Buy Marijuana Grow Box

How Bill grows his own Weed.

A story of a guy who bought a grow box. On the Interwebs.


That guy’s name is Bill.

He had never grown weed before. He was always more a … consumer. With a passion for the Sticky Icky.

One day Bills curiosity took over and he bought himself a Marijuana Grow Box Set.

Bill was stoked when the huge parcel arrived in the neutral brown box with the mail! He immediately ripped open the brown box and marveled at the items.

There was a lot of stuff. He couldn’t wait to start his first grow! Bill was wondering: “How much will I harvest?” – We’ll find out later in this story!

Bill assembled the Grow Box and started his first Grow!

It took Bill one hour to assemble the set. He put up the tent, hung in the lamps and installed the fan, carbon filter and air duct. More on those parts later!

Bill that smart cookie was lucky to have saved himself some Marijuana Seeds from a little green bag. He heard that those work fine. And that is true, usually bag seeds work fine. If Bill wouldn’t have had seeds, he could have just ordered them online.


Bill followed the instruction manual and put 6 seeds into the included seed starter pellets. Wowzers! A new grow had just begun!


Happy with himself and his life, Bill was gently starring at his 6 peat pellets with seeds in them. It should now take 4 days for the baby plants to pop their heads out.

Bill was buzzing with excitement in anticipation of something awesome. He made sure to keep the peat pellets at room temperature and moist.

3 days go by … Bill couldn’t stop checking on them pellets.

When suddenly, on the 4th day!!

HOORAY!! The first two had come to life! Two precious little baby plants, not even a few hours old, were born. What a glorious, glorious day!!

Oh hey Bill, do you know what time it is now?

[Bill] “No?”

Time to switch on the Lights!

As soon as a plant pops it head out, it needs to go under direct light.


So Bill that ol’ perfectionist switches on the live-giving lamps in his Grow Box. For the little plants need the energy to thrive.

Bill lowered the two lamps down to 10 inches (30 cm) away from the babies. Throughout the grow, Bill would keep this distance between plants and light for optimum growth.

That means maximum brightness while not burning them with too much heat.

Bing! And there was light. Beautiful light, similar to the sun outside. Timer

Bill had followed the instructions in the grow book. He programmed the included timer to switch the lamp on for 18 hours every day.

Bills Grow box uses a 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb. These produce a lot of light and deliver a big harvest.

The whole Grow Box used as much electricity as an older large flat screen TV or a Gaming Computer.

Bill that nerd calculated that the complete grow would cost him $75 in electricity money over 3.5 month.

Bill gently poured a little water over the peat pellets to keep em wet.

Bill was full of excitement

The next day, Bill woke up extra early in the morning full of excitement.

He immediately checked on his remaining peat pellets. All of them are now in the Grow Box, under the light.

And there he couldn’t believe his eyes! 3 more germ buds have sprouted and stuck their head out. Nice!

Pots & Soil


Now that all plants were born, they needed to go into a pot with good soil.

Brilliantly, Bills Grow Box was a complete set and came with grow sacks.

These sacks are awesome for cannabis since they are breathable. Oxygen on the roots is needed to take up nutrients.

Also, the danger of over watering,which is fatal for Marijuana, is greatly reduced. Excess water can just drain through the fabric-like material.

So all Bill needed to do was fill these sacks with soil.

But hang on a minute… there was no soil included.

So Bill bought quality potting mix from the hardware store or amazon. A good quality potting mix for flowers will do fine.

It does provide initial nutrients for the green ones. Bill fills his grow sacks with soil and carefully sinks the precious baby plants in.


Lets recap:

By now Bill germinated the seeds and put them into a pot (grow sack) with potting mix.

He then put the plants under the grow light.

Now: Its Grow Time! Bill had to be patient. He couldn’t hurry the plant growth.

He carefully kept the potting mix humid and made sure the grow lights were in the right distance to the growing plants (10 inch, 30 cm distance).

That’s it for 20 days and theeeeeen …………..

Day 21, Bill changed the light duration

On day 21, Bill had 5 strong healthy green looking plants.

What a view!

Bill confidently thinks to himself: “This is working well!”

