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  • Deb

    Hi Jack, ordered tent and just got around to getting it together. I didn’t receive fabric pots, how do I go about receiving them

    • Jack Tambo

      Hi, I sent them on the way!

      • Deb

        I have still not received?

      • Deb

        Jack I still have not received. Can you please update me as to whether or not they are coming.

  • jkil808

    How’s these looking? they are about a little over a month old now, started them in solo cups outside then transplanted them about 2 weeks ago into the pots they’re in now. I haven’t given any feed to them. I have them in my yard, which has a sprinkler system, I placed them next to one of the misting sprinklers. They have been getting water everyday at 5am. I live in tx which right now is only getting to the 80-90’s. Any advice on what I should do now?

    • Jack Tambo


      thanks for the photos.

      They look good and mostly healthy.

      Though they are too light-green and should be darker green in color.

      They seem to be hungry and need fertilizer now.

      Here’s a video that shows how to give the right amount:

      Make sure excess water from the sprinkler can drain at the bottom of the pot. They don’t like standing in water

      Good work. These will turn out well!

  • joe Hi when I harvest my plant my buds were small. I had WW growing and when the full 60 day for flowering. I use FoxFarm products. Did I do something wrong.

    • Jack Tambo

      … well, you should have gotten a bit more.

      What light did you use?

      • joe

        I use a 300 watt LED light. It cost about $89.00. It was a Galaxyhydro LED Grow Plant Light 300w Greenhouse Indoor Hydroponic Grow Lighting 9 Band

        • Jack Tambo

          That light is a bit weak. But still, you should have gotten a bit more.

          Did you give fertilizer?

          • joe

            I use foxfarm trio product.

  • Claire

    Hi I have a plant to put outside can you advise me on what pest control is best thanks

  • Shmyth

    Hello @jacktambo:disqus first of all thanks for doing this and secondly im wondering if we can contact in skype or somehow cause i got a few questions and i need a lot of help ?

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