Never waste your lungs on poor quality weed!

Growing good Marijuana is easy and inexpensive.

You do not need expensive equipment, nor do you need to live in a tropical climate zone. A warm summer or a 100Watt grow light will do.

growing good Marijuana

This website shows several ways to cultivate Marijuana.There are simple and inexpensive ways to make a nice harvest for yourself. If you are interested, read the sites about growing good Marijuana indoors and outdoors.

One of the most important steps in growing good Marijuana is harvesting and drying the stuff. A few things need to be done here in order to make it good Marijuana.

This lovely smell of good Pot is created during the drying process. Marijuana-drying is a bit like wine making. It needs patience.

Weed becomes better with age, because some ingredients change to THC even month after the plant was harvested. THC is that stuff that makes you stoned after having smoked Pot. Read the site about Drying Marijuana.

What is good Marijuana?

In my opinion, these are important factors for good Marijuana:

It has an Uplifting Effect

Good weed has an uplifting effect. You feel like you have new Energy. Suddenly great ideas come into your mind and you don’t know where they came from. (Act on them).

Some great music and paintings have been created under the influences of marijuana. I personally have written great Websites (not this one) while I was stoned. If you like to read more about Effects of Marijuana, please follow this link.

It has a great flavour

I mean the taste while you smoke it or vaporise it.

Good marijuana will have a nice, fruity flavour. I often had weed that tastes a bit like mango. Or the famous Bluberry tastes like .. Blueberry.

To make Marijuana taste that beautiful, you need to select a strain has is known for its fruity flavour. Like the earlier mentioned Blueberry or the citrus-like White Demon.

I think that most strains can have a fruity flavour. To get this flavour, the buds need to be dried slowly and in the dark. Even after they are completely dry, they should be left alone for another 6 – 8 weeks. During this time, the aromatic oils within the plant material will unfold. That is why I compare growing good marijuana to wine making. Both get better after time

Growing good Marijuana also means proper harvesting, drying and storage. To read more about that, please click the links.

No coughing when smoking

Good Pot won’t make you cough when you smoke it.

But hang on, I have seen some weird exception to this:

Some people smoke Marijuana together with tobacco. Others smoke it pure without tobacco.

I prefer it pure, without tobacco.

If I put tobacco into it, it really hurts my throat and I cough like a train wreck. So I always recommend pure smoking.

But I have seen people smoking it together with tobacco and not coughing at all. They say to me :”I put tobacco into my weed, because it makes it smoother to smoke!”. And indeed, when these people smoke pot without tobacco, they cough like crazy.

It seems like the human lung can get used to both smoking habits. With or without tobacco.

Generally, to make weed easy to smoke, some things can be done:

It needs to be cured properly. That means most of the green leaves in the buds need to be removed. Those green leaves are the number one cause for a harsh smoke. Read more about curing Marijuana here.

cured Marijuana

It also need to be dried slowly. The slower it dries, the more of the existing chlorophyll (green color) will be removed from the material.

Chlorophyll can be harsh when smoked. Be aware that Marijuana that dries too slow might tend to mould. Read more about proper drying Marijuana here.

Of course, there is another smart group of users: The Vaporizers. They do not have any smoke. Just steam. This is an awesome smoking method for everyone who does not like smoke. If interested, check out more about Vaporizer.

The nice smell

Good weed smells nice. I mean the dried weed. When you open the bag, you stick your nose in because its so yummy. When you cut it with a scissors or put it into your weed grinder, the lovely smell even increases.

This smell is caused by aromatic oils inside the weed. The slower the weed has been dried and the longer it has been stored (up to approximately 8 month), the better the smell will be.

growing good marijuana

growing good marijuana

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