How to Grow your own Marijuana

Last updated: June 21st, 2021

…and never buy it again. Even if you’ve never grown plants.

On this website

Home Grown Bud


If you follow the instructions, you can have your first couple ounces of delicious home-grown Marijuana 4 months from today.

You may be worried that this is complicated …. but let me take this fear away from you.

Cannabis is an ‘easy’ plant. Even if you make a few mistakes, you’ll still get a harvest.

On this website, you will find I made a series of 5 short videos. If you watch them and follow the instructions, you’ll end up with a grow tent.

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You may wonder if a Cannabis Grow will be smelly in your House

I live in a small apartment, in the middle of the city.

I have neighbours all around me. Above, underneath, left and right.

But I can still grow weed without anyone smelling anything.

I am using carbon air filters to scrub the air clean and reduce the smell.

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Is a Cannabis Grow Box loud?

I have a workshop where I built electronics.

And one of my tools is a ‘sound-meter’. It measures sound volume.

When I measured how loud a grow tent is, I found that its about the same as a running fridge.

By speed controlling my fan, I can keep it as quiet as possible

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Does a Marijuana Grow Box cost a lot of Electricity?

Cannabis LED grow lights

When I got started home growing, this hobby about tripled my electricity bill.

I had to tell my landlord a crazy story … (I told him that I bought a computer server that eats all the electricity).

The problem was caused by the large lamp I was using.

But today, we are using LED Grow Lights.

They use much less electricity.

You need $30 – $60 monthly for electricity.

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You may be worried that a Grow tent is very expensive.

When I build my first grow tent, it took about 3.5 months to get my first harvest.

That first harvest was worth more than I had spent building the grow tent.

Getting a grow tent is not really a cost, it is an investment.

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You may be worried that you don’t have enough space

The first version of TomatoTent

I live in a small 2 bedromm apartment.

So I’m using a small grow tent.

They come in all sizes.

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You may be worried about water damage to your house

One day I read about a Cannabis grow who got busted.

He used a ‘hydroponic’ system … meaning lots of water. And it leaked into his house … the neighbours complained and … that was it.

But we are not using that much water. It is not enough to remotely cause any damage to your house.

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You may be worried about your gardening skills.

Marijuana in jar

I did many terrible mistakes on my Cannabis Plant.

Wrong light, wrong nutrients … the lot.

But eventually, I still got about 15grams of weed.

And from then on I got better and better.

I wrote a guide on how to do the first grow and succeed.

It’s also on this website and it will help you.

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You may be worried about the fire danger

My first real job was to be an apprentice to become an electrician.

And one thing I learned is that only sloppy work creates a fire hazard.

A well planend setup with good components will be safe.

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You may be worried that it’s too warm or too cold to grow Cannabis where you live.

Cannabis grows in the cold mountains of the Himalaya to the warm tropical forrest of Jamaica.

It can adapt to most temperatures.

If you live in a very hot spot or very cold spot, you may need to do some extra ‘tricks’ that I will show you on this websites.

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You may be worried about what your friend/neighbors/family thinks about you growing weed.

Marijuana home grown

I have a grow tent running in my bedroom…hidden in the wardrobe.

When I have visitors, they rarely check my wardrobe.

I’m also using air filters to remove the smell.

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About me

My name is Volker. I made this website to show how easy it is to grow your own Cannabis.

grow tents

I did my first Indoor Cannabis Grow in 2003.

Even though it was highly illegal in Germany. Luckily I never got caught. And now I live in an area where this all legal.

I feel for every one who is not allowed to grow this plant. But the world is changing to the better in many areas.

Before I grew my own Weed, I was always waiting for the dealer. He was a nice person, but so unreliable that it at times made me angry.

I remember one time I paid for 15 grams of hash. But when I’d put it on the scale it was only 13g.

Until one day when I walked through a news agency, looking at the magazines.

There was one magazine cover with photos of happy people, some of them had long beards.

They were posing with their (illegal) Cannabis plants.

These guys were growing their own weed in their backyards.

That was really exciting ….

…. I also wanted to grow my own weed.

Here are some of my first plants ever … in dad’s garden:

Marijuana outdoor

We lived in Germany, and sometimes there was not enough sun for Cannabis (it needs lots).

I was also constantly worried about someone calling the police on my plants.

So I made the plan to grow indoors.

I built my first grow box and started my first ever indoor grow.

Even though I was a newbie and my first indoor plants turned kinda yellow, I still harvested my own delicious marijuana.

large bag of Marijuana

From then on, I did not have to buy green anymore. Now I can supply others with Weed.

Depending on where you live, growing Cannabis may be legal or not. But the techniques used to grow it are the same.

