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  • indrit

    friend . someone help me please . The first time that I want to grow my indoor … more desire but I am not sure if I can get over you … What do you recommend to read for more information ?????? Thank you

  • George

    Hi Jack,

    New to growing, I purchased WW and growing in a 2x4x5 tent. 1 400w LED panel (150 w actual power) 2 150 CFL 6500k 2 100 w CFL 2700. 4 inch inline fan with controller, 4 inch carbon filter. I just started 12/12 for flowering. Here is what the plant looks like. Did I start flowering to early? The plants seem to need water all the time.

    • Jack Tambo


      thanks for uploading photos.

      You did not start flowering too early. And you also have enough light and air. That is good.

      The plants are very thirsty, that is normal and healthy. Make sure they get enough to drink.

      Your plant looks small. It should be more bushy.

      Are you giving fertiliser yet?

      Cheers, Jack

  • Noah

    Hi Jack,
    I am first time growner and my plant looks like almost ready to harvest. I am not sure is it is compeletely ready, what do you think based on the images?
    It is a seed of Orange Bud from Dutch passion.

    Thx for your opinion.
    Regards, Noah

    • Noah

      One subquestion..
      Is it OK if i cut off stem by stem through couple of days?.. Lets say one stem is more brown than the other, should I harvest all at the same time or is it OK if i cut individualy? Will i hurt the plant this way? (after harvest i plan to re-veg this plant and not throw it away).

      thx again

      • Jack Tambo

        It will be ok to cut stem by stem.

        But in my experience, it will not bring much benefit.

        Because those stems left on the plant will grow very slowly. So you may as well harvest all at once.

        Re-veg … cool. Never tried it. Let us know if that works.


    • Jack Tambo


      good pictures, thank you.

      They are almost ready. I’d wait another 3 days and then cut them.

      Stop giving fertiliser, if you still are.

      Good work!


  • Craig Preston

    Hey is this alright need some advice

    • Jack Tambo

      I think you don’t have enough light.

      What lamp are you using?

  • John

    Soo..i have a bit of a problem. I took this last night from a field and planted it straight then , and justa watered it a bit , and this afternoon i woke up with this , it’s like dying sor of dry-out , can somebody tell me what have i done wrong , iv’e grown only once before this but that time it was a succes and ALSO grown from seed not like i did now , just transfer it , so yeah im waiting for answers thx.

    • Jack Tambo

      So you just took these from a filed and planted them here? Then something would have gone wrong while transplanting them.

      They don’t like being dug out (many roots get injured) . It is almost never a good idea. The root system under a plant is bigger than the plant itself, so you will always end up injured it while digging.

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