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Piles of delicious Marijuana, grown in your home for less than $30 per ounce.

Everything you need to grow at home.

Hi there,

isn’t this annoying?

I’m talking about ‘getting’ Marijuana!

You have to buy it somewhere.

It’s not that cheap! What if you need a lot of it?

Those dispensaries need to pay their rent.

Or worse, if there’s no dispensary around you have to phone that special  ‘friend’.

And he/she isn’t always available. Or hasn’t got any. Or is asleep..

How about you grow your own and make yourself independent of all that?


Indoor Grow tent in a kitchen

Indoor Grow tent in a kitchen

How to grow at home?

You set up a “grow-tent” in your house.

The plants grow inside it under a powerful light.

You harvest once every 3.5 month.

How difficult is “Home Growing”?

Cannabis is low maintenance plant. It literally grows like a ‘weed’.

In nature, it can be found in many difficult environments. It grows in tropical, hot areas and also cooler sandy surroundings of the deserts in Afghanistan. It will live even under difficult environments.

In a home grow system, we can make our own climate. We can give the plant what it needs. That makes it very easy to cultivate at home.

A totally inexperienced grower with an “instruction manual” can do it and will get good results.

What equipment is needed?

You need a super strong light. A fan for good ventilation, a smell filter. All these items go into a large grow tent to keep the light contained.

Then you need some pots, fertilizer, soil and an instruction manual.

These items are readily available on the internet.

I am also offering a complete, done-for-you Home Grow set for sale here. It takes the hassle out of buying all the right components. We can also ship it to you in 1 large shipment which makes it all a bit cheaper.

What’s included in this complete Home Grow Set?

Everything you need to start home growing right away. As soon as this gets delivered, you can start your first plants.

You also get a step-by-step user manual, written for this box. If you follow this guide, you’ll be a successful right away!

What’s not included?

You need to buy this additionally, but we’ll show you where and what.


Soil for growing Cannabis

It is bulky and heavy, so it would very much increase the shipping costs.

Soil is readily available at the garden centre, hardware store or also online.

Cannabis Seeds or Clones

Cannabis Seeds

You could order seeds online. Or use seeds you found in your medicine the other day.

Read my tips on getting seeds here.

Or, if you know how to get your hands on clones, they will also work great in this box.

How much can I harvest?

Beginners on their first grows typically harvest 2-3 ounces.

More experienced types get 3-5 ounces.

It depends on factors such as strain being grown, experience (and care) of the grower, adherence to the manual and number of plants grown. Also nutrients and water quality will influce your harvest.

Generally spoken, it is very difficult to “screw this up”. This is a beginners grow box and even total newbies will get a harvest.

Plants ripen every 3.5 months and you can then start all over with a new grow.

What strains can be grown?

You can grow any strain. There are no limitations.

You can also grow different strains at the same time.

If you grow different strains, it will be best to decide on either Indica-based or Sativa based strains. Don’t mix those two.

Different strains will also be ripe at different times, so you would harvest some plants earlier than others.

But it is no problem at all to grow any strain in a grow box.

Nearly ripe Marijuana bud

Nearly ripened Marijuana bud grown under 400 Watt HPS

Is this legal?

Not everywhere (yet).

Luckily, the USA have some of the best Cannabis laws in the world.

Many states have made it legal to grow medical (and sometimes recreational) Marijuana.

Most of the time, there is a limit on the number of plants allowed to cultivate.

Currently, people in these US States can grow legally: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.

Please read up on the exact rules in your state by visiting (opens in new window).

And even though Jeff Sessions recently said “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.“, it is unlikely that he will be able to completely reverse the trend to legalize.

Donald Trump said that “… Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so.“.

Reversing the current trend to legalize is not top priority of the Trump administration. There are much more important things on the agenda.

I am confident that we’ll be able to grow in the future.

Space Requirements

This box is made to build inside a home. It’s not too big, but it also isn’t exactly teensy-weensy.

At 71 inch high and 31 inches wide and deep, you’ll need a bit of room to operate it.

