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Indoor Growing

Grow discreetly at home. For beginners.

Outdoor Growing

Have a nice, sunny garden? Grow some outdoors!

Buy Grow Equipment

The things you need to grow this awesome plant.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

How to make sure all your seeds germinate.

Making good Weed

How to harvest, dry and cure to make delicious stuff.
  • Smokey Joe

    Hi, My question is. I’ve tried the peat pellets on more than one occasion and, I got sprots, no problem, but they turned yellow almost immediately,within one day? I kept them moist

  • Mike Murphy

    Good morning Jack give me your best guess I am a little concerned please check out these two photos and let me know what you think

  • Padraic O Brien


    Any suggestions on how to make buds a little bit densor and heavier? Have you any idea from the photo when it will be ready to harvest?

  • azure

    hello i have some questions before i make my purchase. What sets you’re product apart from the others i have seen on the web? More specifically “of “4X4 GROW TENT PACKAGE – GOLD EDITION”” from perfect Gardens other than the price tag lol

  • Chris


    Chris Earl here. Im interested in placing an order. I’m unable to find a contact on your webpage. Contact me at (780)218 9322.