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“When shall I harvest my Marijuana?”

This is a quick overview on harvesting Marijuana.

It is relatively easy to determine weither a female plant is ripe or not.

Look at the white pistils (hairs). They will turn brown on a mature plant.

It is time to harvest when 50% – 80% of them have turned brown.

Another method is to look at the trichomes. They are those sticky, clear things that look like sugar. The plant is ripe when most of them have turned to amber.

Usually, plants will need 2 – 4 month for their flowering.

During the last 1-2 weeks of plant life, don’t give any fertilizer. That way you won’t have stored fertilizer in the plant.

How to harvest?

Cut the whole plant at the bottom. Or cut only the branches off.

Touch the buds as little as possible. Everytime you touch them, you loose a bit of THC. It sticks on your finger!

Now, while the plants are still wet, its time to manicure them. So they will become a great smoke!

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  • Bright Stone


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  • Lee

    My plants are growing in my sun room, in Oregon. When it is sunny, it is hot. The glass is all around the plants. My question. I hesitate to leave sun room lights on all night as it also lights up my neighbors; What damage is done to plants when they only have about 12 hours of light. And in the winter, our days are VERY short. Our Summer days are VERY light late.

    • Hi,

      there is no damage being done to plants if they are on 12 hrs light.

      All indoor growing operations switch the light to 12hrs on to introduce flowering.

      But the light in these 12 hrs needs to be sufficiently strong. For your sun room, that means at least 4-6 hrs or direct sunlight.

      When you say you have lamps in your sun room, what kind of lamps are they? Unless they are pretty strong ones, it wouldn’t make a difference to the plants.

  • Cat Conner

    I have a plant that has lots of buds but some of the buds have turned completely brown. I also have some yellow leaves with brown tips. I did pull some of those brown buds off and did find one
    green worm in the middle of one – I now have 3 or 4 brown buds on the plant. I am about to harvest the plant in next week. Thanks

    • Hi,

      thanks for the photo.

      It could be bud mould. And I am not 100% sure.

      if it would be mould, it would be a little bit dusty. That would spread super fast over the whole plant. You would need to harvest immediately. Don’t smoke the effected buds, you may get asthma.

      Otherwise, it may be a worm attack… which would be the better option.


      • pescod96

        hi there jack this is abit un-relevant but i got some bud here i bought and i realised some of it has gone brown and its super wet stuff hasn’t even began to dry process it yet, is it mold or rot and how can i get rid or save anything or can i not?

        • You need to dry it asap. If its not drying, you may need some more ventilation or a bit higher temperatures. Also spread it out well…. The brown stuff is not salvageable, it is likely mold and would give you asthma

  • Yup Yup

    I am growing in Oregon. Should I be covering my outdoor plants in the evenings to prevent frost damage? If so, what is recommended for covering the plants?

    • Hi,

      thanks for your question!

      Plants will die if they are left in frost.

      You can try covering them which will protect them a little more, but they I doubt they’ll survive anything lower than like 25F (-4DegC), even covered.

      Cover with fabrics or also fir branches. Don’t use plastics, it may suffocate the plant.

      And when it gets too cold … better harvest and enjoy what you got.