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  • molly

    Was hoping to speak to Jack privately.

  • Joshua Gibbs

    Hey this is literally my first grow, I was wondering if I need any extra nutrients besides what’s in the soil and a compost mixture I’ve made to get a 90 day from seed to harvest?

  • tc

    Jack – this looks like a great product. We would like to learn more about trying this product and discuss pricing and other investment related conversations. Could you please email me back? It will be great to connect with you.

  • Padraic O Brien

    hi jack my plants are starting to bud do I have to change the lighting iam still on 12 on 12 off

    • No, don’t change.

      12/12 is correct for flowering.

      It is 18/6 for young plants. Then, when the plants are 4 weeks old, you change to 12/12 to make them flower.


  • Unimiro

    Hej Jack,

    I have started to plant on my own. I was following your guide and had already switched to 12/12 lights i got only 1 plant. My setup is pretty cheap, actually i have builded my own grow box. And like a week or 2 ago the bottom leafs begon to get yellow and fell of. Till now some of them are getting dry and yellow at the and of leafs, what did i do wrong? :/ i add some pics of my baby here. hope to hear something back from you. ^^ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b280c9bdaa63cf2f84f5e4c4587226dcf5375bc8e7fdd4781b61557ff9eea68.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d44ac322ddd931c19dbb7c466b6c35c6a79b24f770be4d63aab7f16b0686b0e0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/162a594fd9951f490fb63b06d99cb947cc7f1fbd65b7f8f79832be389b352c0a.jpg

    • Hey,

      good work so far, I see you got buds.

      The yellow/brown leaves are because of 2 things:

      1. You are using a bucket an it likely doesn’t have holes at the bottom. That means over time water keeps accumulation at the bottom of the bucket and the plant starts to drown. So just take a drill, lift up the plant and carefully drill a bunch of holes into the bottom of the bucket. Large 10mm holes. At least 10. Be careful not to hurt too many roots.

      2. It seems the plant is a bit hungry. Have you given fertiliser yet? If not, it’s time to start that. The yellow leaves won’t become green again, but you won’t have too many new yellow ones.

      Hope I could help and thanks for your comment,


      • Unimiro

        Dear Jack,

        Thank you for your help and tips, like you said i have made holes in the bucket and gave some fertilizer too and the plant is getting better, leafs are getting slowly green again. You gave me great help thank you.
        I will let you know what it will become or ask for more tips if something gonna happen.

        Let the magic begin! 🙂