That time when Border Agents called about my Cannabis Seeds

“We have a parcel here with drugs inside. It’s addressed to you.”

…the border agent said on the phone.

“… Oh crap!!” I thought.

I had ordered seeds online and that stoopid shop didn’t make any effort to conceal them.

So the customs workers found them, looked up my phone number and gave me a courtesy call.

Luckily, nothing else happened.

But I did need new underpants after that phone call.

The Statute of limitation has expired on this one.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds safely?

Since that incident I did my research and found this seed shop.

These guys have a great way of hiding the seeds. So they actually arrive!

Its an old established shop and they make their own seeds.

They also give a germination guarantee and shipping is free.

(*Update: I was given a discount voucher to hand out: When placing an order enter this code for $6 off:  how-to-marijuana )

Marijuana Seeds

By the way, you don’t HAVE TO buy new seeds.

If you find some seeds in a bag of weed, those may work as well.

It’s just that the quality of the plants growing from those may not be as great.

Buy Marijuana Seeds here

Beware of Seed Scammers

I see people getting ripped off from scammers.

Thieves contact you on social media offering cannabis seeds.

They demand upfront payment and once they got paid they disappear.

No seeds ever arrive.

A typical Instagram scam:

Social media Cannabis Seed scammer

They know that you can’t contact police on this matter. So they get away with it.

There are even complete fake seed websites who just collect payments but never ship any seeds.

So just keep that in mind before ordering somewhere.

Instead, I recommend this seed shop as it is legit and reliable.

What do healthy Seeds look like?

They should be marbled brownish.

When you squeeze them they should feel hard.

closeup of Marijuana seeds
bag full of cannabis seeds

Which Strain for a Beginner?

Start with an all-time classic like White Widow.

This strain is robust and easy to grow.

White Widow Seeds are available here.

What does INDICA and SATIVA mean?

Those are 2 types of Cannabis plants.

The common opinion is that marijuana from SATIVA plants has an uplifting, energetic effect on the user.

And weed from INDICA based plants kinda makes you want to sit on the couch.

I personally cannot feel much of a difference.

Most Cannabis strains are a mixture of the two.

You can find INDICA dominant seeds here.

or SATIVA dominant seeds here.

HIGH THC Marijuana Seeds

After smoking weed from these plants you may:

  • forget what you wanted to say
  • vacuum the lawn
  • place the laundry in the dishwasher.

Maybe you’ll feel self-conscious in public.

These strains have high THC and thus are very strong.

You can find HIGH THC SEEDS here.


Use indoor seeds or outdoor seeds.

FEMINIZED Marijuana Seeds

Only female Cannabis plants produce bud.

Male plants only produce pollen. And pollen has no effect on us humans.

Growers usually destroy the males as they only take up space.

Mad scientists have found a way to make all-female seeds.

With these, all plants should turn out female and you won’t waste space on males.

Find feminized marijuana seeds here.

How to make your own cannabis seeds

If you are already growing plants you could make your own seeds.

You just need a male and a female plant.

You then arrange a date for the two and things usually go from there.

The males will produce a yellow dust. That is pollen. You can blow that over the female and the girl will grow hundreds of seeds.

Females that were pollinated don’t produce much smokeable weed. They put their energy into their kids.


Autoflower plants mature slightly faster. If you’re in a hurry, get Autoflower seeds.

Regular seeds may take a bit longer but yield slightly more. Get regular seeds here.

Buy Marijuana Seeds here:

Use voucher code: how-to-marijuana to get $6 off.