Grow Box HPS 400

Complete Cannabis Home Grow Box

This is a complete grow box with everything you need to get started.

It is the same set that was used to grow almost all of the marijuana shown on this website.

While the single parts are also available on eBay or Amazon, this complete set is cheaper than buying the components 1 by 1 (see proof).

Watch a short Video Introduction


How much can I harvest?

It will produce between 3 to 8 ounces of Marijuana. That mean dried, ready-to-use material.

The harvest depends on your skills, the strain you are growing and your general passion for this hobby.

Generally spoken, this box is quite big. It produces more Marijuana than 1 person can consume. Unless your name is Snoop Dogg.

A harvest is possible roughly every 3 month. After every harvest, you can start over again right away.


How hard is this to use?

The box was designed for beginners.

For people who have never grown before. Or maybe tried but it not not work out.

This website is full of instructions on how to use exactly this grow box.

For example here is a long guide with videos and photos on how to grow with exactly this box.

It will take you from seed (or clone) to smoke. If you follow those rules, you will produce a harvest. I guarantee it.

Additionally, you will be getting personal support by myself (Jack Tambo, owner of this website) or one of the staff members. As you can see at the bottom of the pages on this website, there are many many comments. 98% of them have a personal answer by myself. We are here to provide grow support if you need it. You will unlikely receive that when you buy a grow box elsewhere.

Cannabis is a fairly easy to grow plant. It literally grows like a … weed.

In nature, it grows in all kinds of environments.

The Cannabis plant will “forgive” some mistakes a newly grower may make.

Additionally, this system is growing with soil (as opposed to hydroponically).

While growing hydroponically is great and does produce great results, it is also more difficult to do. Its like running before you can walk and I don’t recommend it for grow beginners.

But when growing with soil, the soil works like a “buffer”. Smaller mistakes that inevitably happen to the new grower are compensated for by the large amount of soil each plant has.

Your chances of success are a lot higher with soil.


What is included, and what else do I need?

Good question! Glad you’re asking.

You get everything needed to start growing right away.

Except 2 things.

You’ll get


A light proof grow tent

Everything happens in this tent.

If you don’t have a tent, lots of light will illuminate your house.

The light is so ultra bright, that it likely gives away what you’re doing to strangers.

Plus, the tent reflects a lot of light from the side walls back to plant. This makes your box more efficient. Because more light hits the plants.

The tent is covered with silvery reflective material on the inside. It is also flame retardant for your safety.

It does not use vinyl like some older boxes do. Vinyl would emit toxic fumes and it could be bad for your health.


An ultra strong Grow lamp

You can chose between HPS or LED.

The 400 Watt HPS lamp is a well established light.

HPS is still the de-facto standard for growing Cannabis.

The light just works very well for this plants.

We will deliver you a HPS light with a good, large reflector and a digital (not magnetic) ballast.

HPS lamps have been the growing standard for ages new and they just work fantastic for cannabis.

Their draw-back is their high electricity consumption.

LED lamps are growing in popularity.

But, unless a really high quality one is chosen, they cannot produce as good a harvest as HPS.

Cheap LED lights still produce fluffy buds and not half the harvest of HPS.  (tips on LED lamps here)

But, a good quality LED light can perform as well as HPS.

The best one I found is made in the Netherlands. By a guy who spend close to 10 years now to build the perfect LED lamp for Cannabis.

It’s called the Hans panel and a great lamp. The initial purchase is expensive (an extra $270 compared to HPS). But, you save electricity over time.

Also included is a timer to switch the light on/off on autopilot.


An industrial quality, extra strong fan

Plants need fresh air to thrive. A fan must run constantly, 24/7.

Also, the fan must transport heat away.

therefore this box comes with an industrial quality 4 inch inline fan.

This durable (metal) fan can take all kinds of abuse and happily runs full speed for 5 years straight.

It has enough power to pull enough air through the box to keep even the densest forest well aired.

And, should you live in a hot area, this fan will move enough air to cool down your plants to acceptable levels.

On top of that, we throw in a fan speed controller.

Because at night when the lights are off and the plants “sleep”, you won’t need to have the fan run at full speed.

