Cannabis Seeds

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Here’s how to get them…

Home Grow Box

Complete Set

LED Marijuana Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

which Lights work best?

HPS Cannabis Grow Light

HPS Grow Light

Cheap, strong, but outdated

cmh Marijuana grow light

CMH Grow Light

New, effective technology

Fan + Filter Combo


fan speed controller

Fan speed controller

ducting hose for air

Air ducting

lead the air away


Wireless Climate

Check it on your phone

soil for cannabis ocean forest

Potting Mix

Use the best

Grow Tents

in different sizes

Rope Ratchets

To hang the lamps

Fabric Pots to grow Cannabis in

Fabric Pots

Cannabis grows better in these

Peat pellet to germinate Marijuana Seeds

Seed Starters

These make seed germination easy

Flora Nova Cannabis Fertilizer


Feed your plants well

Root Stimulator

To make plants grow bigger, faster

PH adjuster

PH up/down set

Adjust your water’s PH

PH test pen

Doesn’t need calibration

Neem oil is a natural way to kill pests

Neem Oil

Natural pesticide

Gnat Trap

against those little flies


fast trimming of a big harvest


good store

watering can

Watering Can

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30 day free trial.

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