How I Grow Weed in my Apartment… Without Getting Caught…Even If My Landlord Comes For a Visit.

I live in a small apartment, but I still want to grow weed.

My wife won’t allow me to have a huge grow tent.

So I built myself a small Grow tent.

Marijuana Grow Tent

Rake in enough Weed for Yourself and a friend, and don’t worry about “I don’t have weed”.  Never again get crabby from hours of waiting for that flaky dealer.

airfilter in grow tent

Grow the Strain for Your needs or symptoms .. Enjoy the ‘high’ you like, get well sooner … now you are making your own medicine.

It won’t Stink up your house … even unexpected guests (like your landlord, parents in law or alcohol drinking neighbor) won’t smell a thing. The intelligent Fan-and-filter system destroys the smell reliably. (There is activated carbon inside the air filter and air moves through SLOWLY … so the stuff has enough time to work).   

Small enough to hide (40 x 40 x 120cm).Put it into a wardrobe and it’s out-of-sight when you have guests. Hide it in a closet and the real estate agent won’t kick you out. Also, your spouse won’t complain (that much) … “Look, Honey, it’s so small you can hardly see it”…

Pays for itself.  Seasoned pro-growers will get 3 ounces (every 3.5 months). If you’re a Beginner-Gardener, you won’t rake-in that much right away…. but chances are you score 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce from your first grow. 

As noisy as a fridge   (I measured it!). Both TomatoTent and a fridge are at about 50 dbA … its hard to notice the soft-white noise from the fan. Certainly, your neighbor next door won’t hear a thing.

Uses 110Watts of Electricity …. your power bill goes up about $US 12 per month. (Based on the average power price in the USA). That’s not enough to raise suspicions or to cause you “Bill-Shock”.  

Effective Samsung LED Grow light … that will produce a good harvest and earn you the respect of “PRO-GROWERS” (who would laugh about cheaper LEDs).

Actively Air Cooled LED Grow Lamp.  Your plants won’t wilt from ‘heat-stroke’, even if you live in the swamps of Florida or the Arizona desert. Because air gets pulled through the LED light, and, together with the heat, thrown out of the tent. 

Dimmer Button. Push this Button and the light dims down. Now stare at your jungle as long as you like (and don’t risk bad eyes later in life).

Pesticide-free Produce. Keep your body clean by dodging any more chemicals. (Your jaw would drop if you saw what commercial farms get away with spraying on their crops).