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6.5 ounces
Every 4 month

Marijuana Grow Box

Successful Home Growing for everyone.

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I once went to a newsagent in my (then) home country of Germany. I was 13 at the time and with my dad.

Among the shelves with 100s and 100s of different magazines one caught my eye.

It was a magazine about cultivating Cannabis.

That magazine, called “Hanfblatt” (german word for “Hemp leaf”) had a strange magnetism to me. I asked my dad to buy it for me. And even though I was still very young, he bought it for me. He could never say “no”, a skill that I am thankful for.

That magazine showed all kind of people growing huge Marijuana plants. Indoors, outdoors. One photo showed a lush green house. Completely full of Cannabis leafs. There were also photos of all kinds of Hash and other products people had made.

I fell in love with the Cannabis plant and decided I’d grow my own.

After scoring some seeds, which was difficult at the time, I planted my very first seed!

It was an indoor grow I had set up in my room. A little flower pot and an oldshool plant light.

My dad was unhappy  this time. Not because I was growing cannabis, but more because that oldschool grow lamp was using so much electricity.

This grow was a full-on failure.

Firstly, that grow light I used was totally wrong. It had way too little power. So my little plant was stretching and growing longer longer and thinner until it just  …. FELLL OVER AND DIED!

Secondly, that seed I had used wasn’t even Cannabis. It was something else. I wasn’t even growing pot. (shouldn’t have just taken a seed out of bird seeds).

That was my first grow, a debacle.

But I tried again.

This time I did better. I waited until summer and planted 2 plants on the verandah.

We had a good summer in northern germany and at the end of it, I had a little, but beauful, female Cannabis plant with quite a few buds.

that plant was cut off and I didn’t know what to do with it. I just put it into a jar and let it dry out. It remained in my room for many years. Collecting more and more dust and falling apart. At the time, I wasn’t using the plant. I was just growing it.

My balcony plants kept getting bigger and bigger over time.

Marijuana outdoorCannabis OutdoorsBag of Marijuana

Then I changed to indoor growing

eventually I moved out from home. At the age of 18 I moved into the city.

I rented a small apartment in the worst part of town.

And in that apartment was a little spare room. Just a tiny box meant to hold a washing machine and some tools. Luckily, it had a little vent in the wall where air could leave.

It was the ideal room to set up a grow box!!!

I was happy and enthused. I’ll get a grow box!!

So I build one myself, from wood. The electricals where ordered from this awesome grow shop at the time called “Hanfburg”, located in Hamburg Germany.

Here’s what my first Grow box looked like, in my little spare room:

My first ever indoor grow box

LIt was a pile of components that I had to assemble. And it was made of wood:

Marijuaan Grow Box made from wood

It had a 400 Watt HPS lamp in it and I was growing on soil. It worked great. Here are some photos of it ‘in action’.

Cannabis in a grow boxRipe Cannabis in indoor grow box

All this growing meant that I had a lot of weed.

Or, at least more than the average German citizen had laying around in the living room.

You’ll have lots of Weed if you home grow

Home grown weed is delicious

Marijuana from a grow box
purple Marijuana

This grow box gives you 1.5 ounces per month

Grow Box Open with good LED light

The Big Berta Grow Box is what I would use if I were to start indoor growing now.

She produces the biggest possible harvest while using only a small amount of electricity.

It is easy to use and can remain totally secret.

Marijuana Harvest

Where to buy it?

I recommend you get this from eBay.

The prices there are really low and the sellers honest and reliable.

I went to eBay and found all the items you need to buy for a complete grow box. The links are underneath. Just click the link and you’ll go to eBay. If you buy each item underneath, you’ll have the grow box shown above. You can then watch the assembly videos for easy assembly.

Grow Tent

Grow tent

Keeps the bright Light and smell inside. Good size is 40" x 40" x 70" (1m x 1m x 2m).
View price on eBay
Marijuana LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light

The key to a big harvest is a good light. This LED lamp is the best available. Made by the pros in Holland.
Go to their website
Inline Fan for growing Cannabis

Air fan and filter

Plants need fresh air. Also, you want to remove the Marijuana scent. Learn how to understand this here.
View on eBay


You need this to switch the light automatically on/off.
View on eBay
Fabric Plant pots

Pots made of fabric

These help your plants grow better. Use these instead of solid plastic pots.
View on eBay
Cannabis seeds germinated in peat pellets

Seed germinators

When starting from seeds, these help you get seeds germinated safely. So you won't lose any seeds..
View on eBay
Potting mix fro growing Cannabis

Potting Mix

You need best quality potting mix for your plants to grow big. It's like the foundation of your whole grow.
View at seller
Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis is hungry and greedy because it grows so fast. You need to feed it well or it won't develop buds.
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Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

This is a good Seed shop.
Go to Seed Shop