How to grow your own Marijuana at Home without Failing


If you have been confused about home growing, it’s not really your fault. There is a lot of information out there.

If you don’t know if you can grow your own weed, let me take this fear away from you.

You can do that, you just need the right equipment.

As home growers we are independent from dealers and dispensaries. And our weed will cost 10%.

There are powerful people who want to take this herb out of our hands. By growing our own we can give ourselves access to it.

So that is what we’re here for. I know you’d like to grow your own weed and I am here to show you how.

This is for growing both recreational or medicinal cannabis.

It was a dark, cold Friday evening.

I was sitting on my huge soft couch in my small apartment.

The TV is on playing ‘American Chopper’, my favourite show.

I keep starring at the Nokia phone, getting more annoyed by the minute.

“Where is he?” I’m thinking.

“He was supposed to be here 2 hours ago. It’s always the same!”.

My Dealer wanted to bring me some hashish.

I’m not a super social guy. Big crowds make me nervous and my frioends are mostly from my work place.

I don’t know many people and I surely don’t know many ‘Sources’.

So Derek is my ‘man’. And since he has lots of business, he does a terrible service.

Its always difficult to get weed.

BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP, my phone goes.

It’s Derek. he’ll be here in 2 minutes.

Well f8kn finally!

10 minutes later I open my old squeeky door. Derek wearing a thick winter jacket. One of those with a big fur collar.

I ask him in as fake-polite as possible.

As he walks in, his wet shoes leave shiny water droplets on my floor.

He sits down on my couch where I sat just before.

I make myself comfy on a chair opposite him.

Immediately Derek pulls out a brown bar, looking kinda like a chocolate.

I instantly feel better, almost happy!

Derek really came through with the goods. Better late than never!

So I hand over a bundle or Euro notes and after some short conversation my guest leaves.

I pull out a scale to check if he pulled one over on me again.

The scale shows 12.5g.

It’s supposed to be 14g.

For a moment I’m considering sending Derek an angry text about this.

But than I calm myself and just let it go. After all, he’s my only guy and what can I do. I’m glad I can get anything.

I enjoy cannabis too much. I just love the feeling of it.

But I feel angry when I’m being disrespected by my dealer this way.

It stresses me to sit there and wait for ‘Mr. Superstar Dealer’.

I don’t want to rely on this guy anymore.

Days later I walk across a long isle of magazines at the train station newsagent.

Suddenly, my eyes widened and my heart almost skipped a beat.

There was a magazine that showed these man and women grow their own Cannabis at home.

They had big, juicy plants standing in their gardens or in their living rooms.

Those plants looked so sticky and fat. I could almost smell them from that magazine.

They were holding big bags with pounds of weed. More than they could ever smoke.

“Woot?, if these folks can grow weed, I can do that, too.”, was my thought.

Right there I decided that I was gonna do the same!

I was gonna grow my own sticky-icky.

After studying how those people in the magazine do it, I got to work.

I took my little red car for a drive to the hardware shop.

At the time (this was in 2004) it was more difficult to build a grow box.

I had to make it from solid wood. It’s easier today, more on that later.

I ordered all the electronic parts online and soon I had my ‘stuff’ together.

grow box components
i bought all the parts for a grow box

The next morning was a saturday and something strange happened.

I loved to get out of bed in the moring.

So I got up early and went to work.

Putting together those heavy wood panels made a lot of noise.

There was sawing, drilling, banging and squeeking.

Soon it started to look like a box:

marijuana grow box not complete yet

But suddendly …. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

An angry knock on my door.

I got worried … . My house looked like a construction site and the box was standing right there for everyone to see.

“Shieeet … should I open the door?”

I slowly opened and standing there was the annoyed looking 14 year old neighbour’s daughter.

With a kinda polite voice she asks “Could you please stop being so noisy!? Its very annoying.”

“Oh yes … of course … I’ll stop for today’.

She leaves.

