Here’s how to build yourself a great Marijuana Grow Box, even if you are not a technical person…

Before we get into it: There are 2 ways to build a Grow Box. You could either buy the components you want and then put them together OR you could build a complete set with everything in it.

At first, I will list all the parts you need for a complete grow box. Then I will also show you a few complete sets.

Let’s Grow:

A Grow Tent

Cannabis Grow Tent

Marijuana is grown under a strong light. The plant also smells strongly (how to remove the smell later).

You can’t just put a light in your living room and put your plants under it.

That would be way too bright and your house would smell.

That’s why a grow is set up inside a grow tent. It’s literally a square tent. The material is reflective on the inside.

Some people don’t need a tent because they have a small utility room available to grow in … that’s fine, too.

And some people build their own box out of wood. That’ll work, too.

But the easiest way is to get a grow tent.

How big should my grow tent be?

The bigger the tent, the more you’ll harvest.

A medium size is 3ft wide x 3ft deep x 73inch high. That’s enough room to grow 9 plants.

If you have more space you could also use a 4ft x 4ft.

The grow tent should not be lower than 62 inches or you’ll run into space problems. If you grow with HPS or CMH lights, the tent should be no lower than 72 inches.

You will have a grow lamp and a fan inside the tent which also take up space. And if the tent is too low, the plants will start touching the lamp and they’ll get burned.

Good grow tents are available here

The Grow Light

The light is extremely important.

The more light your plants get, the more you’ll harvest.

Cannabis loves direct sunlight (which is ultra intense). No lamp can come close in intensity.

LED Grow Lights

This LED Grow Light is fine.

HID Grow Lights

These are cheaper to buy than LED and produce a great harvest.

But they use lots of electricity. Also the bulb needs replacing after 2 grows.

If you want to go this route, buy your HPS Grow light here. Buy a 600 Watt one.

3. Fan and Air Filter

You need to provide airflow inside your grow tent. Or else your plants suffocate.

An airfilter is needed to remove the strong cannabis scent. Withouyt a filter, your house will smell like weed.

A 4-inch air setup is fine if you use an LED grow lamp or 400 Watt HPS.

If you use 600 Watt or more HID you will need a 6 inch setup.

Buy the fan and filter here.

4. Fabric pots

Your plants grow in these.

These are not the typical hard-plastic pots. (those work too).

Instead these are fabric pots because plants grow better in these.

Water can drain better and oxygen reaches the roots.

the bigger the pots you use, the better your plants grow.

Buy 9 of the biggest ones that fit into your tent. The sellers give the measurements of the pots.

Buy fabric pots here Buy fabric pots here

How many Cannabis Plants fit into my grow box

5. Potting Mix

We grow on soil. Because it’s a lot easier than putting up a hydroponic system.

You want to buy the best soil possible.

Good potting mix is the foundation for healthy plants.

You could fit 9 plants into your grow box. (Check the law)

1 plant needs ~5 gallon (19 liters) of soil. (depending on your fabric pots)

One bag of Potting Mix from Home Depot holds 1.5 cubic foot (42.4 liter)

You need 4 bags.

Buy potting mix here

6. Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

An easy to grow strain is White Widow

Use discount code how-to-marijuana to get $6 off.

7. Seed Starters

Jiffy Seed Starters

They make it super easy and safe to germinate your precious seeds.

Here is a guide on how to use them.

You can buy them here.

8. Fertilizer

Flora Nova Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis is a hungry plant.

You need to feed it well. Or else it won’t grow.

Flora Nova Fertilizer is great. I also have a free dosage sheet. it tells you exactly how much to give.

Buy Flora Nova here.

9. That’s it …

If you buy the above components and put it all together, you will have a great grow box to grow weed.