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Marijuana Seeds

germinated marijuana plant

This is the safest approach on germinating Marijuana Seeds.

Get some Jiffy Peat Pellets from the handystore or gardencentre. They look like this:

These compressed peat pellets have to be soaked in water before use. They’ll expand to their real size within a few minutes.

Put them in water:

After a few minutes they’ll become fat.

Now put one seed into it. Put it aproximately 1 cm (0.4 inch) deep into the peat and cover it.

It does not matter in which position the seed lies. Just make a 1 cm (0.4 inch) deep hole and let the seed fall in. Than cover it with soil.

Once the seed is in the wet soil, it will begin its life. Keep the peat pellets warm. But not too warm! 20 deg celsius – 28 deg is good. That is 68 – 82 degree fahrenheit.

Baby plants that are kept in too warm surrounding will be sickly and slower in their growth.

Make sure that the Peat Pellets stays moist during the whole time. Do not let it become dry. Check daily.

Good seeds will usually have a rate of 95% successful germination.

After 3 – 8 days, the plants will stick their heads out. Like this:

Put the little babys right into the sun or under your grow light (not too close, you do not want them to suffer from heat).

They need direct light. Lots of direct light. As much as possible.

Right after the head poped out of the soil, it is also time to put them into pots with soil:

Use quality soil from the garden centre. The better the soil, the better the plant later.

When putting the plant into the new pot, you can put it in fairly deep. The stem may almost completely disappear in the soil. This way the plant is stabilized. The stem that is buried in soil will develope roots.

About germinating Marijuana seeds in a wet papertowel …

I have seen many people write about the “wet-papertowel-method”.

With that method, the cannabis seeds are put in a wet papertowel where they will germinate.

Than the seeds are put into peat pellets or other soil.

I personally think that this is not a good way to germinate Marijuana Seeds. Because the freshly germinated seeds have to be touched.

Touching that little baby is similar to touching a fetus in the womb. It is likely to do harm. Thats why papertowels are not ideal for germinating Marijuana Seeds.

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  • Alona Sharp

    I just pUT my seeds in pellets like you explained in your germinating section. The pellets I purchased came with a little greenhouse. Where do you recommend storing the greenhouse. On top of refrigerator or in an area with sunlight but not too warm like you said? And with the lid on or off

  • Mikkel Utoft Strandsbjerg Pede

    Hello there, hope you can help me out here!
    I have started my germinating faze about 3 days ago. My initial goal was to grow the plant on our balcony, but. I am not sure if they will get enough direct sunlight. I live in denmark (north of germany), so sunlight isn’t as potent as many other places right now.
    I fear i can only muster about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight a day. My balcony is on the west-side of the building, so i will get the sun from around 1pm and until it goes down, but i’m not certain of how much of that sunlight will have an effect on the plant. Furthermore, i’m not sure if all the light will be able to reach it since they’ve build this apartment in a way that is just downright horrendous for growing cannabis (thx obama).
    So i think, maybe i should get some additional light. I was thinking of having a light hanging down, not to be extremely concentrated, but just to give it some of the light that it might miss or need. Now, i don’t want to mass-produce. I’m gonna make 1, maybe 2 plants for now and see how it goes. So, i am not that keen about investing too much on expensive gear for the growing. What do you recommend for me?

    • Icracked Phonescreens

      Please look at viper spectra 300watt and mars hydro 300 watt LED grow lights. These are hands down the most cost effective solution for your residential needs.

      • Mikkel Utoft Strandsbjerg Pede

        The Mars hydro could do, but i’m not sure. It’s 90$ for something that i might only use this once, which is a bit expensive. I might just use a reptile lamp. They might not produce as strong an output as the LED lamps, but if i save 60% and still get something decent, then i think i’ll live 🙂 But thx for the reply!

        • J.C

          At least make sure its a CFL globe as you need the correct lighting as well. Not all lights are made the same and you may end up having problems

  • Ernesto ‘Micio’ Miciletto

    Hi guys, do you think its okay if i put a seed into a peat pellet and then the peat pellet into a space bucket? good temperature, tons of light and good air recycling.

    • not sure! Sorry

      • mistrEDDIE

        damn Jack I thought you knew that for sho!

  • Lord-Xanthor

    I just planted seedlings into peat pellets 3 days ago that had just broken out of their shells in a paper towel. Been checking them daily but found out today the peat pellets were pretty dry unlike yesterday. I would guess they were like this for maybe 8 hours. Will this have killed the seedlings or just possibly caused some shock. The humidity alarm had gone off which was what caused me to find them like this. Could only have been 8 hours as I was examining one yesterday that was pretty moist. I now have probes that detect dryness and will release enough peroxide water to keep them constantly moist for now on, I’m just worried of possible damage.

    • Hi,

      if they were completely dry this might have caused damaged.

      But it seems they slowly dried out. So it probably was not a problem.

      See how they go!


      • Lord-Xanthor

        Thanks for the reply. I put them in the pellets on the 27th almost midnight, the plugs at the time were overwatered in my opinion. 28th close to midnight they were very damp as well. 29th I had checked them at noon and damp as well, but not where I would want to water them again. I also had the tray on a heating mat as well. at about 6pm I go check on them and almost decided they were ok by the outside look, but decided to pick one up which is when I discovered most of it was dry, though the core was a little wet so quickly rewatered them and left water in the tray for a good hour before I removed the excess. I’m not sure with these peat plugs how wet they should be kept at all times or whether or not to leave excess water on the bottom of the tray. I put the top on this time to help keep the plugs moist and will remove it in 24 hours to prevent mold from starting. I always use some peroxide when I water my plants and seedlings.

  • ??

    should i keep the pellets in the dark before the head pops? Thanks a lot!

    • Yes,

      but as soon as you see anything of the plant they need light immediately.