Ideal spots are a garage, an unused room in your house, the basement or the attic.

Also, you need a way to let fresh air in. For example a window or some kind of vent. It can’t be a hermetically sealed room.

How many plants can I grow?

You can grow 9 large plants in this box.

The law may prohibit you from growing that many.

8 cannabis plants

8 Plants in a grow box.

Your electricity bill will go up

It will cost you around $120 to run this box for 3.5 month.

Those $120 will then give you a harvest of 3-5 ounces.

That’s 20 quarter bags, or 40 eigths bags. Giving you 1 – 2 quarter bags per week to consume.

Rather than paying $10 per gram at a dispensary, your home grown will cost around $1 per gram

Typical, the quality of Dispensary bought Cannabis may be a bit higher. After all it was grown by professionals with a lot of experience.

However the medicinal qualities of home grown weed are the same. And with practice, soon your own won’t be any different from the professional stuff.

With a home grow operation, you can produce enough Marijuana. You most likely won’t have to ever buy it again. With a harvest of 3-5 ounces every 3 month, it may just be enough.


Success – Guaranteed
Step-by-step Grow system

You will be successful from the start. Right from your very first grow.

Included with this box comes a step-by-step grow manual. It will guide you from the first step (germinating seed or starting cutlings) to the very end, drying of your precious harvest.

All the steps in between will be covered. The system tells you exactly:

– When to give fertilizer, so your plants grow the maximum harvest.

– When and how to stop the plants from growing bigger, and instead have them put energy into flowering.

– How to spot bugs that may harm your plants and immediately tackle the problem.

How to tell when your plants are ready to harvest

How to make them look and taste delicious.

How to  dry what you have grown and make it mild and tasty.

How to assemble it?

This gets delivered in a few large boxes.

It needs to be assembled.

It is not too complicated. Basically, if you can put together a tent (as from camping), you can put together this tent.

You start with the outside tent and then hang the fan, filter and lamp into the tent.

Pictured instructions are available here.

Is it noisy?

It makes a ‘humm’, coming from the fan. It is not very loud, but you wouldn’t want to place it next to your bed either.

Why indoor growing?

Growing indoors has some advantages to growing outdoors

  • You don’t have to rely on the outside climate.
  • You can grow all year. Once you harvest, you can start over immediately
  • You can grow your preferred cannabis strains. Recreational, medical, sativa, indica.
  • An indoor grow box is discreet and safe. If you tell nobody, nobody will find out.
  • The success rate is higher. Your plants are protected from wildlife.

The dispensary will no longer get your hard earned cash

Become independent and ‘swim’ in weed

No more spending cash at the dispensaries.

No more hoping that person you sometimes buy from has stock available for you.

Give those guys a respectful “Thanks, but no thanks!”.

Because you have your own. And you have more than enough.

Tip:  Go down to Walmart and buy a couple of those big mason glass jars to keep your harvest fresh. (Don’t use plastic, it spoils the taste).

Imagine having 3 or 4 of those glasses, filled to the brim with your own delicious weed.

Just open the lid and take a whiff of that goodness!

Wow, this is such a good feeling.

Wanna roll a pure weed joint? Takes a lot of weed, but hey! No problem.

Wanna make high strength bubble hash? Takes a lot of weed but … no problemo.

Make oil? Bake cookies?

You’ll have enough weed to do all those things.

Our Guarantee

This website you are reading on right now ( has been online since 2010 (  wayback machine). We’re helping folks grow their own since 7 years.

The photos on here show product grown with this same grow system. It is proven to work.

We offer you a technical guarantee of 12 month on the electrical parts. That means if anything was shipped to you faulty, we’ll replace it.

The goods are also guaranteed to arrive safely, non damaged. They ship in with DHL parcel service. A tracking number will be provided.

Your payments are being processed through PayPal or Stripe. Both reputable companies that keep your Credit Card details safely guarded.

Should you have questions about your shipment, feel free to contact our support department.

Growing plants is not for everyone.

It needs a special person to grow plants.

Some people just can’t do it.

