How to speed up Marijuana Detoxification

Jogging will help your Marijuana Detoxification .

Marijuana Detoxification is the process of removing any traces of Marijuana from the body.

Usually this is needed because some drug test has to be carried out. For example for work or law related issues.

First of all, don’t worry.

The body will by itself, remove all Marijuana traces. How long that takes depends on many factors.

What can I do to accelerate the Marijuana Detoxification?

There are a lot of things to do.

Stop using Marijuana immediately

Don’t use any Marijuana. Bring it out of your house. It is possible that even the smell contains quantities that go on your body.


Work up a sweat. Marijuana traces will leave your body via the sweat. That is the reason why heavy Pot users smell like Marijuana after sports.

Drink loads of Water

As much water as you can. At the very least 2.5 litres a day. But better more.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Flowers Tea may help to clean the body. It is definitely worth doing. Chamomile Tea is used since ages to help with health issues. If you can, buy real chamomile buds from a Herb shop or Pharmacy and make Tea from them.

Eat Fruits and vegetables

Go to the local market or supermarket and buy fruits that you like. Eat loads of them every day.

Here a few suggestions of good tasting stuff: Pineapple, Apple, Oranges, Mandarins. These are full of Juice.

Wash them before eating thoroughly. Supermarket fruits tend to have wax and pesticides one them.

Choose any vegetable you like. Maybe Broccoli.

If it is an urine test, drink loads of water beforehand

To further better your chances of passing, drink loads of water within 60 – 30 minutes before the test. It has been said that the more urine you have in your bladder, the less stuff can be found by the drug detector. Because it is less concentrated. I can not prove this but if you want to pass you may as well do this.

What about commercial ‘Drug cleaners’?

There are Products available that promise to remove any substances from the body within 10 days.

I have never used those and can not say whether it works or not.

There are kits available for inner body, Hair or Fingernails. A website that looks serious is The prices range from $50 to $190 USD. Sort of expensive.

There are also drug detector tests available. So you could check up on yourself if your body is clean or not.

Don’t rely too much on your own test results. Your employer or the police could use other testing methods with different results.


To remove drug residue from your body, go on a super healthy lifestyle for a while. Marijuana Detoxification is mainly about that.

Drink loads of water and do sports. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Tea might help, too.

And if you need super-fast results, you should additionally use a commercial drug cleaner. Maybe they help, too.

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