Some information about Marijuana Seeds, including where you can buy Marijuana Seeds.

Marijuana Seeds look like this:

Marijuana Seeds

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds?

There are different ways to get seeds. You can mail order them There are shops that send them worlwide.

I like this Seed shop. If you visit them, use this voucher code: how-to-marijuana. That will give you $6 off. Also: If you buy 10 white widow seeds, they give you another 10 for free.

The above mentioned seed shop sends the Marijuana seeds very stealthy to all over the world. They have come up with an ingenious way to hide the seeds. They are virtually impossible to be found by customs or police. I cannot tell more, but it is the best stealthy shipping I ever saw.

Sometimes you can find a few seeds in some random weed that somebody gave to you… . Those seeds will usually do well. But you do not know what strain it is.

A friend once sent me seeds from Germany to Australia hidden in the seam of a T-Shirt. They arrived without problems.

But on another occasion, seeds were send to me to Australia in a neutral envelope. They never arrived but a lady from the customs called me: “We have a parcel for you with drugs in it. You can’t do that!”. – It scared the bejeezus out of me, but nothing further happened.

You could also put a male and a female cannabis plant together.That will result in the male pollen polinating the female buds. The female will than develop seeds. Hundreds and thousands of seeds. Female plants that carry seeds won’t harvest much smokeable weed. Their energy is put into making the seeds.

Good quality seeds?

Good seeds will have a brownish color and some sort of a tiger stripe pattern. They will be hard when you try to squeeze them with your fingers.

Seeds can be stored for 2 years or even longer in the fridge. Not in the freezer. The older they get, the slower they will germinate.

When stored in a fridge, it should be avoided to take them out into the warmth and than back into the fridge.

Store Marijuana Seeds in dry, cool surroundings.

Which strain to choose?

There are 2 main strains available. They are called ‘Sativa‘ and ‘Indica‘. ‘Ruderalis’ is a third strain but is not considered here. Strains can also be mixed. Eg. 40% Sativa + 60% indica.

Visit a good seed shop

The strains differ in their effect on the user and the difficulty to grow them.

The indica is much easier to grow. It develops more crop in a shorter period of time. Most commercial pot is indica.

Indica Marijuana has a rather numbing effect. It makes you a couch potato. It can be very nice to just sit in a compfortable spot and enjoy.

For a beginner grower, indica Marijuana Seeds are the best choice. They do not have to be 100% indica, but for at least 50% – 60%.

A good beginner breed is ‘Californian Skunk’.

Sativa Marijuana Seeds are more difficult to grow. They do not develope such a big crop and it takes longer until maturity.

But the effect of sativa weed can be very energetic and uplifting. New inspired ideas might come to you. You suddenly get up and do something you really want.

A nice sativa breed is ‘Durban Poison”.

For more information on strains of marijuana, please visit the site marijuana strains.

Feminized Seeds

Cannabis growers need to use female plants, as only they develop a crop. Usually mother nature returns aprx 50% female and 50% male plants.

However, some mad scientists have found ways to feminize seeds. Meaning that all (or at least 98%) of the plants become females.

While it is desirable to have all female plants, I do not recommend the use of these seeds.

Plants grown from feminized seeds have more often than not unnatural, strange growth.

I had plants that had leaves that lost one finger on each internode. The top of the plant had leaves with only one finger. The crop was alright, though.

An article on emphasizes that plants grown from feminized seeds are likely to turn male when stressed.

Feminized seeds are also more expensive than normal ones.

Whichever Marijuana seeds you decide to get, make sure they fit your personal preferences. E.g. where to grow them, what effect you prefer and how experienced you are with growing.

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