Complete Grow Box

"Everything you need to grow your own" View

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Grow Tent

Buy Grow Tent Choose a grow tent as big as you have space for. At least 70 inches tall. View Grow Tent

HID Grow Light

Buy Grow Light HID lamps work great but use more electricity. I recommend 400 Watt and 2 bulbs (MH+HPS) View HID Lamp

LED Grow Light

Buy Grow Light These use less electricity but are more expensive to buy. Only quality LED lights can produce as much harvest as HID. Cheap ones won't. The best one in my opinion is the Hans panel. View LED Lamp

Just 1 Plant

Buy Grow Light Want just 1 or 2 plants? Get an easy-to-use CFL grow light and you're good! View

Fan and Air Filter

Buy Fan Strong, good quality fan and smell filter. Plants need fresh air. The filter removes the strong Cannabis smell so your operation stays discreet. View Fan

Grow Box on Smartphone

A device that lets you monitor and control your Grow Box on a smart phone. Wherever you are. View

Fan speed controller

Buy Fan speed thing The fan doesn't need to run full speed all the time. Slow it down for longer filter life and less noise. View

Smell Filter

Active Carbon Filter Smell filter replacement. They need replacing every 6-12 months of usage. view


Buy fabric pots Plants grow great in these. You need the 2 or 3 gallon (8 or 12 liter) size. Depending on your grow box. View Pots


Buy timer Switch the light automatically. View Timer

Marijuana Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Learn where to buy seeds. Marijuana Seeds

Seed Germinators

Peat Pellets to safely germinate seeds Increase your seed germination rate. Related: How to germinate cannabis seeds. view


Follow this and grow a large crop at home. view

Potting Mix

Potting Mix Buy the best available. Fox Farm Potting Mix is very good. view

Marijuana Fertilizer

Marijuana Fertiliser Cannabis is a hungry plant. You have to feed it. view

TDS Meter

EC Meter You need this to accurately dose fertilizer. Learn how to use this. view

Water Filter

EC Meter Plants grow better with clean water. Tap water isn't clean. This is a great filter. More info view
  • Philip

    How do you guys go with the seeds off this site?

  • Mark Carrico

    How long do they need to cure for

    • Jack Tambo

      Anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.

      While curing, keep checking on your harvest daily,

      Because there is always the risk of mold happening.

      If there is any while/gray mold, they are not dry enough.

  • Mark Carrico

    I need detailed instructions on how to harvest and cure.

    • Jack Tambo

      The best instructions with video are here:

      (Scroll down to the harvesting section)

      • Mark Carrico

        I read that but its confusing

        • Jack Tambo

          Could you upload a photo of your plants?

          I’ll tell you if they’re ready..

    • Mark Carrico

      I just need the curing steps. Please

      • Jack Tambo

        Ok, For curing they have to be dry enough, but not 100% totally dry.

        When you bend a branch, do they snap and you hear a ‘crack’? — That means they are ok for curing.