with Photos and Videos of a sample Grow.

This is a very cheap way to grow Marijuana for oneself.

Here I will describe how to harvest something around 0.3 – 1 Ounce of quality Marijuana with some simple Marijuana Grow Equipment. Check out the sample grow here.

The 100 Watt CFL Low Budget Grow

The freshly germinated Seeds have been planted as close as possible under the 100 Watt Compact Fluorescent light.

In these pictures, a small Grow Tent has been used. It is the white tent inside which the weed and the light is.

A tent like this is not necessary, but it stops light from shining to the outside. You don’t need it if you grow for example in a closet.

The first pictures show the Plants at 5 days of age. I counted the days from when I saw the very first leaf appear on the surface.

At 26 days of age, the plants looked like this:

75 days of Age: They plants became too big for my little Grow Box. So I had to bend them down a bit.

You don’t need a Grow Box but it keeps the light inside.

They are now 79 day sold. The first female buds are clearly visible.

Wherever you grow, make sure it is absolutely dark during the times when the light is switched off.

While you are in the 12 hours light on / 12 hours off period, it must be pitch black at night or it takes longer for the plants to start flowering.

I had one male plant. It is shown in the following picture. Males are to be removed of they’ll make love to the females. The females than won’t develop that many buds.

Male Marijuana Plant

85 days old. More Female buds are developing

Keep it as close as possible to the light!

And 110 days of age. These are mature female buds. I harvested now.

After drying and pressing, it looks like this:

I prefer to wrap my dried Marijuana in cling wrap. That protects the good smell. It also goes into airtight plastic containers. Marijuana storage for more Info about this.

The result: 18 grams = 0.6 ounces..

It is a great smoke. Now, 4 weeks after it has been put into clingwrap, it makes more stoned than when it was just dried. During the weeks after it was dried the THC level still rises.

I believe by proper pruning, more than 0.6 ounces is possible. Next time … 🙂

Which Marijuana Grow Equipment was used?

A basic setup. It costs little money but will yield a sufficient amount of Marijuana.



(must have)

Select one of these Lamps.

They come complete with Reflector, Bulb and Cable. Plug n’ Play!

It is a 125 Watt Compact Fluorescent Lamp. The Color (Day Light) suits Grow and Flowering Phase. It has a color > 5500K

One Lamp is enough for 1 – 2 Plants.



(must have)

Absolutely necessary to automatically switch the light on and off.




(must have)

2 or 3 Gallon Pots (7″-9″) are suitable. The more space you have available, the bigger the pot may be. The bigger the pot, the bigger the plant.



Potting Mix

(must have)

Choose quality potting mix.

The better the soil, the better the harvest.


Peat Pellets

(Optional – will make seed germination easier)

To germinate the Seeds. I highly recommend them.

Wanna see how to use them? Click here



(must have)

Your plants will need food during their live.

You need one for the Grow Phase and one for the Bloom Phase. These Fertilizers are made for Marijuana. The dosage recommendations are printed on the bottle.

You could also use tomato fertilizer but it is not optimal. Make sure your fertilizer is for food plants.


Mylar Reflective Foil

(optional – cover the walls of your grow environment with it to make it more light efficient)



BDS seeds 216 x 125 pixels

Marijuana Seeds

Seeds can be ordered online if needed. This will usually give you the best quality weed in the end because you’ll receive a proper strain from a seed bank.

But if you have some seeds from a bag, they will probably yield something, too

Choose an indoor Strain.

I personally ordered from these guys here. Seeds always arrived so far.

Button Square 100 x 100 pixels


Grow Tent

Optional. If you don’t intent to grow in a closet or similar, you may need something to grow in.

A Grow Tent will keep the light inside. However, you will also need some Ventilation.

If the tent you choose is wide enough, you can think about putting a second lamp in it. That will raise your possible harvest.

You can also build a grow box yourself if you like. How is described here.

Here a Grow Schedule

Day 0

Germinate the seeds in Jiffy Peat Pellets or hydroponic seed cubes. Germinate twice as many seeds as plants you want to have. If you don’t know how many plants you wanna have, germinate at least 4 seeds. Some might be males will be removed.

As soon as you see the first leaf popping out of the soil, the life begins. Just as we start counting the age of a person when she sticks his head out for the first time. Only in Korea, they start counting the age of a person 9 month prior birth.

Day 1

The first leafs are visible. Put the fellers under your Grow Light immediately. But not too close. Leave at least 10 cm distance between the CFL light and the plant. Otherwise it might be too hot for the baby.

The lights are at this stage 18 hours on and 6 hours off.

Day 20

Switch the lights to 12 hours on / 12 hours off. This will make the plants start flowering

It will take another 3 weeks at least until you will see the first flowers. Male or female. The males must be removed.

Photos of Male and Female Marijuana can be found at Growing Marijuana Outdoors. They can be found slightly underneath the middle of the page.

At this point of time, you will start using Fertilizer. You want to start with very low doses and raise it with the plant growth.

Dosage suggestions are printed onto the bottle. Always keep a close eye on the plants. If some of the middle or top leaves start becoming yellow, you need to use some more fertilizers. If leaves are very dark green and curling up at the borders, you are using too much.

Day 100

Harvest. Check out Harvesting Marijuana.

After that? How to smoke Marijuana.