I’m relieved, but this reminds me that what I’m doing is really illegal here in Germany.

If I get caught, I likely spend time in Prison.

But there’s no way I stop!

I wanted my own weed so bad, there was no way I was gonna stop.

Eventually I finished the grow box.

I felt proud about my accomplishment.

It felt great to turn on the light and put my first ever Cannabis seeds into the ground.

small cannabis plants in grow box

Soon they had buds:

But then on another lonely saturday night some vandals were climbing on the roof of the house next door.

I could see them braking windows and doing all kinds of shit.

I called police and waited for them to turn up.

They did. And they scared the vandals away.

But then the unexpected happened.

The police also knocked on my door.

They wanted to have a chat about what happened.

My heart beat so fast it almost fell out of my chest, into my pants.

Nervously I opened the door. Standing there were 2 officers.

“Hey, we checked on those kids, they are gone now. Is everything Ok?”

“Oh yes yes, great. Thank you!! Have a great night”.

“BLAM”. Door closed again.


That was close. They could have easily come in and find my grow tents with the plants inside.

That would have meant prison.

But luckily they didn’t.

And that meant couple weeks later my plants were ripe

grow box full of ripe cannabis

After harvesting and drying I had so much weed that even Derek the dealer started buying from me!

large bag of Marijuana

I started filling up little bags and sold those to my peeps at work. More money came in.

My phone kept beeping more and more. I used to not get any messages.

I was feeling proud because I made something for other people and they paid me nicely for it.

You may be at a different point in your life.

But most of us have problems getting weed.

Whatever your reason is, you can grow your own.

A grow box will give you weed several times a year.

Coming up:

  • Secret #1: Starting > What Equipment Do You Need
  • Secret #2: Growing > How to get your first Grow without failing
  • Secret #3: Privacy > How to Stop others from ever finding out

Let’s keep going, ok?

Secret #1: What Equipment do You Need?

It took me about a week to build my first grow box.

I was copying what those folks in the grow magazine did.

There are hundreds of ways to do it.

I have a friend who talks about home growing for over a year. He’s still figuring out all the stuff he could buy. Lamps, tent, fans, filters, black black black.

I know it can be confusing.

So what I did is, I created a complete home grow box with everything needed.

It is a set with each and every item that I also use.

So if you want to skip all that research and save a lot of time, you could use that set and be up and running in 1 hour.

Somebody’s result:

Somebody from the US shared these photos, thank you.

You may wonder WHERE in you house you can put a grow tent.

You can put it anywhere, as long as fresh air can enter the room.

For example a garage works well. Or the basement. Or the attic.

Just have some fresh air come in, for example through an open window.

The system makes some wind noise. It’s not overlyu loud, but you may not wnat it right next to your bed.

You may wonder if it’s difficult to assemble a Grow Tent set.

The other day my mum asked me to put together her new IKEA wardrobe.

It took me about 1 hour, because it wasn’t too hard.

It reminded me of building a grow tent.

Because assembling a grow tent is similar to assembling a wardrobe.e

I’m not saying its super easy. But most people can do it.

You may wonder if your electricity bill goes up

Yes, it will. By around $30 per month.

Is a Grow Box noisy?

On a Grow Tent, the fan makes all the noise.

But theres a way to make it quiet:

Let it run as slow as possible.

That’s why I built a special computerised controller that slows the fan down when not much air is needed.

Kinda like a climate control system.

If it gets hot or humid, more air is needed.

But when it cooler like at night, the fan can slow down and run quiet.

If you use a complete Set, you’ll have your grow tent ready to go in about 1 hr.

Secret #2: How to do your first Grow without failing

My first ever grow was problematic.

I did not know how to give fertilizer.

So my plants ended up hungry and I did not harvest as much as I could have. (I still got a big bag though).

Even though I did not do it all correctly, I still got a harvest.

Cannabis is literally a weed. It can grow in tough conditions.

