Marijuana Fertilizer

Marijuana is a fast growing, hungry plant. It needs a lot of nutrients to sustain its growth. Use great Marijuana Fertilizer.

Marijuana Fertilizer

The market is full of Marijuana Fertilizer. There a hundreds of diferrent brands. All are trying to sell their product.

1-Part or 2-Part Marijuana Fertilizers

Marijuana Fertilizer

Many Fertilizers use a 2 part solution. That means the user buys 2 containers and mixes them in water together before use.

This is necessary because certain elements in the fertilizer cannot stand each other and would cancel each other out if mixed directly. Most importantly, the calcium is kept separate from the sulfate i.e. in a 2-part, calcium is normally in part ‘A’, whereas sulfate is in part ‘B’.

Grow and Bloom needs diferrent fertilizers

Growth Phase

In the growth phase, plants have a particularly high demand for nitrogen. Consequently, “Grow” nutrients contain a relatively high concentration of nitrogen. Their use helps ensure plants do not run out of nitrogen prematurely.

Bloom Phase

In the bloom phase, the demand for phosphorus and potassium increases. Consequently, “Bloom” nutrients contain a relatively high concentration of both phosphorus and potassium, but relatively low nitrogen. Hence, switching to ‘Bloom’ during the flowering phase will help ensure plants do not become deficient in potassium and phosphorus (especially for heavy fruiting plants such as tomatoes and strawberries).

The use of ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ nutrients at the appropriate times is also much more economical because for example, the use of ‘Bloom’ during the growth phase would result in excessive phosphorus and potassium being wasted. This wasted nutrient potentially becomes an environmental concern when the nutrient is dumped – particularly in large commercial operations.


A good 2 Part Marijuana Fertilizer is Flora Nova. It was designed for the fast growing Marijuana Plant.

Marijuana Fertilizer

I recommend it.

To use it, you need the green bottle during growth phase (Light on 18 hours).

Than use the red bottle during the bloom phase (Light on 12 hrs).

This fertilizer is quite strong. Too much will quickly damage the plants. A description is given on the bottle.

Order Flora Nova Fertilizer Online.

It is available in big and small bottles and can be shipped to all over the US.

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  • Alexander Brautigam

    so how often did you use each of these fertilizers for your plants? i’m trying to figure out how frequently i would need to use this without risking damage to the root structures.

    • Jack Tambo

      There is no hard rule.

      Generally, I give fertilizer 2 times per week.

      Small baby plants don’t get any until the light is switched to 12/12 for flowering. Because the potting mix has enough in it until then.

      Then I start with a small dose. Whatever is written on the bottle as the smallest dose.

      The I increase weekly by 10%. Until the highest does as written on the bottle.

      Meanwhile you need to keep looking at the plant.

      Are too many leaves turning yellow? Give a bit more.
      Are the leaves rolling up or are brown spots appearing? Stop giving any for a week.