Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Last updated: September 10th, 2021

Growing Marijuana outdoors could get you a lot of weed. Here’s how to do it.

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growing Marijuana outdoors
Outdoor Cannabis in Pots on my porch

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What’s a good spot for growing Cannabis outdoors?

The plant likes lots of direct sunlight. Put them into the sunniest spot you have.

Your plants need at least 4 – 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. The more light, the more weight you’ll get at the end.

I have grown outdoor Cannabis in sunny, warm Australia and also cooli-sh Germany.

But keep in mind that these plants attract attention and very likely will get stolen if found by dodgy people. They must be well hidden.

You can plant directly into the ground. That means the roots can spred out wide and the plant can get huge.

Or you could use pots/containers. The plants will stay smaller but you can move them around. For example to hide them at night, or to move them with the sunlight.

Keep in mind that you might need to bring water in case it’s a dry summer.

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When to start?

Cannabis grows during summer. It will take 1 summer to go from seed to harvest.

So you would start in early spring by germinating your Cannabis seeds.

Outdoor Cannabis will ripen towards the end of summer. Then you’ll harvest.

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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

All cannabis plants can grow outdoors. But there are types that grow better outdoors.

These strains finish earlier. They do not need that much time to get to the flowering stage. Also, they might be more resistant to humidity and mold. is a trustworthy seed bank.

I have ordered from them many times.

They are breeders and make their own genetics.

If you like, here is a special discount voucher to give you $6 off: how-to-marijuana


Alternatively, you could use seeds that you found in a little green bag. They often times work … but not as well as freshly bought seeds.

Growing Marijuana outdoors

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Germinate Cannabis Seeds indoors first

To get a good start, you would germinate the seeds indoors first. That way you can protect them from cold weather, slugs, or other animals until the plants grow stronger.

Young Cannabis is ready to go outside when there is no more frost.

young, germinated Cannabis Seeds

Then keep the baby plants on a sunny window or in a greenhouse until they are healthy and strong enough to go outside.

So let them grow to at least 8 inches / 20cm height before planting them outside.

I like letting them stand in small pots on a sunny window:

You Marijuana on Window Sill
Young Cannabis on Window Sill. I could grow them outdoors when they’re bigger

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Use good quality soil.

Since you are interested in growing cannabis outdoors, I assume that you have some sort of garden. And maybe you have a compost pile, even better. You could mix yourself good soil like this:

  • 50% Compost
  • 15% Perlite
  • 20% Sand
  • then add things like greensand, oyster shell flour, mineral sand.
  • avoid chemical fertilizers because they kill the beneficial bacteria in the ground
Dark, fertile soil for outdoor Marijuana
Dark, fertile soil. Marijuana would grow well in it.

Cannabis likes rich, dark soil, full of nutrients (with a bit of sand and perlite for aeration).

You could also buy the potting mix from a hardware store ↗. Buy the best of the best they have….really spend as much as you can. It all comes back to you in the form of weed.

To learn how to make really good soil check out the book True Living Organics ↗ .

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You could put your plants into pots (instead of planting them straight into the ground).

It has the advantage that you can move them around. For example to follow the sunlight or to hide them. Or to protect them from extreme weather.

Outdoor Marijuana Plant on Veranda
Marijuana Plant in a Pot

There are different types of pots.

different types of pot for outdoor cannabis
different pots for growing cannabis outdoors

When using plastic pots, you could drill plenty of little holes into them to let some air in. The bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. 7 gallons+ is a good size for outdoor plants.

Fill your pot with great soil.

When the plant grows, it will deplete the nutrients in the soil. You must give fertilizer.

These plants are in 30 Gallon Pots ↓

30 gallon pots for cannabis
30 Gallon Pots

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Growing straight in the ground.

Cannabis plant outdoors, in my garden

You can plant your Marijuana outdoors directly in the ground or into a raised bed.

The advantage is that the roots can spread far and wide to reach nutrients and water. These plants can become huge.

The disadvantage is that you cannot move the plants around. For example to protect them from a storm.