You don’t need to be a gardener to grow this plant.

Many of you have been gardening before. You will be in your element. Cannabis is easy to grow.

Somebody’s result:

Somebody from the UK is growing these. Thank you for the photos.

You may wonder where to get Cannabis seeds

I once ordered seeds on the Internet.

They never arrived, instead the customs called me.

“We found a letter with drugs adressed to you. You can’t do that!”, they said.

Nothing more came out of it. But it was scary and the seeds were gone.

Now I order from a website called They have a genius way of hiding the seeds. So they always arrive world wide.

You may wonder if you have to give Fertilizer

My first plants had yellow leaves.

Because I did not give them enough fertilizer.

Fertilizer is kinda like the plant’s food.

If you don’t feed them, they’ll become hungry and won’t grow as much.

I never liked giving fertilizer. Its a lot of work.

So I found a special soil that not many people know about.

Its called “Automatic Soil” and it contains all the fertilizer already.

The plants then just take what they need. Kinda like on a Buffet where you pick whatever you like.

Now I don’t worry about fertilizer at all. I never have to give it.

You may wonder how much water the plants need

Yes, Plants need water and you have to water them.

The trick I learned is to touch the soil with the top of your fingers.

If this feels cold, that means there is still enough water.

If it feels warm you have to give them some.

You may wonder how to give water

Well, you could use a simple watering can or even just a bottle.

You may wonder how to Dry your Harvest

A tired looking man sat on a little camping chair in between hundreds of freshly harvested cannabis plants.

He hadn’t slept for 2 days because he urgently had to get this harvest done.

The dispensary had run out of stock and kept telling him to hurry up. Or they’d find somebody else to supply them.

So he had to do the cardinal sin.

TthTo speed things up he used a gas heater to force-dry all those plants.

Within a day, all the Marijuana had dried.

Unfortunately, it didn’t smell much like Marijuana anymore. It had a kinda hay like scent to it.

It was dried too quickly. The weed did not have time to become really good.

That’s why dispensary or especially black-market weed is sometimes not as good as private home grown stuff. Those people don’t have enough time to do it properly.

The moral of the story of course is to dry weed slowly and carfully.

A good grow tent has a so called ‘Drying Mode’.

You put your harvest into the tent and the fan will hold the humidity at ideal range.

That way your weed dries slowly and tastes delicous.

If you use automatic soil you won’t have to worry about fertilizer. So even total beginners can get a harvest easily.

Secret #3: How you keep it secret

The other day I read on Google News Germany:

Police raids apartment and finds Cannabis Grow“.

Some poor feller got busted.

His neighbours noticed the smell and called the friendly police.

Cannabis smells a lot. Like really, a lot.

The guy who got busted did not use a smell filter.

Kinda like a scrubber for air.

It removes the scent completely. You couldn’t even notice anymore.

And your neighbours wouldn’t know.

Somebody’s result:

thank you to the person who uploaded these (from either from the US or maybe Canada, name changed)

You may wonder if a high electricity bill will alert authorities.

Your bill will go up by about $30 per months.

That is not enough to raise suspicion.

If a grow has an air filter it is very discreet.

If you use a complete tent set as in Secret #1, then use automatic soil as in Secret #2 and make sure there is no smell as in Secret #3 do you think you can grow your own weed?

Let me ask you a question…

Are you a little excited about what I just described?

Are you also overwhelmed by all I just talked about?

Its difficult to cover everything needed. I tried to, but I also don’t want to make this too long.

Is it OK with you if I spend another few minutes to go over a special offer I created to help you implement this?

If you said yes, than here we go:

What you’ll get

Everything to start growing on the day it arrives.

Except Cannabis Seeds.

drawing of closed tent

Grow Tent 4ft x 4ft x 73in
Reflective Mylar grow tent

2000 Watt LED Grow Light
530 Watt real draw

Intelligent Grow Controller
Keeps the temperature ideal
Switches the Lamp automatically daytime/night
Could connect to WiFi and you could check on your Phone
Touch screen displays Temperature and Humidity

Fan with automatic Speed control
Quiet and efficient fan.
It will only run as fast as needed.
If the tent gets warm it speeds up.

