Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing Marijuana Indoors is a good way to make decent amounts of quality pot for yourself.

You can grow all year long. Independent of the weather. And you could harvest every 3 month.

The risk of being caught growing indoors is smaller, compared to outdoor growing. Your setup is less likely to be found.

Teach me Marijuana Indoor Growing Show me which equipment I need


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Teach me Marijuana Indoor Growing Show me which equipment I need


  • ArtemisRose

    Hi Jack, what strains can you recommend for a beginner?

    • Jack Tambo

      Everything that has more indica than Sativa in it.

      Sativa is more difficult to grow.

  • Ilham Irwan

    hai jack, what happen here. the edge of the leaf is yellow what should i do?

    • Jack Tambo


      Are you giving any? And what kind? Let me know.

  • Benna Boii

    Hi Jack…

    Am a new member and i’d like you to give me some pointers.

    How can I make my tree grow bigger, but not tall?

    • Jack Tambo


      you could cut the top. Its a bit stressful for the plant, but it will grow more sideways.

      Then you can cut it again. It becomes more and more bushy.

      I am no expert on cutting though, I have not really done it all too much.

      Also, you could bend them down with rope (carefully, they snap easily).


  • Minei Kiefer

    Aloha Jack, I would like to know how I can post pics on your site ? May need to if I have problems. Mahalo

    • Jack Tambo

      Aloha Minei,

      to post photos:

      When you are writing a comment, right under the white text-box that you write in, there is a tiny square image symbol.

      Click that and you’ll be able to upload images.


  • Jarrett Noonan

    How to bring outdoor plants indoors