Hi, this page will explain how you can get yourself a TomatoTent Grow Box.

If you follow the steps here, you’ll end up with a complete TomatoTent Grow Box.

Basically, I give you the intelligent TomatoTent controller and Fan. But the rest (tent, air filter, …) comes from Amazon or elsewhere. I will show you what to buy and where.

Let’s start:

The TomatoTent Controller Set

This is the brain of TomatoTent.

It’s a small computer that regulates the climate, switches the light, and tells you when to water your plants.

It connects to the internet, so you check on your phone … and brag to your friends.

To make a TomatoTent, you would put that TomatoTent Controller and put it into a grow tent.

Buy the TomatoTent controller here.

The Tent

It all happens inside a grow tent.

You can make do it without a tent. But the bright light from the Grow lamp will light up the whole room. And you’d have no way to filter the smell properly.

Choose a tent that fits into your home

shows 3 different sized grow tents

I personally grow in a 16 x 16 x 48″ (40 x 40 x 120cm) tent because I live in an inner-city apartment.

That will grow me 1 bushy plant, maybe 2. The yield will be 30-60 grams every 3 months.

Its enough weed for me, myself, and I.

The biggest size Grow tent possible with the TomatoTent controller is 48x48x78″ (120 x 120 x 200cm). That will hold 9 plants and the yield will be … not sure. Probably around 250 grams.

The bigger the tent, the bigger the harvest.

The smaller the tent, the more discreet you can be. A small tent can be hidden easier.

Typical grow tent sizes for sale on Amazon are:

Where to put the grow tent?

Good spaces to put a grow tent are the garage, attic, cellar, garden shed or basement.

You need to place it in a space that has some fresh air.

It cannot be a totally sealed space.

Plants need CO2 and oxygen to grow. If you have no fresh air coming in, they will suffocate. A small window will be fine.

The temperature should be moderate. Ideally between 20-28 Celsius.

Lower temperatures are ok if you place some styrofoam below the box (so your plants don’t get cold feet). And you could place a small heater (amazon link) outside the tent and make the air a little bit warmer.

If the space is too warm (like in your attic in the middle of summer), the plants won’t grow well. 90F environment temperature (32Celsius) is the absolute maximum before things get too warm.

If heat is a problem, you could consider growing plants at nighttime to keep it a bit cooler.

Grow tents can be bought online here:

🛒 Click here to visit Amazon and shop for grow tents

The Grow Light

HLG and Mars Grow Lights

We are using LED grow lights.

LEDs make big yields, the electricity consumption is low.

Everyone who still thinks LEDs don’t work has missed the boat. They have come a loong way.

These days brands like Samsung, Osram, and CREE produce horticultural LED chips and help you grow your own weed.

The bigger the tent, the bigger you want your LED light to be.

These are good LED options for different tent sizes:

Lights for Tent size: 1 x 1

Mars Hydro TS 600 LED Light

SpiderFarmer LED Grow Light

Lights for Tent size 2 x 2ft

Spiderfarmer 1000 LED

Mars Hydro TS-600 LED

Lights for Tent size 3×3

Mars Hydro TSW 2000

SpiderFarmer 2000

Lights for Tent size 4×4

Mars Hydro TS 3000

SpiderFarmer SF2000

Lights for Tent size 5×5

Spiderfarmer 4000 LED Light

Mars Hydro 3000 LED Light

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG550 RED

About Dimming: The TomatoTent controller has a Dimming function. That only works with LEDs that offer a dimming function. Most of the above don’t have the required function (0-10Volt).

The lamp will still work, but the dimming won’t.

If you’re like Do-It-Yourself, you could also build your own LED with parts from Alibaba. The LEDs are the same, but you do the assembly.

Air, Ventilation, and Smell

You will need to provide airflow. Because them’ plants need to breathe.

The TomatoTent Controller comes with its own fan, so you’re gucci.

Fresh air comes in at the bottom of the tent and exits at the top.

That plants have a strong scent. It will give away what you’re doing.

To remove the smell and be discreet, you use a carbon air filter.

There are different sizes available.

Here’s what I suggest you buy (depends on your tent size:

1.3×1.3 tent: 4-inch filter

2×2 tent: 4-inch filter

3×3 tent: 6-inch filter

4×4 tent: 6-inch filter

5×5 tent: 8-inch filter


You will grow your plants in pots. The pots are filled with soil (potting mix).

Buy Fabric Pots here

I recommend you don’t use the common old-school plastic pot.

Because those don’t breathe.

Instead, use fabric pots, or air pots. Or, make your own air pot by drilling lots of holes into an old-school plastic pot.

How many plants fit into your tent?

You could grow many small plants, or fewer big, bushy plants.

You may assume that having more plants means more yield. But that’s not always true.

In the small 1.3×1.3 TomatoTent, one plant is just right in a 15gal pot. It perfectly fills the tent. As an advanced technique, you could ‘top’ it and make it even bushy-er (we talk about that later).

Still, most people prefer having as many plants as possible.

So here’s how you calculate that.

First, take the width and depth of your tent.

Let’s say its a 36″x36″ tent.

Now you go to amazon and look at the fabric pots available.

They may have these sizes:

So, if your tent measures 36″x36″, you could fit 9 pots with 12″ diameter each.

Makes sense? Coolio! Now please move one, we have more work to do.

Potting Mix

Cannabis plant in super soil
young plant growing in ‘super soil’. The white cable is a water sensor, checking if the soil is wet enough.

In my TomatoTent, I’m using a special potting mix that doesn’t require extra nutrients.

It’s so-called ‘Super-soil‘, or ‘no-till’ soil.

I don’t have to feed my plants with fertilizer.

From seed to harvest, I just give clear water … and some Mycorrhizal powder to feed the microorganisms.

Most mistakes happen from too much or too little fertilizer.

Some people on YouTube called me inexperienced or lazy … and I won’t get the result they get with their nutrients regime.

I say … maybe.

The alternative is to use a good quality potting mix and also feed nutrients.

A good potting mix has a base of nutrients in it.

But those ‘nutes run out somewhere around day 20 to day 30.

You can tell so by looking at the lowest leaves. When they lose their dark green and become lighter in color, that means your plants are gettin’ hungry.

From then on, you start to feed your green friends with Nutrients.

You got the Setup … now start a grow

You now have the hardware. A tent with TomatoTent controller&Fan. You got pots and soil. Maybe nutrients.

Now its time to get to the really cool stuff::::

Get Cannabis Seeds

You can order them online, or you can sometimes find them.

Just never buy them from some person on social. Because they’re scammers.

I am friends with this seed shop. I’ve known them for years and they ship discreetly to many countries. (They’ll give you $6 off with this code: how-to-marijuana).

AutoFlower or PhotoFlowers?

AutoFlower plants go very quickly from seed to harvest. Its a lot of fun and you get to smoke your own sooner. But they don’t grow as big and you get a bit less.

Regular Seeds (photo flowering) take a bit longer. You decide when to put them into flower mode. They can grow bigger and you may harvest more.

All seeds should be feminized because we only want females.

If your seeds aren’t feminized you will get a few males that you’ll have to remove. Plan accordingly by starting more plants.

Seed germination

Here’s a video on seed germination.

What else?

If you have questions, please comment below ↓ on this website.

If you own a TomatoTent product, please join our private community.

I hope you’ll be able to grow, harvest and smoke your own pot very soon. Because it’s totally super awesome.

Talk soon