Young Marijuana Plants in a Grow Box

Following the grow manual, Bill changed the light duration.

On day 21, the light duration changed to 12 hours light on and 12 hours light off. Instead of 18/6 as it was until now.

Now the plants think the summer is half over and it’s time to grow some buds.

Heck, even a plant has to grow up some day!

Can Plants be hungry?

Yes for sure.

Especially Cannabis grows fast and needs lots of food.

It is basically a slobbering stuffer.

So on day 21, the nutrients provided by Bills potting mix were running low. The plants have eaten most of them.

Bill slowly started adding fertilizer into his water.

At first, only a little bit. Because too much is not a good thing. Luckily, his grow box delivery also included a good plant food.

Marijuana Fertilizer

Days pass by.

There is not much to do.

As long as the soil is wet and the water contains nutrients, the plants grow fast and healthy.

How much Water is enough or too much?

Cannabis loves water. It is a thirsty, fast growing weed.

But…. over watering is deadly!

‘The Soil Wetness test’

Gently touch the soil with the back of your fingers.

If it feels cold, it means there’s enough water left. But if it feels warm, then there is no water left and it is time for a drink. For the plant of course, not for you!

Plant Puberty: The first buds appear!

So we have arrived at day 55.

The light was 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

Something important started to happen: The first buds appeared. Score!!

Young female Marijuana buds

But hang on a moment Bill! Don’t celebrate just yet.

Is that a boy or a girl?

Pic of young Male and Female Cannabis


Unfortunately, the male plants were of no use for Bill.

He couldn’t smoke their buds, it would taste awful.

Their leaves contain not much active substance. And anyway, all the males do is make love to the girls. So they had to go.

The perfect murder

With a hurting heart, Bill killed the males, disassembled the bodies and discarded of them discreetly in a plastic bag.

Let’s look at the bright side here Bill:

You have 3 pretty ladies left with more space to unfold and grow.

Damn these girls looked pretty.

Pic of gorgeous, young female marijuana plant

Bill practiced patience and let them grow while lovingly caring for them with water, fertilizer and height adjusted lamps.

Day 70

“Wow look at those boobs buds!” thought Bill to himself while watering the ladies. “There are white crystals popping up all over the buds.” “Oh I love the smell!”. Bill was one happy camper.

Picture of mature Cannabis

  Over time, Bill did slowly increase the amount of fertilizer given.

Day 90 – getting there!

“Yo what is going on, dem plants are goin like crazy man!”



At this point, there were some serious sticky buds.

Bill knew that it was better to avoid touching the plants, since otherwise so much of the good stuff would get stuck to his hands.

The smell situation

The smell now was intense. Intensely good, but intense.

Those ripening plants had a strong scent.

Unless you live on a farm or another place where there are no direct neighbours, you have to filter the used air before releasing it out of your house.

Or people may find out about your little green oasis.

You remove the smell with a carbon filter.


Bill was filtering the used air from his grow box through such carbon filter.

So the smell was gone. More details on filters further below, after this story ends…

Patience, Patience & Patience

The plants now looked delicious and Bill couldn’t wait to smoke them through his Ultrabong 2000.

But day 90 was still too early to harvest.

Bill knew he had to wait another 20 days for maximum yield and super quality weed.

Phew this was difficult. Hurry up plants already!

Day 110: Harvest Time

And then the day arrived.

Somewhere around day 110. Most of the plants little white hairs have turned brown.

There was not much new growth happening anymore.

The plants were oozing a strong heavy marijuana fragrance. The smell so many people love.


Time to …. say Goodbye

It is now time to say goodbye to them plants.

Bill put lots of love and effort into them. The plants were about to return a multiple of that!

Bill felt sad while he cut them down. But he knew for there to be life, there must be death.

marijuana close up

After the Harvest

And now the work began. It was trimming time!

Bill cut the big buds from the stems. With small scissors, he then removed any bigger leaves which were growing on the buds.

This made them look beautiful and tasty. Similar to the good stuff Bill used to purchase from the dispensary.

Bills plants have grown pretty big, so this step takes a lot of work. Cutting, cutting, cutting.

