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Harvest your own Marijuana
within 3 month.

This book contains all the knowledge of this website jam packed into 40 pages.

You don’t have to buy it, most of the information is available on this website for free.

But if you want it all downloaded to your phone or computer, together with pretty pictures, than this is for you.

Stop buying Marijuana. Just grow your own.

This book teaches the beginner how to do just that.


This book teaches you how to grow Marijuana discreetly at home.

Say goodby to expensive dispensaries or shady dealers.

Grow your own discreetly at home and harvest more than you can smoke.

  • Set up a discreet box in your home. Lightproof and with smell filter. So nobody knows what you’re doing.
  • Get links where to buy the equipment safely online. It’s all legally available on eBay. Just follow my links for the best items.
  • Written for first time growers, the book goes through the whole grow from seed to dried goodness. To almost guarantee you’ll succeed and end up with your own Cannabis.

This Marijuana was grown with the help of this book:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.34.38 pm

– How to do it discreetly, without your Neighbours noticing
– How to get rid of the smell
– Which lights to use to harvest more than you can smoke
– How to germinate seeds, grow the plant, harvest and dry
– Where to buy the best grow equipment that will work guaranteed




(Delivered instantly as digital download onto your phone or computer)

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    How can I get pricing info on buying a complete Big Berta system, with LED lighting?

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