Clean Body of Marijuana

The human body has the amazing ability to clean itself from most substances. Residues of Marijuana will leave the body after a while by itself.

The process of cleaning the body of Marijuana can be accelerated by adapting a healthy lifestyle.

To quickly clean the body of Marijuana, do these thing:

Stop using immediately

Don’t smoke any pot anymore. Don’t have the smell around you. Make sure it is completely out of reach.

Exercise regularly

Exercising will accelerate the cleaning process. Traces of Marijuana will leave the body with the sweat.

So go out and run for a while. Make sure to work up a sweat.

Drink lots of Water

Drink 2,5 litres per day. Whether water or sometimes Tee. It can be hard to force oneself to drink. It gets easier after the first glass.

Do not consume soft drinks like Cola, Squash or Lemonade. They contain way too much sugar and will only make you fat and sluggish. Also avoid for every price ‘light’ soft drinks. The artificial sweetener is very bad for your health (according to Dr. Mercola from

Drink Chamomile Tea

If we can believe traditional medicine, than chamomile is good for cleaning the body. I actually believe that. It is worth drinking tea. But if possible try not to buy the tea bags from the supermarket. Rather go for the leafy Tea that comes loose.

Eat plenty of Fruit and Vegetables every day

They are very beneficial for the body. Plus the Juice will help to remove Marijuana residue. Some good tasting Fruits examples: Mandarins, Oranges, Pineapple, Apple.

Be aware that supermarket fruit is likely to have wax and other chemicals on it. Wash them thoroughly.

What about commercial ‘Drug cleaners’?

There are Products available that promise to remove any substances from the body within 10 days.

I have never used those and can not say whether it works or not.

There are kits available for inner body, Hair or Fingernails. A website that looks serious is The prices range from $50 to $190 USD. Sort of expensive.

There are also drug detector tests available. So you could check up on yourself if your body is clean or not.

Don’t rely too much on your own test results. Your employer or the police could use other testing methods with different results.

Summary Clean Body of Marijuana

To clean body of Marijuana, go on a super healthy lifestyle for a while. It is mainly about that.

Drink loads of water and do sports. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Tea might help, too.

And if you need super-fast results, you should additionally use a commercial drug cleaner. Maybe they help, too.

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