Curing Marijuana

How to make weed delicious and super potent

Cannabis in glass jars for curing

that smells soooo GOOOD! Oh my goshness Jesus Maria Joseph!!

Have you ever said something like that after taking a whiff of some weed?  I think we all have.

Here’s how to make that kind of weed:

If you were a beginner grower without patience, you would harvest your marijuana, dry it, and then you’d immediately smoke it.

And that’s fine. You will enjoy your weed.

But… your freshly dried weed is not as good as it could be!

It will be harsh in your throat.

It won’t smell as nice.

It won’t be as potent as it could be.

Because it’s still fresh. And there are still chemical processes happening inside the weed.

Sugars and chlorophyll are being reduced. Those make your weed harsh to smoke.

The active ingredients CBD, THC and so on change form. The stuff gets more potent.

Aromatic oils develop their full aroma. It becomes smellier.

In short: The weed gets better if you have the patience.

The process starts 1 week before harvest.

Around 1 week before you harvest, you should stop giving fertilizer.

Because fertilizer can make your weed taste bitter.

So in the last week of a plants life, you would give it only clear water.

Then you harvest and trim your weed as described in another article here.

The Secret is  —> Dry your Herb slooowly!

Drying Marijuana Plants to cure them later

Have you ever heard Grandma say something like “Patience is a virtue.”?

Well guess what: Granny was right. Patience will make your weed better.

You cannot speed-dry your weed just because you quickly want to smoke or sell it.

You can’t just put it front of a heater.

Because that would turn it into something that tastes like hay when smoked.

Leaving it out in the hot sun to dry?  –> Hay.

Drying in Microwave?  –> Hay.

Curing can only happen while there is humidity left in our weed.

Totally bone-dry weed will not cure anymore.

Instead, you should dry in a dark, cool place with good air circulation.

You could hang your plants from clothes hangers so air can flow around them.

Like in the photo above … except that I would remove the leaves first as described here.

But … watch out for Mold!

molded bread

If you dry too slowly, you run into mold problems.

Mold is a huge problem, it could destroy your precious harvest in a few days. Because it spreads rapidly. And you cannot smoke molded weed.

That’s why you need to have just enough air circulation to avoid mold, but still little enough to dry slowly.

This whole process is a bit like making wine. There is no 100% accurate manual. You will need to look at your weed every day and make adjustments.

If you live in a warm, dry climate, the weed dries a lot faster. If you live in rainy London in winter, you have a bigger risk of getting mold.

When is it dry enough?

Freshly dried Marijuana, ready for curing

At some point the branches of your weed will snap when you bend them.

That is the point when it’s dry enough to be put into glass jars.

At this point, the danger of mold is not that high anymore.

And there is still some humidity left inside the weed. That means it will continue to cure.

To prevent it from totally drying out, we now put it into glass jars.

Don’t use plastic, it will spoil the taste.

You could buy those glass mason jars here.

When Dry enough, Put in Glass Jar

Curing Marijuana in glass jar

Now inside a glass jar, the 2nd part of curing begins.

Your weed in that glass jar is still fresh.

There is still moisture in it, even if it looks dry.

That means it’s still curing!

It will get better and better over the next 3 months.

Your job, again, is to make sure there is no mold growing.

At first, open the jar every day to let it breathe. Closely check for mold.

And close it again.

From week 2 or so, you don’t need to open the jar every day. Just once every few days.

And after week 3 you can leave it closed.

It will take at least 3 moths to cure properly. But many people have different opinions! I have had a gentleman comment here that his weed cures for 6 months.

I don’t know the perfect time, you need to make your own rules.

This is a creative process. Like making wine or cheese.


Curing Cannabis in Glass jar

After 3 months (or whatever timeframe), the weed has cured enough.

It will look a bit darker and ‘older’. The green chlorophyll has been reduced.

This weed will smell deliciously.

It will be a mild smoke.

It will have a ‘quality’ high .. if there is such.

This is good weed now!

It’s like an expensive wine. It took patience to make it.

But now your weed is among the best in the world.