Grow Marijuana at home.

It’s easy enough! This site teaches how to do it.

  • Smokey Joe

    Hi, My question is. I’ve tried the peat pellets on more than one occasion and, I got sprots, no problem, but they turned yellow almost immediately,within one day? I kept them moist

  • Mike Murphy

    Good morning Jack give me your best guess I am a little concerned please check out these two photos and let me know what you think

About Us

Hi, I am Jack Tambo.
I started growing weed 16 years ago at the age of 14,

Back then I did not use it though.

But it have kept growing ever since.

I am now all about showing you how to grow delicious Marijuana by yourself.

With inexpensive basic equipment, you can grow beautiful looking sticky stoney buds. And it is usually great fun.

If you like, please comment your questions or experiences or opinions on almost any page on this website. I am reading every comment personally.

Thank you for coming to SelfSupplyWeed!