There are three Marijuana strains available:

Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

Indica Marijuana

Indica Marijuana plants grow not very tall. Their leaves have wide fingers. The leaf color is mostly dark green.

Indica flowers early. It has a small plant height but delivers big yields. It is the first choice for many Marijuana grower. Most commercial pot is indica.

It gives the user a heavy, bodily high. Some people turn into quiet couch potatos after having smoked it.

Indica is also called indian cannabis. It can be found e.g. in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan.

A few indica (or mostly indica) strains are White Widow, Afghan or Amsterdam Indica. (Visit a Seller of Seeds here)

Sativa Marijuana

Sativa grows taller than indica. It has slim leaves that are often of a lighter green.

It takes much longer to get to maturity and the buds are thinner and longer. The yield is usually not as big as from indica.

The effect on the user is uplifting. It can give rushes of energy. You might come up with new creative ideas. The daily work could be done stoned. Optimism.

Indica & Sativa mixed

With selective breeding, indica and sativa characteristics can be mixed. It is possible to have plants that flower early but have an uplifting, celebral high.

Usually, those plants have a slightly higher indica proportions. E.g. 60% Indica, 40% Sativa

Marijuana Strains like that are Master Kush, Master Kush x KC33 or Shiva (named after the Shiva Hindu god of transformation) Find some of the here

Ruderalis Marijuana

Ruderalis does not need a 12 hour / 12 hour light period to start flowering. It starts to flower right after germination, even at 24 hours light.

One apparently extremely easy to grow Ruderalis is Four Way .

About THC Levels

Differrent Marijuana Strains have different THC Levels. THC is the stuff that makes us high.

In the past, Breeders have constantly tried to maximize THC Levels. Therefore, the Marijuana from the 70ties was not as strong as todays.

The THC Levels are shown in percent. Strong strains have 20% THC and more. Like White Widow.

Those THC percentages are estimates by the seed banks. I don’t think that they are always 100% accurate.

Plus some people like to make it a bit higher to encourage you to buy.

Other interesting Strains

For example Yoruba Nigeria is said to come from darkest Africa and has never been crossed with anything else yet. So it is a pure, natural breed.

The legend says that this strain has been smoked 1500 years ago from the people of the african Yoruba Kingdom.

Photo of Yoruba Nigeria:

The worlds most popular strain:

White Widow (Picture on left).

Supposed to be the strongest weed in the world.

So many THC crystals that you can barely see the buds.

Usually one of the most expensive choices at the Coffee Shop in Holland.

Like purple Marijuana? Try to grow New Purple Power. The buds turn purple after a few weeks of flowering.

In order to get nice purple buds, the plant should grow in low temperatures.