Yes, you can use you growing tent to dry your harvest afterwards. It is a good idea.

Here are recommendations on how to use your Marijuana growing tent for drying.

  • Remove the Marijuana leaves first. Than hang your buds into the tent. Before you hang it into the tent, the pot should look somewhat like in this picture on the right:

Growing Tent for Drying

  • Switch off the lights. Weed quality will be better if dried not too fast and in darkness.
  • Leave the ventilitaion on, on a lower level if possible. It will remove the humidity and smell.

Now you are set for a good quality weed later.

Depending on where you live, it takes 5-8 days to dry.

To find out how to give your weed the ‘professional’ Marijuana looks and smell, read my article on Drying Marijuana.

Growing Tent for Drying

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