Drying Cannabis after Harvest

Last updated: June 1st, 2021

After you harvested and trimmed it, it time for drying Marijuana.

It is best to dry in a dark environment. Sunlight would reduce the THC. Darkness will also help to reduce the leaf-green (chlorophyll) which scratches in the throat.

The key to drying marijuana is to do it slowly. But not too slow because it could develop mould. Never dry in the sunlight. It will lower the quality of your weed and make it harsh for the smoker.

Also don’t ever use ovens, hot air fans, microwaves or anything like that for drying marijuana. It will ruin your pot.

Marijuana spread out for drying

You want to dry as slowly as possible. This way, the pot develops its charismatic smell. During the drying, certain components convert into THC.

Spread your trimmed buds on sheets of paper, or hang them on wires. In the above picture, I have put them into open plastic containers. It does not matter as long as air can circulate around them.

Now leave them in a dark, ventilated spot.

Even after it has dried completely, it will still get better. Marijuana drying is a bit like winemaking. The weed will become stronger over the next approximately 3 months. But you can already smoke it earlier.

Drying Cannabis spread out

After the weed has dried completely, put it into airtight containers. Glass containers are the first choice. Keep it in the fridge. Not the freezer.

Open the lid every now and then to let some oxygen in and check for mould.

Cannabis can be kept in airtight glasses in the fridge for 2 years or longer.

The next step is Curing Marijuana.

39 thoughts on “Drying Cannabis after Harvest

  1. My Plants Are Outdoor They’re Budding But At THe Top Of My Plants On One Of THem THe Leaves Are Brown Like Its Brunt And Or Eatin By SometHin WHy Does It Look Like THat

  2. You are fucking retarded. Drying in sunlight doesn’t ruin your buds you fucking moron. That makes zero sense! The plant is fucking dead after it starts drying! The chlorophyll doesn’t do anything in this stage because it doesn’t have any god damn energy! So before you look like a fucking idiot and publish this shit do some god damn research you stupid stoner!

    1. Drying in sunlight is the best thing to ruin your buds.

      Butthurt much?

      You are producing something that smells and tastes like hay!

      I have to tell you idiot that the retarded loser here is you. You are ruining your stuff.

      Go fuck off, get a job and start collecting some real life experience you weak cunt.

    2. lol, you win the dipshiit stupid post of the week award.. Truly the only ignorant retard on this thread is clearly you!

    3. Why do you have to be rude and abusive to clarify a point? Why the anger? If you want to dry up your weed under the sun, do it. Simple as that.

    4. LOL, hope you are trolling, if not i would say you have no clue what you are talking about. Using strong words wont make your (dis-)information right.

      By the way the energy is from the sun not the water and theres lots of water left in the plant and also in the sourrounding air. A plant is build from small tiny tiny cells that have fluids in them and a barrier to not let them out. It needs time to try. If you dry it in the sun the plant will fight as long as it can using sun-energy CO2 and H2O which is also in the air. The plant dont die just because you cut the roots of, it still can grow new ones.
      It s more like give your car extra strong gas but cut of oil supply. It will overheat and break with lots of strange smell πŸ˜€
      If you let your gas leak out slowly its lots better than try to burn it in the engine. πŸ˜›

    5. While I don’t know the science behind it , I do positively know that sunlight degrades the taste and definitely the “good effects” of good weed! Some of the self proclaimed experts (idiots) like Roy Baurer are much more ignorant than they realize! It is best to keep one’s filthy and ignorant mouth closed when you know little to nothing about a topic! I bet he consumes the poison alcohol and thinks he isn’t harming his intelligence or his liver. Better a stoner that is open minded than a juice head that is an ignorant fool!

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