Marijuana outdoors in raised bed

Prepare the area with good, nutritious soil for strong plants.

Dig a hole of ca. 60 cm (23 inches) diameter and depth. Then fill it up with soil and plant the herb into it.

Growing Marijuana outdoors in seed bed

Remove any other plants around that could interfere with your Marijuana or grow over it. Cannabis needs as much sun as possible.

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Hiding Outdoor Marijuana Plants

People will steal your harvest. It is what it is. I’ve seen friendly, peace loving, hand-knitted-beany-wearing, long haired hippies sneak into a garden to steal Cannabis plants.

Luckily, Cannabis hides well between other plants. If you put your plants between other large, leafy plants, they become hard to find.

One day, I showed a good friend of mine a cannabis plant in the garden. That particular plant was standing between other leafy plants.

And although we were standing right in front of the green lady, my friend could not see it.

It was only after I assured him that it is there, he suddenly saw it. “Oohh! I did not expect it was that close!”.

There are 2 Marijuana Plants in this photo. Can you find them both?

Cannabis Outdoors
Cannabis Plant hidden in my Garden

Unfortunately, mature plants have a strong smell that gives them away. Not much you can do about that.

An outdoor Cannabis plant in a pot

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Let the Plants grow!

Growing Cannabis Outdoors
Outdoor Marijuana directly in the ground

The plants now do pretty much all the work.

The more sun they’ll get, the faster they’ll grow.

Water the plants regularly. Do not overwater. Give only as much water as the plant can use and only when the soil has dried up. Touch the soil with the back of your fingers. If it feels cold, there is still water left in the soil.

After 3 – 4 weeks, you want to start using Fertilizer. Up to this point, the plants fed of the nutrients that came in their soil.

Growing outdoors, the best fertilizer is compost and compost tea. Using these natural things will keep the bacteria in your soil alive.

If you are like me, you probably watch at your marijuana plants every day.

If the leaves start becoming light-green or yellowish, give some more Fertilizer.

Balcony Cannabis plant
Cannabis on Balcony

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Remove the Males

Cannabis plants can be male ♂ or female ♀. In nature, they turn out about 50% 50%.

For us regular stoners, males have no value because they don’t produce smokeable bud.

That’s why we usually ‘kill’ males. They just take up space. Also, if left, they would ‘make love’ to the females. Then the females make babies (seeds) and we harvest less bud.

Most growers, therefore, use feminized outdoor seed. These special seeds grow only female plants. Those seeds are available to buy here ↗ with shipping to the US.

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How to spot a male plant?

We can see the gender when the first buds appear. We want female buds, they look like small white hairs. We don’t want little ‘balls’ because that’s male.

Some bud pictures. This one is male ⬇

Male Marijuana
Male buds

another male ⬇

Male Cannabis Plant
This is a male Cannabis Plant

Female Buds⬇

female marijuana plant

Once you got only females left, it will take 2 – 4 month until ….

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Your plants will be ready for harvest at the age of 3 – 5 months. That will be at the end of summer.

The days are getting cooler and perhaps wetter.

The thick female buds are at risk of getting mold. So you must check them often. Mold looks grey. If you see it, remove it completely immediately. You may need to harvest if it’s too much.

You can tell that the plant is ready when it has nice, big buds. They should smell really nice and strong. They probably don’t grow much anymore. And most of the white female hairs on the buds would have turned brown.

Now it’s time to cut the whole plant and hang it for drying.

these marijuana plants were just harvested

When its dried, you would trim the buds.

That means removing all the small leaves between the buds.

Please refer to my article harvesting Marijuana for a successful harvest.

Well, and after you dried and manicured your Pot, it will look something like this:

Dried Marijuana

Check the pages on Marijuana curing and Marijuana drying to get professional-looking and smelling results.

THat’s the end of this article. Thank you for reading.

I hope you’ll get some nice plants outside in the sun.

P.S. You can start your grow now by ordering Outdoor Marijuana seeds ↗.

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