Curing Marijuana

Last updated: June 19th, 2021

How to turn ‘mid’ to ‘loud’.

“If it doesn’t smell – It doesn’t sell.”

Commercial Cannabis Farmer

How professional grow operations dry & cure their weed to make it really, really nice.

1. Hang the freshly harvested Weed to dry

Right after harvest, the weed is hung and dried for about 1 week.

That should be in a cold, dark space.

The recommended temperature and humidity is around 65°F (18°C).

The recommended humidity is around 62%.

You could measure temperature and air humidity for example with this wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer.

You can regulate the humidity to the right number by using so called Boveda Packs (shown further below on this page).

The biggest fan leaves should be removed. Just cut them off!

While the weed is hanging there and drying, there must be a constant, slow airflow around it.

Without airflow, the weed could go bad. Mold could ruin the harvest.

2. After about 1 week, the Marijuana goes to Trimming

Only if the material is dry enough, it goes to trimming.

You can test that by bending the stems.

The stems should be slightly elastic, but when fully bend they should snap.

The material should not be totally bone-dry. Some humidity needs to stay  so it will cure well.

The smaller leaves that stick out of the buds are being trimmed.

So it all looks more like little nuggets. This is what makes weed look good.

Can be done by hand or with a machine. You could buy those trimming scissors here.

3. Then it’s curing time

The weed goes into a sealed metal container or a glass jar.

No Air, No light.

These curing metal containers can be bought here 

They come delivered with a humidity regulation pack.

The temperature should be around 65°F.

5. Leave it alone

Let it in that container for a while.

3 weeks seem like a good time.

Try the weed, what does it taste and smell like?

This is a bit like winemaking. You will find your own way after a while.

The weed keeps getting better with patience.

this cannabis was cured
Marijuana cured

Have you ever heard Grandma say something like “Patience is a virtue.”?

Well guess what: Granny was right. Patience will make your weed better.

You cannot speed-dry your weed.

Don’t just put it in front of a heater.

Because that would turn it into something that tastes like hay when smoked.

Curing Cannabis in Glass jar

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  1. Hello I’m at day 76 I think there ready to harvest. I need to know the best way to do this. Please help

  2. When I cure my mine I put them in a glass jar and put a Integra Boost Humidity with them and seal the jar and I going to wait for a month before I can smoke them. Is this another way to cure or do I have to open the jar every two day to let humidity escape.

    1. Do need t open jars
      Go to you tube. Chester Copper pot does a curing video that one and only true way to cure would give you unbelievably awesome results

  3. And why would you want to swash your buds ruining all the thc and other cannabinoids on the outside of your bud for no reason other than looks

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