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How can I help You getting your first Harvest?

Home Grow Box

Learn how to build an indoor home grow box

Cannabis Seeds

Buy Seeds

I’d like to buy Marijuana Seeds


I have a nice, sunny garden and want to put one in the ground

Indoor Growing for Beginners

Learn how to grow your own indoors

LED Marijuana Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Avoid making this big mistake when buying an LED Grow Lamp (Or get a small harvest).

buy Marijuana Fertilizer

Fertilizer for Big Plants

I’d like to get my Fertilizer game sorted, so that my plants grow big buds

How many Cannabis Plants fit into my grow box

How many Plants?

I’d like to know how many plants I can grow in my space


I’d like to learn when I should harvest my plants

  • Claire

    Hi I have a plant to put outside can you advise me on what pest control is best thanks

  • Shmyth

    Hello @jacktambo:disqus first of all thanks for doing this and secondly im wondering if we can contact in skype or somehow cause i got a few questions and i need a lot of help ?

  • Hunter


    I am new to this whole growing thing but I’m eager to start. I’m wondering what kind of lights would be best for a small grow, like 2 or 3 plants? And if I need to get a grow tent for something that small?

  • Tarek Abd El Aziz

    Hi jack- I build small room in my rooftop- 2*3 and 2 miter high
    I make 2 window hole ( one in top and one in down ) for cold and hot air flow – my country have high temperatures weather ( 30 to 40 c ) so I will but fan to keep it cool – I need to know: I will put led lights to my room- what watts I need ?

  • Tarek Abd El Aziz

    Hi jack )))) I’m a big fan of you ))))) I read all your text good- and you give me motivation to start )))) I will go to Amsterdam in April after see your note here ))))) I hope find good shop to buy from