The easiest way to start Home Growing
even for total Beginners

Home Growing is confusing, isn’t it?

If you feel confused, it’s really not your fault.

There’s so much information out there. It’s easy to get confused.

There is lights, tents, fertilizer, potting mix …and more!

BUT, it’s about to get much easier!

You only need these 3 things to grow your own Cannabis:

1. Complete Grow Box

And how do you get it?

Buy my beginner set here –>  Jack’s Grow Box

That is a complete set that’ll give you a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft grow tent.

It’s got everything you need, except the light.

You need to also buy a light. My recommendations are

Good Quality LED Grow Light

This LED GROW LIGHT is fine.


CMH Light

CMH lights are new and awesome.

This CMH light may harvest a bit more than the LED I mentioned above


HPS Light

Super cheap and uses lots of electricity. But good harvest. Buy here

2. Cannabis Seeds

You could buy fresh seeds here.
These are friends of mine from Holland.
They produce their own seeds and have a genius way of hiding the seeds in the shipping envelope, so that they arrive safely.
(Here is a voucher code for $6 off –> how-to-marijuana )

3. Instructions (simple enough for Beginners)

Firstly, once you ordered the complete set and your light, you’ll need to assemble it.

I’m not saying it’s super easy … but its also not super hard.

I can do it in 28 minutes. You may take longer.

You can see me struggling to put a grow box together in my how-to-assemble-a-grow-box videos here.

Leave a comment for more help.

Marijuana Grow Box
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Grow Box Open with good LED light