A battery operated smoke pen.

Just fill it up with weed and push the button.


How does it work?

1. Grind up some weed


2. Load up the Pen

There is a glass chamber to put the weed into. It doesn’t need much because it’s so efficient.


3. Push the button and inhale

Start drawing on the mouth piece after 3 seconds.

Inhale deeply for as long as you can. Don’t ‘puff”.

The smoke is mild and tasty.


Eventually, just ash is left.


Looks like a normal Vape Pen

These days lots of people walk around vaping away on their nicotine vape pens.

Nobody cares anymore.

Using this pen looks just like if you are using such vape pen.

Except, that you are smoking something a lot better…


 more features

  • Small enough to fit into your pocket
  • Looks like any ‘vape’ pen, so you don’t get in trouble
  • glowing spiral can be replaced
  • No need to carry a lighter
  • Battery lasts long (20-30 times)
  • comes with a cleaning brush
  • Smoke is very tasty. Enjoy the real flavour of the strain you’re smoking. Thanks to the low temperatures at which the material is burned in this pen.
  • Smoke is more potent. Less of the active substances is burned away. Instead it goes into your lungs.
  • easily recharged on any USB port (e.g. phone charger or computer)


Available to buy here.

If you would like to get one, please click the button underneath.

It will ship out very quickly via USPS and you’ll receive it within 3- 5 days.

New Pen

1 Pen comes with USB battery Charger and cleaning brush.

Brand new, never used. Please charge to 100% before first use.


– Fast delivery, ships from California within 24 hrs (workdays).
– guaranteed delivery, you’ll also get a parcel tracking nr
– Ships with USPS
– No extra shipping costs to pay (Free shipping)

  • Chris

    Hi Jack , do you send to Australia and if so how much for shipping please ?

  • Carolyn J. Poulin

    Hi, I ordered a pen two days ago but I cannot find my order any where. It did go through Paypal, but I never received any confirmation email. Could you verify that the order is in process, please? thanks in advance

    • Jack Tambo


      the order is in process, yes. It will ship tomorrow (Monday) with USPS.

      You will also receive another email with the parcel tracking number. It should arrive by wednesday.



  • Roberto Cienfuegos

    Only available in the USA. 🙁