Air Filter System
To removes the smell and keep it discreet.
4″ activated carbon filter with pre-filter.

Automatic Soil
This special soil won’t need any fertilizer.
Saving you the work to give fertilizer.
Almost guarantees a big harvest (remember to water your plants).

12 Fabric Pots
Your plants grow in these.
Fill them with automatic soil.

Installation Material
Strong duct tape and duct, as well as bungee cords for the fan.
You won’t need to buy anything extra.

“My First 4 Ounces” (Booklet)
It will tell you what to do.
Will make sure you’ll get a harvest on your first grow.

Private Access to Online Community
Exclusive access to a password protected online community.
Get support for your grow or show what you did. Not available to the public.

Cannabis Seeds (not included)
Beginner Cannabis seeds could be ordered from my friends here.
(Get $6 off with this code: how-to-marijuana)

Here’s whom this is for:

It is for people who wish to grow Cannabis at home and may have never done so before.

You may be thinking this won’t work for you because it’s too complicated.

Well let me tell you that you will get step-by-step instructions AND personal help.

You’ll become a member of my highly private, owners-only community. (That is not a Facebook group!)

I’m personally in there to help you if needed.

Complete Grow Tent Set
All the Equipment needed to start the day this arrives
$1,000 Value
Automatic Soil
The new special soil that doesn’t need Fertilizer, so you won’t have to worry about giving it.
$100 Value
Smell Filter System
To remove the smell and keep things discreet.
$300 Value
Printed Manual
(step by step instructions telling you exactly what to do)
$100 Value
Private Online Support Forum
(only my customers can log in here and get help. It’s much more private than for example a Facebook group)

If all this did was teach you how to grow weed for the rest of your life, would it be worth $1,500?

I had 2 choices:

I could go as cheap as possible with this. But that would’ve meant my Grow Tent would be difficult to use.

I decided to go with a second option which obviously requires a slightly higher investment on your part.

But in exchange for that I was able to make this tent very special.

What would it be worth to have a machine that gives you Marijuana, over and over?

How much do you already pay for Weed?

You can probabby see why some people are paying even $3,000 for their grow setup.

Becasue its not a cost, its an investment.

Becasue I am the manufacturer of my Complete Grow Tent Set, I’m can give you a very special offer.

You can buy the complete set, everything I wrote about for $899.

To set that in perspective, the set will produce $600 – $1200 worth of Marijuana every 4 months.

Very likely, after your first harvest you have your money back.

At this point, you have 2 choices.

You could do nothing and save this money. But then you will still be buying weed and over time spend more than this Tent costs.

Or you could take a leap of faith and just test this out to see if it works for you.

I know this is may be a lot of Money, but

IF you discover that home growing is not for you, You can return the Set for a full refund.

Many people in this industry thing it’s not smart to offer such a guarantee. Because after all some people will use the set and then return it damaged or dirty. Then I’ll lose all my money.

But most people will keep it and grow their own. So I’m not worried about the occasional return.

You can send it back to us within 30 days. Even if you have used it, I’ll refund you the full price.

The real question is this: Are you willing to gamble a few minutes of your time to test this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what I’m claiming here, you’ll have your investment back after 2 harvests.

Complete Grow Tent Set
All the Equipment needed to start the day this arrives
$1,000 Value
Automatic Soil
The new special soil that doesn’t need Fertilizer, so you won’t have to worry about giving it.
$100 Value
Smell Filter System
To remove the smell and keep things discreet.
$300 Value
Printed Manual
(step by step instructions telling you exactly what to do)
$100 Value
Private Online Support Forum
(only my customers can log in here and get help. It’s much more private than for example a Facebook group)