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gowing marijuana on balcony

I have been growing Marijuana on my 6th floor balcony in Australia 3 years in a row.

It worked great.

How much direct sun reaches your balcony? You need direct Sunlight that reaches your plant for at very least 3 hours a day.

Regarding on the intensity of sunlight in your place, this can be more. For example, here in Australia, the sun is very intense during summer. 3 hours direct sunlight and the rest indirect will already yield a harvest. But in Germany, 3 hours would probably not be enough.

This is my one of my balcony plants:

marijuana plant ready to harvestl

Growing Marijuana on a Balcony

This is the story of how I did it.

Start in Spring

The natural lifecycle of Cannabis makes if grow in Spring / early summer and then develop buds in late Summer.

So start your project in Spring.

I germinated 2 plants in October (October is Spring here in Western Australia). More on germinating Marijuana Seeds.

The plants were put into direct sunlight as much as possible.

After a while, they looked like this:

At this point, i started to add fertilizer to the water. I used common tomato fertilizer. It is probably not the best choice, but i did not have hydroponic fertilizer on hand.

Whichever fertilizer is chosen, it is wise to make sure it is suited for food plants.

The plants kept going. With ca. 4 hours of direct afternoon sun.

Automatic Watering

The large plants needed water twice a day.

This is easily forgotten and the green ladies suffer from drought.

So i built a watering system.

TimerThe pump pumps twice daily for ca 5 minutes water into the pot. Excessive water runs back into the reservoir underneath.

The pump is a little garden pond pump, connected to a timer.

The water contains fertilizer.

This way, you do not have to worry about watering the plants.

These plants were started in spring. Outdoor Marijuana usually starts flowering in the middle of summer, when the days are getting shorter.

Both plants turned out to be females. They started developing buds:

After ca 3.5 month:

It is harvest time. More than 50% of the pistils (little white hairs on the buds) have turned brown.

The later Marijuana is harvested, the more numbing is its effect. I prefer my weed not too numbing, but rather uplifting.

So I usually harvest when more than 50% of the trichomes are still white. The weed in the following picture is, in my opinion, overdue for harvesting.

The plants were harvested at the age of 4 month.

The buds were cut off and the small leaves in between were removed.

Click the links to read about curing Marijuana and harvesting Marijuana.

The harvest and curing is over, the fresh weed is left:

Now comes ….. drying.

The weed should dry slowly and in the dark.

If you are interested, please read the article on drying of Marijuana.

After the Marijuana was dried, i put it into plastic containers.

It came to 2.5 ounces of dried Marijuana.

I was happy with the result. Growing Marijuana on balcony is possible. It was a nice smoke. The strain was not very strong, but that’s alright because i harvested a large amount.

  • J

    Hi there! I want to start growing but i would like to grow something very small, secretively and quickly. Could i just buy a pot fill it with soil put some seeds in there and let it grow behind my window?

    • j

      and if the answer is yes i will also need a safe online store where i can buy seeds from

    • Hi,

      yes, if the window is very sunny. Direct sunlight for at least 4 hrs.

      Usually, growing on a window does not work well in the UK, for example. It’s not sunny enough.

      But in sunnier places it works very well.

      It’s not very secretive nor quickly though…. For that, you’d better get a small grow tent.


  • soxpnd

    Hey guys! I have these 2 white widows (first time growing w.widows) at my balkony. I live in belgium and this year , month June was the one with the most rains in over 80 years or something , 26 days of rain !! And temperatures below 15 at daytime and around 6-8 max at night! So , the ladies did not grow as expected ( not my first time growing at this balcony , it has perfect sunlight , more than the half of the day time , it is south with my building beeing the highest 😉 ). The past 5 weeks or so the weather was so much suunier and like … summer ! I think i al at my 8th week of flowering ( kinda lost my dates this year cause i really thought the ladies wont grow this year ) and my question is : do you think , after these fotos that i can harvest them at a week time or so? I see the trichomes becoming darker and darker but i dont have any previous experience with w.w. and the bigger is also starting to throw a lot af his leaves. I see also new flowers devoloping lower at their main stem so I am thinking maybe harvest what is to be harvested ( when the time is) and leave them out , since the weather is still good , in case i get a second harvest by September or so ( before the rains and the shitty wind take place again , hahaa) .
    Thank you for your time and i would like an answer AsAp
    P.S. Keep up the good work and inform people how to grow there own and dont have to rely on any goverment or any dealer for their smoke . I got a bunch of very usefull informations from your site the previous years , which helped my make my crope better , my smoke smoother and my life easier. Bye

    • Hi!

      Thanks for your comment and for uploading the pics.

      The buds look nice, for sure.

      If I was you, I would let them grow as long as you have sunshine and warmth.

      You will probably not get a 2nd harvest. So make the most out of this one.

      Once it gets too rainy and wet then harvest. Because there is a slight danger of mold.

      Cheers, Jack

  • Tejas Singh

    I’m from New Delhi, India. I’ve started to grow the herb on my balcony.I get almost 11 hours of sunlight there, out of which the plants receive 7 hours(3 hours in the morning+4 hours during evening) the temperature now has touched 40 degrees Celsius and is rising and will get till 48. I water them regularly. there no such need to grow just females. So should i just leave the plants outside in the balcony in the scrotching heat or should I bring them in a room?what should be my frequency to water them so that they don’t die?

    • Hi,

      you got very good conditions to grow there in India.

      It is better to leave the plants outside on the balcony. They will be fine with the heat, as long as they have enough water.

      They don’t like being moved around too much. It’s always a bit of a shock for them to be carried around. I once needed to move a large plant due to a rent inspection. I did it a bit rough and the plant later lost all its leaves from the shock.

      So its better to just leave them where they are at all times.

      However, given the hot weather they will drink lots of water. Once they are mature you will likely need to water them 2 x per day. There is no fixed schedule about watering. You need to observe the plant and the soil. If the soil feels dry at the top its time to water.

      The plants do not like to stand in very wet soil with a puddle at the bottom of the pot. They can drown if they are very very wet all the time.

      And if they are very dry all the leaves and branches will hang down. You then need to water immediately.

      I have also grown plants outside in such heat and I ended up using a pump with a timer to water them. Because they kept running out of water all the time.

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Heidi

    How stinky were these outside? Not sure of the laws in Australia, but I’d prefer not to stink my neighbors into calling the police. 🙂 Just started Germination and I’m still undecided if I should go Balcony or Indoor.

    • They are intensly smelly later when they flower. If you have neighbours who’d do such thing as calling the police you need to grow indoors. Or you’ll be having trouble sleeping at night …

  • googo

    is the sex of the plant determined by environmental factors, if so how can i ensure that my plants will be female

    • Its only partly determined by environmental factors.

      Basically, it seems the better your plant’s environment, the more females you get.

      Plants in horrible conditions will become both male and female to breed with themselves and ensure survival.

      If you want 100% female plants consider buying feminized seeds. (Link in grow shop).