“When shall I harvest my Marijuana?”

This is a quick overview on harvesting Marijuana.

It is relatively easy to determine weither a female plant is ripe or not.

Look at the white pistils (hairs). They will turn brown on a mature plant.

It is time to harvest when 50% – 80% of them have turned brown.

Another method is to look at the trichomes. They are those sticky, clear things that look like sugar. The plant is ripe when most of them have turned to amber.

Usually, plants will need 2 – 4 month for their flowering.

During the last 1-2 weeks of plant life, don’t give any fertilizer. That way you won’t have stored fertilizer in the plant.

How to harvest?

Cut the whole plant at the bottom. Or cut only the branches off.

Touch the buds as little as possible. Everytime you touch them, you loose a bit of THC. It sticks on your finger!

Now, while the plants are still wet, its time to manicure them. So they will become a great smoke!

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