You can slow it down to save a bit of electricity and reduce noise.


9 large fabric fabric pots

As described before, growing in soil is easiest for grow-beginners.

The box comes with 9 large 3 gallon fabric pots.

You fill these up with good soil (info) and put your germinated baby plants or clones into it.

These are fabric pots, not the usual solid plastic pots.

Fabric pots let more oxygen reach the roots and plants generally grow a bit better in them.


Seed germinators

If you decide to grow from seeds, you will need these to safely germinate them.

Related: How to germinate Marijuana Seeds.


Special fertilizer

Plants need food. And we want healthy, strong plants with a great harvest.

So get your plants the nutrients they need, you’ll get a bag of high strength fertilizer.

This is a mixture that will work for all phases of plant development. Vegetative and flowering.

If you’d like to further enhance your grow, you could additionally use product like flower enhancer (not included)

Here are some tips on giving fertilizer


What’s not included?


It is bulky and heavy, so it would very much increase the shipping costs.

So we decided not to include it.

Soil is readily available at the garden centre, hardware store or also online.

You will need a new batch of soil every time you start a new grow.

There are recommendations on choosing the right soil here.


Seeds or Clones

You could order seeds online. Or use seeds you found in your medicine the other day.

Read my tips on getting seeds here.

Or, if you know how to get your hands on clones, they will also work great in this box.


Why indoor growing?

Growing indoors has some advantages to growing outdoors

  • You don’t have to rely on the outside climate.
  • You can grow all year. Once you harvest, you can start over immediately
  • You can grow your preferred cannabis strains. Recreational, medical, sativa, indica.
  • An indoor grow box is discreet and safe. If you tell nobody, nobody will find out.
  • The success rate is higher. Your plants are protected from wildlife.



This is what plants look like in this grow box.



How many plants can I grow with this?

It depends on how you’d prefer to set it up.

If you are using large 3 gallon fabric pots, you can fit 9 plants into it.

Those are bit plants. Each of which will carry a large harvest.

You could also use 2 gallon pots and grow 14 plants. Each plant will then be slightly smaller.

Or, you could use a 1 x 1 meter tub, fill it up with soil and grow 20 plants in it.

I just haven’t found such a tub yet.

I prefer using fewer, bigger plants. You don’t need as many clones/seeds.



How to assemble it?

This gets delivered in a few large boxes.

It needs to be assembled.

It is not too complicated. Basically, if you can put together a tent (as from camping), you can put together this tent.

You start with the outside tent and then hang the fan, filter and lamp into the tent.

Pictured instructions are available here.


How much does this cost in electricity?

The power consumption is around 480 Watt.

Over 1 grow cycle (3.5 month), you will spend around $120 on electricity.

Some local electricity providers offer a ‘night tariff’. You could run this box during night times.


How much space does it take up?

39 x 39 x 78 inch

You will need to use this in a well ventilated area.


Is it noisy?

It makes a ‘humm’, coming from the fan. It is not very loud, but you wouldn’t want to place it next to your bed either.


To consider

You do need a ventilated area to operate this box in. For example a room with a window. Or a garage that has some air coming in.

Basically plants need fresh air to grow.


Smartphone App (coming end 2017)


You will be be able to monitor this box via your smartphone.

Temperature, humidity and light status can be checked on your phone. Wherever you are. Worldwide.

This smartphone app will arrive by the end of 2017.

Boxes sold prior to that can be updated.


Is it worth it?

The average price for 1 ounce of weed in the USA is around $300. (from

This box will yield anything from 3 to 8 ounces ounces every 3.5 months.

That means that after 7 month you will have harvested 6 to 16 ounces of weed. Worth anywhere between $1800 – $4800.

Therefore, if you complete 2 grows with this box, you have made your money back and have a surplus.

Do you have any question?

Make sure you comment underneath.


1 x Grow Box Set

includes shipping to USA

  • Complete Set, everything you need
  • 12 month warranty on electrical components

The item will be delivered in 3 large, neutral brown boxes via DHL parcel service. It takes about 12 business days from placing the order until delivery. We can ship to the USA and Canada.

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