Complete Grow Box

"Big Berta" Buy

or built your own Grow Box with these parts:

HPS Grow Light

HPS Grow Light High powered lamps. Almost like sunlight. Works very well with lots of yield. 400 Watt is a good option. view on eBay

LED Grow Light

Good LED lamps can replace HPS lights while using 30% of electricity. These are expensive to buy but the results are great. See their grow results here. website

CFL Grow Light

CFL Grow Light For smallest grow setups. Available in 150 Watt and 250 Watt. view on eBay

Grow Tent

Marijuana Grow Tent To keep the light and smell contained. view on eBay

Smell Filter

Active Carbon Filter Get rid of the scent. So your neighbors won't notice. view on eBay


Ducting for your grow setup To lead used air away. view on eBay

Fan speed controller

Fan Speed Controller Reduce the fan speed while plants are young or during darkness. So you have less noise and less airflow in your house. view on eBay

Fabric Pots

Fabric Grow Sacks Plants grow well in these because more oxygen reaches the roots. 3 gallon is a good size. view on eBay

Potting Mix

Potting Mix Buy the best available. Fox Farm Potting Mix is very good. You can also buy it from the local hardware store. view on eBay


Marijuana Fertiliser Cannabis is a hungry plant. You have to feed it. view on eBay

PH adjuster

PH Adjustment solution It works like this: Mix fertilizer with water, check PH of water, adjust to 6.5. You don't HAVE to do this, but it will make your plants a bit happier. view on eBay

Indoor for Beginners (e-Book)

All the stuff on this website compressed into a book. Downloads to your phone or computer immediately. buy

Smoke Pen

I use this electric smoke pen. view the pen

Marijuana Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds I recommend ilovegrowingmarijuana. They are professionals from Holland and ship (discreetly) wordwide. Chose any indoor strain. visit Seed Shop

Seed Germinators

Peat Pellets to safely germinate seeds Increase your seed germination rate. Related: How to germinate cannabis seeds. view on eBay
  • Ivan

    Well man I really like your setup id love to buy it is there any way you can ship it to Ireland

  • Joe

    thanks for the post. quick question. I’m on day 5 of the pellets, and I have four that are ready for light and six that haven’t sprout. Shall I just keep the six out of the light and proceed with the four? Obviously I understand not all seeds will sprout, I just don’t want to wait too long and ruin the four that sprout

    • Jack Tambo


      the sprouted ones need to go under light immediately.

      Put all of them under light now. The warmth may help the non-sprouted ones.

      (Make sure they don’t dry out, they dry quicker now under light.


  • Anon

    do they (AU ebay store)
    ship to usa?

    • Jack Tambo

      They don’t. But usually, if you are using a computer in the USA, you should be shown products in the USA. Please try again, you should see the right items. Thanks

  • Hunter

    Are these still available? Says theyre not available on ebay anymore

    • Jack Tambo

      Yes, they are. The link now works again. Thanks

  • john

    Hi My plants are real bushy Do I need to trim them or let them grow bushy?