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Last updated: June 15th, 2021

Cannabis Seeds

I recommend these seed shops … they ship to your country (the US).

Grow Tents

Buy Grow Tents on Amazon here

Carbon Air Filters

Tent SizeCarbon Air Filter Size
up to 3ft x 3ft / 1 meter x 1 meter4 – Inch (Amazon)
4ft x 4ft / 1.20 meter x 1.20 meter6 – Inch (Amazon)
6ft x 6ft8 – Inch (Amazon)
8ft x 8ft10 – inch (Amazon)

Grow Tent Ventilation (Fans)

Tent SizeRecommended Fan
up to 2ft x 2ftAC Infinity RAXIAL S4 – 105 CFM (Amazon)
Tenti Grow Tent Controller – 210 CFM (Growershouse)
up to 3ft x 3ftAC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4 – 205 CFM (Amazon)
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4- 205 CFM (Amazon)
Tenti Grow Tent Controller – 210 CFM (Growershouse)
4ft x 4ftAC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 – 402 CFM (Amazon)
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 – 402 CFM (Amazon)
5ft x 5ftAC Infinity CLOUDLINE S8 – 807CFM (Amazon)
AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T8 – 807 CFM (Amazon)

LED Grow Lights

Find 2021 recommended LED Grow Lights here


Find Fabric Pots (Grow Bags) on Amazon here

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