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Complete Grow Set

This is a complete set with everything you need.

Buy Marijuana Seeds

It all starts with a seed...

LED Grow Light

This LED panel is the best available.

Grow Tents

Light proof, reflective tent. Your grow happens in here. Choose one for the size you have available.

HID Grow Lights

(HPS & MH) work well for Cannabis and are cheaper to buy than LED. But they use lots of electricity and are becoming outdated.

"Just 1 Plant" Set

Many people want just 1 (or 2) plants. This is a good lamp with reflector and will work for that. Cheapest grow set ever.

Air Fan + Filter

Plants need fresh air to thrive. The fan needs to run 24/7. The filter removes the smell.

Fabric Plant Pots

These new style fabric pots are great becasue they let oxygen reach the roots and excess water can drain. plants grow better in these.


Automatically switch your light.

Seed Germinators

If you grow from seeds, use these to germinate them. For best germination rates.

Potting Mix

Good quality potting mix is the base for healthy plants.

Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis is hungry. Feed it well to get big buds. You can't grow without fertilizer.

TDS Meter

Helps you dose fertilizer correctly. Instructions can be found here.

Water Filter

Most tap waters contains chlorine which limits plant growths. Use filtered water for healthier plants (and humans).
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Bug Killer

A natural way to remove bugs from your plants.
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Get more out of your weed and be easy on your lungs.
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  • .Tiffany McKenna

    Where is the order button? If I do not see it, does that mean you are out of stock?

  • Semaan Mehasseb

    hello, what type of soil is best in australia ?? could i buy it off you?

  • Lisa Staley

    I’m interested in buying one how do I do that

  • Taylor

    Hey my names taylor i wana order a grow room asap just have sonr questions can you email or call mr at or 17056224013 thanks jack !