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200 thoughts on “How to Grow your own Marijuana

  1. hi Jack, I’m back time to Start over so I need some soil info. I’ve got good soil and vermiculite and perlite what % of each goes together?

      1. I’m using Scott’s flower potting soil, I’m using 3 lbs. growing sacks. I grew last year in just the potting mix and wanted to try something new I’ve been using 1 cup vermiculite and 2 cups permits is that good our should it be less?

        1. That is a good soil mixture, as long as the vermiculite AND perlite together don’t exceed 30% of your mixture..

          Your growing sacks, are they 3lb? Or is that 3 gallon?

          Just asking because 3lb sounds a bit small

              1. Jack can you give some advice.

                I have a the following going at my place.

                My wall box is 1800cm height x 0.050cm deep x 1600cm lenght.

                Have running my plant now for the 1st week after planting them in 15litre bags with the lights on for 18hours ans 6hours off.

                I have n ballast and my light are on 400watt.

                First i want to know how much water must i give per plant and when. They are getting eater from day 1 the started growing only on day to 2 to day 3. Depends on the ground how dry they are.

                There are 10 plants now in. I also have fertilizer.

                1. Hi,

                  thanks for the comment and uploading the photos.

                  You got a great space going and a good light. Also good sized pots and air.

                  About watering the plants, there is not 100% fixed rule.

                  You need to water them when they are almost dry.

                  Whenever the soil feels ‘warm’ to the touch, that means it is totally dry and you need to give water.
                  If it feels cool, there is still water in there.

                  The bigger the plants get, the more water they’ll drink.

                  By looking at your plants, I feel like they may need a bit more water.

                  Its important also not to give too much water. They hate standing in water.

                  I see you are using grow-sacks. They look like they are made from plastic … do they have holes at the bottom?
                  They need to have holes so excess water can drain.

                  So to recap: Give water as soon as the soil feels dry.
                  Give them a good amount and make sure the excess can drain at the bottom.

                  If you find you plants with their branches and leaves drooped while the light is on, they are too dry and need water right away.

                  Also, are you using fertilizer? You need to feed them now

                  Cheers, Jack

                2. Hi

                  Thanks for getting back to me. The bags i am using does have holes at the bottom. I will feel this morning how the ground are feeling. I have fertilizer. I got bloom and grow fertilizer.

  2. hey jack! I am new to growing.
    I am ordering the 48*48*80 grow tent, can you please tell me how many plants should i grow in there, and should i order the HPS light 600 W or 1000 W?
    thanks in advance

          1. Hi,

            the 1000Watt will be good.

            To make it better, get both an MH and a HPS bulb. MH at first while they are in verge mode.

            If you have some budget, you could also use COB LEDs. They will harvest a bit more that the HPS.

            Cheers, Jack

              1. For the biggest harvest, you’ll need 40 Watt COB LED per square foot.

                Your tent is 16 ft2

                1 COB is 50 Watt

                You need 12 COBs.

                That means 3 of this:

                With these COBs, its all very new.

                They are not yet easily available. Thus my link above from China.
                They are also available from Cutter electronics, but they are always out of stock.

                And you need to assemble them yourself.

                The advantage is that you’ll be getting 1.6 gram per watt (more than HPS). And the LEDs last longer than the HPS.

                Anyways, if you don’t want to spend time assembling the COB LEDs, the 1000W HPS will also do fine.

                And more info on COBs is available from this guy on youtube:

                Sorry that my info here is not super clear … its all brand new technology.

  3. I have a dumb question. Once you finish the seedling phase does the entire peat pellet go into the 5 gallon grown bag or do you have the remove the pellets from around the plant to transplant? You also stated they need to stay warm when the seed is first planted in the pellet. Do they need sun or light at that stage or just warmth and water? How soon can you place them under the MH light?

    1. Hi,
      the whole peat pellet goes into the soil. Bury even parts of the stem.

      Yes, it shouldn’t be too cold. but make sure they don’t dry out.

      As soon as you see the head come out the soil they need to go under light.

      At first make sure you have lots of space between the MH lamp and the seedlings, since MH is a strong light. Around least 30 inch

  4. Hello Jack,
    I`m planning to start growing 4 ladies for own usage in 1x1x2m tent. Im planning to use Hans 180w led lights. As well i`m going to grow in Autopot system and want to grow them with no chemicals or as less as possible and get as much from them as possible.. The questions are these?
    1) natural soil or coco for better and natural growing?
    2) for better grow, to use autopot buckets, air-pots in autopot system, fabric pots in autopot system? or maybe do an experiment and try for each flower different?

    any other tips to share i am more than welcome to hear and try!

    Thank you!


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