reflector. I have made up my own drip system, fitted a fan exhaust through 4 inch duct with carbon filter vented in to the room. I also have a portable 6″ clip on fan in the base of the tent. I have a 250 W CFL barn style reflector which was my 1st choice but on trial the heat was on the limits, if I can keep the heat down i may switch to to the250 w, probably not worth it for the 3- 4 weeks grow ..NOW as there is a lot of dought re CFL growing efficiency, not referring to here on this site but generally. I thought i would put a log week by week with pictures here, with feed, watering,neut’s, and light regime logs, and show my grow tent build in that it may help the odd beginner. I have grown before with a 400W HPS the latter stages of the grow was aborted due to a amoke alarm going off due to an immersion heater tank boiling and the steam setting of a fire alarm LOL, but not realy funny, tell more another time, i did a small CFL grow last and was quite pleased with the outcome. So hello all OMWARDS AND UPWARDS.

      • Jack Tambo


        that sounds marvelous! Welcome to the site.

        You got a nicely sized tent. 2 m is a good height.

        Cheers, Jack

  • paul

    How long from geranation untill the flower stage

    • Jack Tambo

      around 3 weeks

      • Ozza9

        Hi mate , I’m in Perth and got
        My seedling going in a really little pot with some soil I tryed jiffys but none came up for outdoors…. I’m planning on putting them in a little larger pots …. I have coco peat, blood and bone, cow manure …. Will I need some perlite ? And what about nutrients ? Would mixing a little bit of cow manure with coco peat and perlite work as soil with some blood and bone work? Or should I just put cow manure Ontop of coco …. I havnt started any. Nutrients or fertiliser yet I have some sea sol will that work ? ….. If this stuff does work how much blood and bone should I use ? And when ? And sea sol too? …. Would I need some grow / flower nutrients or will it flower by it self ? ….. As u can see I’m a little stuck and confused haha thanks for
        Any help

  • graham

    hi jack,i m expecting seeds late summer from Amsterdam.should I wait until next spring and if so how will I keep them.they will be outdoor plants regards graham

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi Graham, keep them in the original bag. Put that original bag into a completely dry, dark container. (Maybe a plastic tube, or one of those vitamin containers). And put that ito the fridge (not freezer!).

      Keep them cold and completely dry. They will remain good for a few years.

  • Nishan

    Is there any difference between seeds from high altitude and low altitude???

    • Jack Tambo

      Well, not sure.

      Cannabis ruderalis is some russion strain from high altitude. It can handle the cold better.

  • Mike


    The Indiegogo campaign is closed.
    I Loved the idea, i would like to buy a grow Box. how can i do that?


    • Jack Tambo

      YOu can buy the items seperately from ebay. I will list the here.

  • dj

    just wondering what will happen to the $400.00 I contribute for a grow box, if the indiegogo grow box crowdfunding campaign does not reach the $30,000 in the given time limit?

    • Jack Tambo

      You’ll get a refund from indiegogo.

  • Henry Jay Jr

    How much do a grow box cost ? A small one.

  • Jase

    Thank you for your website and the information you have provided. I have been studying your section on indoor growing and I am curious about temperature.

    I have a garden shed that I would like to use to house my plants. Will I need to cool the shed during summer months? Or will the fans keep the plants cool enough. I am looking to purchase the grow tent you recommend and just wondering how the hot shed could affect growth. It gets pretty warm in the shed during the hot summer days in Texas.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi, thanks for your comment.

      A garden shed is a good place usually. But if yours stands in direct sunlight, it would become too hot.

      If you can keep it in the shade, it might be ok if you have proper ventilation.

      So in short, yes if it in the shade and you can supply lots of fresh air with a strong inline fan.

      • Jase

        What would be the appropriate temp range for the plants?

        • Jack Tambo

          70 and 75*F (21-23*C) during the light period. Maximum 85 F (30 deg). 85-92 F means growth problems.

  • Cheryl

    Hi, I heard the end of your conversation on the Paul and Young Ron show and I’d like information about the seminar that you are doing in July in Miami. Thank you, Cheryl

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi, I was not on that show, might be a mix up? Jack

  • Rocky


    Are you shipping items to Lithuania?, cuz i have faced with some difficulties then tried to order.

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi, not yet, but within 2 – 3 month we will ship to Lithuania.

      Sorry that we do not do yet.
      I will send you an email once we are ready.

      Thank you, Jack

  • chunky

    ive just had major success hear in australia, i produced 3 pound from 1 big plant and a small Bonsai, and it was all female$$$$$

    • Jack Tambo

      Nicely Done!

  • gams

    Ok thanx sorry for all the hassle just want to make sure everything is good

  • gams

    How big is the grow box, and how many plants can I grow inside

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi, the growbox is 0.9×0.5×1.6mm (35 in x 20 in x 63 in).
      You can grow 6 – 8 Plants

      • gams

        1.How can we buy a fan if it doesnt come with it, and does it cool down the hi temp to regular temp?
        2.can so much heat from the box be detected when helicopters fly by?
        3.where can I keep buying the fertilizer for this?

        • Jack Tambo

          1. It comes with a fan. It is an inline fan with duct. It sucks air out of the box while fresh air enters at the bottom of the box. This cools down the box.
          2. Helicopters cannot detect the warmth of energy saver bulbs because they stay relatively cool. Helicopters can detect large operations using multiple HPS lamps.
          3. Buy more fertilizer from Or at the local gardening / hardware store. You can buy special hydroponic fertilizer from Amazn. And I have been growing successfully with tomato fertilizer, they are quite similar.

  • Sam

    Were can i get a plant ?

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