Marijuana the Medical Miracle? Keep it real folks.


Marijauna and HealthHi,

If you are like me, you probably have noticed that there are many many claims that Marijuana has medicinal benefits for all kinds of ailments.

Some say it helps to reduce your backpain, or it will make you sleep better, protects you from nerve damage, prevents Alzheimer’s.

Name me any ailment and I can probably find someone claiming that MJ will help easing it.

I am not saying that this is wrong. Cannabis is surely a beneficial plant.

But not for everything.

It is not more beneficial then eating an Apple or a bunch of Kale. If you have a headache, try drinking water and make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables first.


But I know why there are so many claims for medicinal benefits of Cannabis!

Because on the other hand, there are institutions who claim outrages health dangers of Marijuana.

Some people say it will turn you into a maniac who has to live in a closed institution. Others say it makes you lazy and depressed. And again others say it will turn you into an addict that has to sell his/her body at a bargain.

Now here comes one big truth.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is: (This is universally applicable in your life)

— The truth is somewhere in the middle —.

The truth is that Marijuana is unlikely to turn you into a hopeless disaster of a person.

But it seems to have a forgetful effect on your short term memory.


It does not make you lazy and unproductive.

But can be more difficult to get a task done while you are stoned.


It is not addictive.

But it triggers ‘happy hormones’ in your brain which can make you want to use again.


Are you getting my point?


Both sides of this argument need to calm down a bit. If we stop swinging into these extremes of health and danger. We can see it at what it is, a plant with applications, from medical to recreational to practical.

But there are dangers. And if you smoke every day, first thing in the morning through until the evening, Hey, maybe there is something you are not dealing with. As tacky as it may sound.

But if you smoke in the evening like you’d drink glass of wine, there is no problem there.


To your health!