This guide is only for those who have bought their grow box.

This is for the HID version. The LED version instructions can be found here.

Where to install it?

In a discreet spot. You will need some fresh air to enter the room where you install the box.

A room with a window, a utility room with a vent in the wall or garage with some openings for air.

1. Pitch the tent

It’s a bit like going camping.

The metal frame first and then pull the tent over..

2. Connect fan and filter

3. Hang fan and filter into the tent

Fan and filter need to be suspended from the tent ceiling. And not, for example, screwed to the tent skeleton.

To avoid vibrations being transferred to the tent.

Note: In the videos, Bungee bicycle cords are being used to hang the fan to the ceiling.  You have not received those. You have received 2 extra rope hangers instead.
If possible, please buy yourself some of those (short) bicycle bungee cords, it will be easier to install.

4. Assemble the lamp reflector

5. Plug it in and finish.

No cable should ever touch the hot lamp or the vibrating fan.


6. Finished!


Buy seeds and then

… Start a grow