Where to get Marijuana Seeds

Last updated: June 21st, 2021

Looks like you’re from the US.

Here are seed shops that safely ship to you. ⬇

Pile of Cannabis Seeds
Bunch of Marijuana Seeds

Seeds that ship to the US ⬇

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Availabe from Mary-Janes Garden ↗.

Outdoors Cannabis Seeds can withstand the weather and thrive in sunlight.

Feminized Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Available from this shop ↗.

Cannabis plants are noramlly 50% male and 50% female.

But only females give us Bud.

By using feminized seeds you don’t need to kill off any male plants.

Auto-Flowering Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Can be bought from this reliable seeds shop ↗.

Cannabis plants have 2 life stages: Vegetative first (it grows branches and leafs). Reproductive second (it grows flowers and seeds).

At first, every young plant vegetative. Later the plant ‘switches’ to reproductive.

Plants know when to switch to flowering by the duration of light they receive. When the night period becomes as long as the light period, the plant knows that the mid of summer is there (time to grow seeds).

In an indoor grow tent, you would ‘tell’ the plant to grow flowers by having the lamp ON for 12 hrs and off for 12 hours.

But Auto-Flowering plants are a different, new breed. They start making buds automatically.

You do not need to change the light duration to 12/12. It just stays on for 18hrs.

That has the advantage that the plants can receive more light and grow more bud during flowering.

These plants also may be ripe earlier. But they may also stay smaller.

Auto flowering Cannabis seeds are great for beginners … they are easy to grow.

You could buy Autos with safe shipping to the US from this reliable seeds shop.

Regular Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Available from this shop ↗.

These plants go into flowering when you change the light duration to 12/12. So you can let them grow a big frame of branches and leaves first. Then use all that space to produce flowers.

Cannabis Seeds Mix Packs

Interesting mix packs with shipping to the US can be found here ↗.

If you don’t really know what you want, you could get a Marijuana Seed Mixpack. It has all kinds of seeds in it.

High THC Marijuana Seeds

I’m no big fan of ‘high THC’ because it’s just not all about THC. However, these seeds remain popular, so here is a link to High THC Seeds ↗.

CBD Cannabis Seeds

Find high cbd Cannabis seeds here

These have high amounts of CBD. They don’t make you stoned as much but have more medicinal properties.

🏷 The best Deal (most seeds for the Money)

Buy 10 White Widow Seeds, get 10 free Seeds (get 20 Seeds) from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com ↗.

On top, you get $6 off with this voucher → how-to-marijuana. (enter during checkout)

This is a great offer because you get White Widow seeds. A stable, high yield, high-quality Cannabis strain from a European breeder. Even tho these seeds are cheap, you still get something very good.

Get this offer here: from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com

That time when Border Agents called about my Cannabis Seeds

My phone rang. A female border agent said in a strong voice: “We have here a parcel with drugs inside. It’s addressed to you.”

“… Oh crap!!” I thought.

I had ordered seeds online and that stoopid shop didn’t make any effort to conceal them.

So the customs people found them, looked up my phone number, and then they gave me a courtesy call.

Luckily, nothing else happened.

But I did need new undies after that.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds safely?

The seed shops at the top of this page are legit sources. I know some of them since 2007. Now it’s 2021 and they’re still around.

Free Cannabis Seeds?

By the way, you don’t HAVE TO buy new seeds.

If you find some seeds in a bag of weed, those may work as well.

cannabis seeds inside green bag

It’s just that the quality of the plants growing from those may not be as great.

Beware of Seed Scammers

There are a lot of these on Social Media. Especially in Facebook groups.

They send you direct messages and offer cheap cannabis seeds.

But once you paid, they disappear….. No seeds arrive.

It’s netter to buy from an established shop.

Typical Scam: A person shows photos of himself with Cannabis plants. The photos are probably not of himself. He will then offer you cheap seeds. Once you pay, he disappears with your cash.

They know that you can’t contact police on this matter.

Instead, I recommend these safe seed shops.

What do healthy Seeds look like?

They should be marbled brownish.

When you squeeze them they should feel hard.

Pile of Cannabis Seeds
Bunch of Marijuana Seeds

Which Strain for a Beginner?

Autoflower seeds ↗ are good for Beginners.

What does INDICA and SATIVA mean?

Those are 2 types of Cannabis plants.

The common opinion is that marijuana from SATIVA plants has an uplifting, energetic effect on the user.

And weed from INDICA based plants kinda makes you want to sit on the couch.

I personally cannot feel much of a difference.

Most Cannabis strains are a mixture of the two.

You can find INDICA dominant seeds here ↗.

or SATIVA dominant seeds here ↗.

How to make your own cannabis seeds

If you are already growing plants you could make your own seeds.

You just need a male and a female plant.

You then arrange a date for the two and things usually go from there.

The males will produce a yellow dust. That is pollen. You can blow that over the female and the girl will grow hundreds of seeds.

Marijuana Seeds falling out of ripe Bud
Marijuana Seeds falling out of ripe Bud

Thanks for reading on my website.

So if you want to buy Seeds now, go back up on this page to my recommended stores ⬆.

See you later, Alligator.

18 thoughts on “Where to get Marijuana Seeds

  1. Hi,

    if your female plants have seeds, they have been pollinated by a male.

    Usually when growing for consumption, you would avoid having your females pollinated.

    Because once pollinated, the female produces seeds inside the buds.

    While when she is not pollinated, she would just keep increasing bud mass.

    You can still harvest your females with the seeds. The good thing is, you’ll have seeds for new plants next year. You could even eat those seeds in your healthy muesli.

    And you’ll have less smokeable buds though, because your plant has expended energy to produce seeds.

    To avoid having your females pollinated, always ‘kill’ the males. As cruel as that sounds.

    Thank you for your comment!


  2. Hi, I am also new at growing, I am almost ready to harvest but the plants aren,t quite ready yet. My question is my female plants seem to have alot of seeds where the buds grow,i am wondering is this normal?and i am sure they are female not male plants.we have used bag seeds as mail order seeds is not available where we live.also a few plants seem to be dying?

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