3 Types of Marijuana Grow Lights. Which will yield the biggest Crop?

LED Grow Lights

Led Grow lights can produce a good harvest.

Avoid LED grow lights with “Epistar” chips in them  Those Epistar LEDs are old technology. They use lots of electricity, produce little light and lose their brightness quickly.

Here are some cheap but good LED Grow Lights

For a 2′ x 2′ area (60cm x 60cm) = Click here

3′ x 3′ = Click here

2′ x 4′ = Click here

4′ x 4′ = buy 2 x this one or 1 x HLG 550 Quantum Board LED Grow Light

5′ x 5′ = Click Here

When looking at LED lights on Amazon, try to ignore the outrageous watt claims. They sell LED lights with 1500WATT and so on. It’s all BS.

Great is the enemy of good.

The above mentioned grow lights are fine. They’ll deliver a good harvest. But they are not the greatest.

For example, they lose brightness fast. They will only last one grow cycle before their intensity goes down.

So if you want something better, consider these:

4′ x 4′ area:  HLG 550 Quantum Board LED Grow Light

TSW-200 Marijuana Grow Light by MARS

I am holding the new MARS TSW-2000.

Finally, MARS has made the move away from the old, outdated ‘EPISTAR’ Chips. Their new unit uses better SMD technology.

The unit I am holding in my hand works for a 3×3 area, and even for a 4×4. It’s available here (use this code for 3% off –> how-to-marijuana )

The smaller version for a 2×2 area is available, too.

Use this discount Voucher (-3%) for the Mars shop: –>  how-to-marijuana

Marijuana that was grown under LED Lights:

Marijuana grown under LED Light

Marijuana Grown under 160 a quality Watt LED Grow Light

LED Grow harvest 3.8 ounces

This grow yielded 3.8 ounces (110 gram) for the price of $15 electricity.

HID Grow Lamps (HPS or MH)

Old school Power

HPS Cannabis Grow Light

HID lights are like a 70s Muscle Car: Powerful but wasteful.

They produce a good harvest.

But they use 2x-3x the electricity and produce 2x-3x the heat.

2′ x 2′ = 150 Watt HID

3′ x 3′ = 400 Watt HID

2′ x 4′ = 600 Watt HID

4′ x 4′ = 600 Watt HID

5′ x 5′ = 1000Watt HID

If you live in a hot climate, use an air-cooled one:  Buy 400 Watt Air-cooled HID

HID lamps come often with 2 bulbs. An MH bulb for vegging phase and a HPS for flowering.

These lamps come with a Ballast to run them. Do yourself a favor and get one with a digital ballast. They use less electricity, produce more light and the bulb lives longer. Also, they throw less electro-smog. So the digital ballast is very recommended as opposed to the old dirt magnetic ones which are still being sold every now and then.

This Marijuana was grown under 400 Watt HID

Bud grown with 400W HPS
Cannabis buds grown under 400 Watt HPS
Nice looking Marijuana Bud

CMH Grow Lights

CMH (ceramic metal halide) grow lights are somewhat new. They are very popular because they are more efficient than HPS/MH Lights. That means they produce more light output per electricity watt.  Also their fuller spectrum of light increases growth, overall health, and yield.

  • Higher UV output means plants produce more essential oils
  • Lasts 18 months compared to 9-month HPS/MH lamps
  • The best light for plant growing competitions
  • The light spectrum isn’t as precise as LED however penetration is better

Buy 315 Watt CMH Lamp or a 630 Watt CMH Light

Or convert your old HIDs to CMH with this CMH conversion kit.

(Here’s a $20 discount voucher for Growershouse.com: GROW20. Min spend $100).

CFL Grow Lights

It doesn’t make sense anymore to buy CFL Grow Lights. LEDs are better for the same price

  • 2700K = Flowering, 6400K = Growth
  • Not as much light as HPS lamps, but easier to use and not as much heat
  • You can mix 2700K + 6400K and use it through whole grow period
  • Keep them close to your plants for best results
  • You could use 1 x 2700K bulb for whole grow (Cheap Micro Setup)
  • 1 x 150Watt is ok for 2 – 4 plants
Pic of mature Sticky Icky Marijuana

Pics of Weed grown under CFL Light:

Marijuana grown under CFL
Dried Cannabis grown under CFL lights

So which Light is best for me?

Probably LEDs.

Cannabis’ 18/6 or 12/12 light schedule

When you grow cannabis, you will put your plants initially under 18 hours of light. For the remaining 6 hours they need total darkness.

This 18/6 hours period is called “vegetative stage”. The plant thinks it is spring. It puts its energy into leaf and stem growth. It will not develop buds.

After 2 – 4 weeks of vegetative growth, you are going to switch the light to 12 hours on / 12 hours off. This will make the plant think that it has become middle/late summer. Time to develop buds!

If you have decided to use different light bulbs for vegetative / flowering stage, now is the time to change them.

If you want to avoid stress for your green friends, don’t switch the light radical from 18 hours on to 12 hours. Go 2 or 3 days with 16 hours / 8 hours and 14/10.

Switching on and off is done by a timer. Not manually. Because otherwise one is likely to forget about it.

Grow Light in more Detail: Light Color

As mentioned earlier, different light bulbs have different colors.

Plants in vegetation mode need more blue light. MH Lights provide that. MH lights even deliver some red light which makes it possible to use them over the whole plant life.

Flowering plants need more red light, as supplied by HPS lights.

The CFL Lamps are available in red, blue and mixed colors.

Light Color (also called light temperature) is described in Kelvin. 2700 K is a very red spectrum for flowering. 6400 K is a cool blue/green light, as needed for growth. There is also 14.000 K available which has even more blue.