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marijuana_114So you are interested in growing some of the green stuff for yourself?


It is quite easy.

I know, because I have been growing since I was 15 years old. My first Marijuana plant came out of a bag of birdfood and was actually a Rapeseed.  But from then on it got better and I am now helping people growing their own.

You can quite easily grow your own quality, richly smelly and sticky, extra stoney weed.


This is what you need

And we are trying to not break the bank here.

The most basic Marijuana growbox contains 1 lamp, a fan and a timer.

That is it. Just 3 items.

And if you cannot have strong weed smell in or outside of your house, you add a carbon filter.

This is my first grow box, made out of wood.

Marijuana Grow Box

You can use different types of lights.

CFL Lamps or HPS Lamps.

I usually recommend CFL Lamps because they are inexpensive and easy to run.

HPS Lamps will harvest a bit more but are more expenive to buy and to run.  They also eat up lots of energy (electricity bill) and throw lots of heat. That means you need a bigger fan etc … .


How to build a Marijuana Grow Box

I have build a box from wood. It had the following dimensions:

Marijuana Grow Box

I put it into the utility room of my apartment.

Marijuana Grow Box

If you don not want to build a wooden box, buy a grow tent.

These were the internals.  HPS Lamp + Ballast & Reflector, Fan, Airduct,.

Marijuana Grow Box

In this case, the light is a 400W HPS (High pressure Sodium). It needs a Ballast. And it emits a lot of heat, therefore I need to use a large fan. Because of the high energy consumption, I switched my energy tariff to cheaper night power. Therefore, my Marijuana Grow Box runs at night.

Alternatively, use CFL Lights with reflector for less yield but a low imprint on the electricity bill and easier use.

marijuana_97 marijuana_98

My grow box was installed on the second floor of an inner city building. The fan was transporting the air though the grow box out of the building.  My air outlet was far away from passerbys, so I did not use a carbon filter (against the smell).

If you can not send the used air to the outside, you could install a carbon filter. That way, the air can stay inside your house. The filter removes the marijuana smell. But you still need a supply of fresh air because the plants need CO2.

After I timbered it all together, it looked like this:

Marijuana Grow Box

The fan is hung on the inside with bungee ropes. This way, the vibration won’t reach the wood case. A little thermometer and hygrometer is there, too.

Marijuana Grow Box

The box has its air inlets at the bottom. The inside has been fitted with white foil to optimize light reflection. This setup sucked the air out of my apartment to the outside. In winter, this made my house pretty cold. Buy hey, I am growing weed here. This is important stuff.

Marijuana Grow Box

The electronics are placed on on top of the box. A timer to switch the lamp on/off. A Ballast to run the lamp. And a fan controller which controlls the fan speed. Depending on the temperatur inside the box, the fan goes faster or slower. This is not absolutely necessary but helpful.

Please note that usually the electrics should be put into a housing. Placing them right on wood is very risky because of the danger of fire. Generally, electrics should be installed with uttermost care.

Marijuana Grow Box

Note, these days I would not build the box from wood anymore. It might be easier & faster to build a grow tent like this:


Time to start a grow!!

Marijuana Grow Box

And here are some results:

Marijuana Grow Box Marijuana Grow Box

Read the story of Bills Grow Box here

  • Rika

    Hi I just wwanna ask how many watts does hps have to have per 1 plant

  • Vicky

    I bought a T5 grow and Bloom light how do you think the buds will come out using that also have a small LED light for the Clones have h o light thousand watt with ballast but want to save energy thanks Vicky

    • Hi,

      a T5 fluorescent is ok for small, young plants. But you will not get big buds with it.

      To get good results, you need a good quality LED light, like the Hans panel.
      It’s expensive, but you get it back with a large harvest.
      Small/cheapish LEDs from eBay and amazon also produce small buds.

  • Vicky

    I bought an T5 grow lamp that uses room to do you think I will get big buds using o
    nly this also have a small LED light

  • Justin Murrin

    Hey everyone! I was wondering how many boxes should I make to accompany 20-30 plants? Ive started 7 so far and they seem to be flourishing in my closet (I have it made to their liking) but I want them out in my room and was wondering how many plants do you recommend in one of these? and is it good for the full cycle

  • costa

    Hi.I wanna ask you a question. If i get a big light,for example 1000w led, could i use it also for seedlings or it’ s too powerful for them?

    • Wuhsu Skaldi

      Depends on the light Spektrum which you have to google cause I don’t got them in mind cannabis needs some special light Spektrum ex blue is something like 500-560nm but I’m not sure don’t remember

    • Joe Jones

      Mind that led bulb arent workin,led growlight only works