Proper Marijuana storage is important to keep it fresh and potent. But where to put your beloved weed? It should be dark, cool and airtight!

A simple good way to store Marijuana is to wrap it into cling wrap and than put it into airtight containers.

This way, the Marijuana keeps its good smell. It is important to wrap it into cling wrap. Marijuana that is kept in a box with lots of air in it will loose its smell.

Do not let sunlight reach your Marijuana. It will loose in quality.

To store Marijuana over a longer period of time, put it into the fridge. Not into the freezer. Marijuana can be kept in the fridge for 2 years as longer if it is in a really airtight container. Weed in the fridge which is not airtight packed will take on the taste of the fridge. And that is disgusting.

Whenever you wrap Marijuana in cling wrap for storage, make sure the herbs are really dry. Otherwise it could develop mould.

How can you tell its really dry? Bend a stem. If it breaks with a noise, the weed is dry enough.

It is wise to check on the pot every now and then. Open the container and let some fresh air in. Look into your buds to check for mould.

Marijuana gets better and stronger with time. Only ca. 3 month after the harvest will it have developed its full strength. A curing process transforms THC. Read more about Drying and Curing if you like.

It can be important to hide the Marijuana. Here is an idea for discret Marijuana storage: Put it into an old Joghurt Container. But wrap it into clingwrap, too.

Marijuana Storage