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Cannabis Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds

Here’s how to get them…

Complete Set to grow Marijuana

Complete Grow Tents

Everything you need

LED Marijuana Grow Lights

LED Grow Light

See a good quality LED Grow Light

soil for cannabis ocean forest

Potting Mix

The base for a successful grow. Get the best

Cannabis Grow Tent

Grow Tents

All goes in there

HPS Grow Light

HPS Grow Lamp

Cheap to buy but use lots of electricity. Good harvest, but not as good as a quality LED lamp.

Fan & Filter

Cannabis needs air to grow. And you wanna remove the smell.

ducting hose for air

Air Ducting

Lead used air out of your house

Fabric Pots to grow Cannabis in

Fabric Pots

Cannabis grows better in these

Timer switch

Timer Switch

Automatically switch your Lamp.

Peat pellet to germinate Marijuana Seeds

Seed Starters

These make seed germination easy

buy Marijuana Fertilizer

Marijuana Fertilizer

You need to feed your plants well.

TDS Meter to measure Fertilizer

PPM Meter

To give the right amount of Fertilizer. Easy to use.

Neem oil is a natural way to kill pests

Neem Oil

Natural way to kill any pests on your plants