Until the buds don’t have those small leaves anymore.


Good Farmers dry the Herb slowly

After that is done, Bill left his fresh harvest to dry in a well ventilated, dark spot.

He knew that in no way he could dry these precious buds with heat or in the sunlight.

That would destroy the great taste and produce a harsh, scratchy smoke.


Bill dried the goods slowly… for 7 – 15 days in a dark, well ventilated space.

Until they felt dry, but not completely dry.

Upon bending, the twigs did not yet snap. Now the weed felt dry on the outside, but there was still humidity left inside.

This is the time to press the precious buds.

Bill put them into a plastic bag and gently rolled them up, whereby the buds were being gently squeezed.

Pressing   He left them in the plastic bag for 24 hours or so and then took them back out.

Now the buds were all sticking together. So Bill separated them.


  He let them dry for another day and repeated the gentle plastic bag pressing 2 more times.

By now, Bills had a bunch of beautiful weed nuggets, ready to smoke.


Smoking a bong

**BlubBlubBlubBlubbBlubber. **FFFFFuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh. **Aahhhh ….. so so nice.

**Cough Cough Cough **

Bills weed was still very fresh and thus a bit harsh in his lungs.


So Bill got himself a bunch of clean glass jars and put the weed in there for a few weeks.

Every few days or so, Bill opened the lids and took a whiff while letting in oxygen.

During this curing period, the chlorophyll in the weed translated into sugar. Thus the smoke became milder.

The weed also became stronger in its effect.

Marijuana in a jar

After at least 1 month of curing, the Marijuana became nice and smoke able.

3 month curing would be perfect, but hey, we may not have that much patience.

Bill offered his surprised friends one of his home made nuggets. Everyone loved them.

Except Bills wife who was a bit worried that with so much weed, Bill would be stoned around the clock.



Dried Marijuana

Marijuana harvest

Mission accomplished!

Bill was smoking his own weed. Puff Puff. That was the live.

Bills work had paid off handsomely. He harvested roughly 3 ounces of weed. That almost paid for the Grow Box.

But this is not really about the money. This is about growing your own Marijuana.

Ok Bill, now do it all over again. :-)

The End


Dear Reader,

there is no Bill. But the rest is a true story. That’s how I grow.

If you would like to grow just like Bill, you could get the same grow box.


Get a Grow Box

Grow Marijuana at home


With your own grow box, you’ll have more weed at your disposal.

Just keep the box going and harvest 2.5 ounces or more every 3 – 3.5 month.

The amount usually increases after your first grow cycle since you gain practice.

The cost of 1 ounce of Marijuana on the ‘free’ market currently is somewhere between $220 to $380. Smaller amounts are more pricey.

By growing your own plants, the price reduces to around $20 per ounce. That’s the price for electricity.

The power consumption of the 400 Watt version of this box is around 495 Watt.

A full grow cycle over 3.5 month costs approximately $90 in electricity*. That will yield around 4.5 ounces of dried marijuana. In comparison: A Toaster uses 800 Watt, Microwave 600W – 1500W, Dishwasher 1200W, Laptop 50W, Plasma TV 120W, modern LED TV 60Watt.

You can calculate exactly how much you would pay for electricity in your area with the help of this page: US electricity prices.

A complete grow cycle will ‘eat’ around 737 kilowatt hours. Multiply 737 with the electricity price in your area.

*Calculated with the 2014 average US electricity price of 12.26 ct per kw/h. A complete grow cycle will ‘eat’ around 737 kilowatt hours.




The seed germinators are compressed peat pellets.

After putting them in water for 10 minutes, they expand and become soft. If possible, use filtered water for this, free of chlorine.

Once they are wet, place 1 seed in it, half inch deep. Then keep it in a slightly warm spot and make sure it does stay wet. If needed, add some extra water on the second day.

Don’t pour water directly over the pellet or the seed may wash away.

We are not using plastic pots, we are using flexible, breathable, water permeable grow sacks. Because plants grow better in them. With these, more oxygen can reach the roots and excess water can drain easily.

Cannabis is a hungry plant and needs fertilizer.

