The Tent

Last updated: December 16th, 2020

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The Cannabis grow happens inside a tent.

The tent keeps the bright lights contained inside, so that you don’t have your house illuminated.

The grow tent also keeps the smell inside, so you stay discreet.

Cannabis Grow Tents come in many sizes.

cannabis grow tents

The bigger the tent, the more you can harvest

People always ask how much they can harvest. So I’ll give a very rough estimate.

The small 16×16″ (40x40cm) tent gives you up to 3 ounces from 1 plant.

The 24×24″ (60x60cm) up to 5 ounces from up to 4 plants.

The 39″x39″ up to 8 ounces with 4 to 9 plants

On the inside, cannabis grow tents are made from reflective mylar material. It reflects light back to the plant, so they grow a little better.

These grow tents also have openings for Air (in+Out) and Electricity.

grow tent opening from inside
cannabis grow tent bottom

Air comes in through the openings at the bottom.

They have a screen on them to filter dust.

At the bottom, air only comes INTO the the tent (not out). Because there is slightly less air pressure inside the tent from the fan (more on the fan later).

The corners are sometimes made from metal (like in the photo) and sometimes from plastic.

Plastic corners are stronger (metal corners are a bit wobbly).

metal grow box corners

The tents are being shipped in a flat box and you need to assembly it.

Its kinda like going camping.

First you put together the internal metal frame.

assembling grow tent frame

Next, you pull over the fabric.

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