If even a house ficus under your care wilters within a week, cannabis home growing is not for you.

This investment will be a good one only if you enjoy tending to plants.

If your house is filled with lush pot plants or surrounded by a beautiful garden, you have every qualification to run an indoor garden.

You will feel the joy of seeing your medical plants grow bigger by the day. Cannabis grows fast!

You can feel the warmth of the  lamp whenever you open the tent. And you can almost smell the fresh oxygen produced by your little ‘Jurassic Park” in this tent.

A good investment

This grow box is a smart investment, The purchase price will fully return to your wallet after just 2 harvests.

Because after every grow, you’ll get about 4 ounces of medicine in your hand which is worth anywhere from $600 – $1700.

Even if your first harvest doesn’t turn out perfect (learning curve) and you harvest only half that. Then you still have 2 ounces in your hand. Worst case, you’ll have your money back after 2 harvests.

From then, all the weed coming out of this thing is basically free (at electricity cost).



Jack Tambo
Author of

P.S. Imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about spending money on Cannabis anymore. Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about WHERE to get it. Imagine 3 or 4 mason jars full of delicious weed, all grown by yourself.

P.P.S. No matter what happens, this system keeps your “growing” private. it was designed to remain unnoticed and discreet.

LED Version

HID Version

Grow Lamp

900 Watt LED
high-powered, air-cooled LED light. Color-adjusted for Cannabis Sativa + Indica. Modular, replaceable LED unitsvalue: $429
400 Watt HID
2 bulbs: veging (MH) & flowering (HPS)
efficient, digital 'low-noise' ballast
superwing, no-hotspot siver-metal reflector
value: $119

Grow Tent

Light proof, flame retardant, non-toxic with reflective coating and drip-tray
71" x 31" x 31"value: $119
71" x 31" x 31"value: $119

Ventilation Fan

high powered, always-on capable, industrial inline fan (4").
value: $55
value: $55

Fan speed controller

The fan doesn't need to run at full speed all the time.
includedvalue: $15 includedvalue: $15

Smell filter

Get rid of the intense smell and stay discreet
replaceable virgin-carbon long-life filter with dust protector. Choose this if you need to remove the Cannabis smell.value: $45
replaceable virgin-carbon long-life filter with dust protector. Choose this if you need to remove the Cannabis smellvalue: $45

exhaust duct

lead the used air out of your house with this long, flexible aluminium duct
included 10 ftvalue: $15 Included 10 ftvalue: $15

Timer switch

automatically switch the lamp
includedvalue: $15 Includedvalue: $15

Seed germination helpers

These sterile peat pellets drastically increase your rate of seeds successfully sprouting. Made from easy-to-transplant, root permeable material
includedvalue: $15 includedvalue: $15

Flower Pots

9 pcs modern fabric pots for better growth. Oxygen and water permeable. 3 gallon size
includedvalue: $40 includedvalue: $40


not included
(available online)
not included
(available online)


not included
(available online) or at your hardware store
not included
(available online) or at your hardware store

Assembly Instruction

Easy-to-understand, even for the mechanically "inept", video instructions
Videos available here Videos available here

Grow instructions

"From seed to smoke", you'll learn how to do a complete grow. This will make your first grow a lot more successfull than if you'd try all by yourself.
digital PDF book
AND printed user manual
digital PDF book
AND printed user manual

Jack's Book

Indoor Growing for beginners
printed version includedvalue: $16 printed version includedvalue: $16

electricity consumption

390 Watt
apprx. $95 over 3.5 months
480 Watt
apprx. $120 over 3.5 months

Number of Plants

up to 9 plants up to 9 plants

Yield capacity

approximate numbers, varies
4-8 ounces
every 3.5 months
3-6 ounces
every 3.5 months

Private Grower's online forum access

A safe, private online community, accessible only for members. Get your questions answered by Jack and others. Become part of our exclusive club.
4 month accessvalue: $116 4 month accessvalue: $116


12 month 12 month

Home delivery

trackable express shipping
included included
not in the USA or Canada? Please click here for international options

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