Given that you are using quality potting mix which has nutrients for the first 20 days or so, you would slowly start to give fertilizer around day 20 of your grow. Dosage information are given on the fertilizer packing.

Generally, you start with a very low dosage for the young plants and give it only once a week. Then weekly increase dosage and frequency.

While Marijuana growing is getting legal in more and more places, it can still be important to keep this hobby hidden from undeserving eyes.

The box looks unobtrusive black on the outside. It could be a wardrobe or other closet. The bright lights stays inside almost completely. A tiny bit of light can leak at the bottom at the air inlet.

Marijuana plants, especially adult ones, smell heavily. The box uses a quality carbon filter with extra thick and tight carbon layer to remove this smell.

I heard of a person grow in a retirement community with lots of people around, but nobody ever noticed.

The exhaust air of this box is ideally lead out of a window. But it can also stay in the house. However, the plants in the box do need fresh air. So this would not work in a completely sealed room.

The box is relatively silent. It hums, mainly from the air movement and the fan. It is not noisy, but you don’t want it right next to your bed.

Buy a Marijuana Grow Box

These boxes are made to discreetly grow Cannabis indoors.

They are easy to use and recommended for beginners.

It's a complete set with all the parts you need.

Add soil and seeds and you are ready to grow.

These are available from eBay from various sellers.


HPS 400

39 x 39 x 78 inch
100 x 100 x 200 cm
Electricity consumption
~ 480 Watt
Smell Filter

Have a questions? Please leave a comment underneath!

  • Jack Tambo


    30″ is very very small.

    I am not saying its impossible, but it is very difficult.

    You would have to start flowering very early (after 2 weeks and you’ll need a good light. So the plants grow compact, not long.

    As for light, to make it really work I’d use a good quality LED panel. The Hans panel is the one I always recommend because they are the best. But also expensive.

    You’ll also need a small fan to get some air circulation going and a carbon filter to get rid of the smell. Or else your house will smell a lot.

    Those plastic containers … they are wobbly and break easily. That is not a good choice. Rather get a small grow tent. They are available on eBay in those sizes.

    We are bringing out a compact tent that is 3.9 ft tall. That is a minimum size needed.

    Cheers, Jack

  • Sarah

    I’m brand-spanking-new to growing and I’m going to be growing indoors so I wanted to ask you as I’ve been asking all the manufacturers of kits like this… which yours is one of the best setups I’ve seen… how easy is it to control humidity and temperature in this grow box?

    • Jack Tambo


      temperature and humidity are both controlled by the fan speed.

      The box has a fan speed controller.
      Instead of the fan running full speed all the time (which is noisy and unnecessary), you slow it down.
      For example while plants are still small. Or while the lights are off.

      And when the lights is on and the temperature or humidity rises, you speed up the fan.

      You could measure both values by placing a combined temperature/hygrometer in the box.

      Thank you for the question,


  • Paddy

    Hi there, do you ship to England, also if you wanted to do it on a smaller scale such as making yourself a personal supply maybe 2 plants do you need a grow box of this size or can it be smaller. This is my first time and the country I am in, hasn’t legalised marijuana yet but the police have openly said you can grow your own plant and we wouldn’t come break down your doors, weed is a great product that has helped me through these past couple of years, as I am terminal and morphine or opioids such as oxycontin doesn’t help as much as weed does. Sorry got distracted, cheers for setting up this page and cheers for any responxe, any other tips for first time growers would be awesome if you can.

    • Jack Tambo


      that is pretty cool from the british police. Kudos to them.

      You can built a smaller grow box. For example 60 x 60 x 140cm.

      That will work well for 2-4 plants.

      You have to use either an LED or CFL lamp though.

      If CFL, buy one of those large 120Watt bulbs. It’s quite cheap. You’ll harvest an ok amount but not overly much.

      LED is more expensive because you’ll need to buy a good one. is the best one. This harvests a lot.

      there are more people asking for a smaller set, I will create a page for that.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Peter

        Very interested in purchasing a smaller kit for only 2-4 plants now that marijuana is legal in my state, when will the page be up?

  • Barry Batspak

    Perfect bedtime story