This intelligent Grow Tent lets you Grow Marijuana in a Small space


my name is Jack and I help people grow Cannabis at home. You may have seen my YouTube videos or maybe my Growing courses on GrowersNetwork University.

About 15 years ago I started home-growing Cannabis in my house.

I HAD to grow my own because it was too much trouble to get weed … and too expensive.

Since I’m growing my own, I have never run out. 

Now I am helping help other people home grow, too.

My newest Grow Tent is made to be as small as possible.

It also has a little computer inside that monitors the conditions inside the tent. It keeps temperature, humidity in check so the plant is happy and grows healthy.

Growing Cannabis is a great hobby. Even if you have never done it before, you can harvest ounces …. If you have the right equipment and some guidance.

Marijuana Grow Tent

My new Mini Grow Tent (TomatoTent) is made for private home growing. And its made to be as discreet as possible, becasue even in coutryis where this is legal, its still better to be discreet.

The box is so stealthy that nobody will notice. Even if, for example, somebody visits your house for a surprise visit. 

TomatoTent has up to 2 Air Filters to really remove all the smell. As long as these filters are fresh, all the smell is removed. (More info on the air filters follows on this page)

You also don’t have to know anything about growing this plant.

The in-built Mini computer helps you do the work … it makes it so easy even a total ‘non-gardener’ will get a harvest.

Here’s what the TomatoTent Mini Grow Box does:

Make your own weed, and don’t worry about it anymore. Never again get crabby from hours of waiting for that flaky dealer.

You can grow any strain you need, including AutoFlowers and Photoflowers .. Enjoy the ‘high’ you like, get well sooner … now you are making your own medicine … inexpensively. By the way, a trustworthy seed shop is ILGM.

It won’t Stink up your house … even unexpected guests won’t smell a thing. The intelligent Fan-and-filter system destroys the smell reliably. More on this on this page further below…

Can run TWO Carbon air filters and totally remove ALL the smell. One filter is enough to remove the smell, but for those who want total peace of mind, you can add a 2nd Carbon Air Filter on top of the box. So you will stay discreet and nobody can find out about this grow box.

VERY small Dimensions 1.3 x 1.3 x 4.4 ft (40 x 40 x 135cm). Put it into a wardrobe or closet and it’s out-of-sight. With the 2nd filter on top its 5.25ft high (160cm).

The Harvest is as big as possible …for this size grow Tent.  It’s a small tent … as small as one can go really. And you may wonder if it produces enough.

Well, the harvest will be smaller than in a bigger tent … obviously.

But TomatoTent also compensates for its small size with an LED Light that is bigger than typically used in this footprint.

TomatoTent can use such big LED Light because it has an active cooling mechanism …. the the warmth from the LED is removed.

Other tents would overheat with this LED light … but TomatoTent can use it and all that light creates a bigger harvest weight.

If you’re a Beginner, expect about 1 ounce on your first grow. Once you got the hang of it, it goes up to 3 ounces. (TomatoTent comes with instructions … more on that later on this page)

Half as noisy as a fridge  I have measured it at 35 dbA …. that’s about half as noisy as a running fridge. It will not annoy you with a constant air noise … because the system is small it doesn’t need much air flow.

Uses 110 Watts of Power …. your power bill goes up about $US 12 per month. (Based on the average power price in the USA). That’s not enough to raise suspicions or to cause you “Bill-Shock”.  

Samsung LED Grow Light (Quantum Panel)
Modern LED chips that produce lots of light. This quality LED Light earns you the respect of “Pro-Growers” (who often laugh at other LEDs).

All that light will produce a big plant with a big harvest. And you get a good harvest even though this is a small grow area. The bigger the harvest, the faster you get your investment back.

Actively Air-Cooled LED Grow Lamp.  Your plants won’t wilt from ‘heat-stroke’, even if you live in the swamps of Florida or the Arizona desert. (Keep reading to learn all about this unique heat management system).

Dimmer Button for Eye Protection
The LED light is dangerous for human eyes because its so bright (that’s just my opinion).

That’s why there’s a Dimmer Button …

… you can push it when you open the grow tent.

It makes the lamp go down to 10% of its brightness and you won’t hurt ya eyes ….

…. and your plants won’t get shocked (and stop growing for an hour) as they would if you’d totally switch off the light for a moment.

TomatoTent came to be … because I ran out of weed and decided to start growing again.

The problem was …. I live in a small apartment and there is not much space.

Typical Grow Tents are 3 x 3 x 7ft or 4 x 4 x 7 ft large.

Its more difficult to build a small grow tent … because everything has to fit into as small space and the danger of over-heating is greater. (It’s the same reason why Laptops are more expensive than desktop computers)

I grew up in Germany … and at the age of 15 I did an apprenticeship to become an electrician.

In the next 3 years, it was my job to assemble electronics and learned how to build electronic stuff.

Later, I learned computer programming.

And now I can build grow tents that have both good electronics and that are so-called “smart” grow tents …. because they have a computer in them that can make decisions.

That’s the reason why TomatoTent is ahead of other grow tents.

There never has been such a grow tent … and it will take years for the copycats to catch up.

The first version of TomatoTent
The very first version of TomatoTent (2017)

That first grow turned out alright, but there were some problems.

For example, the fan was quite noisy and I always had to check if the plants need water. Somethime I would forget to water them and they’d drop their leaves casue they were too dry.

Small enough to hide in a wardrobe.

When Cannabis goes into flowering … you can smell it.  And your neighbor can, too.

airfilter in grow tent

There are carbon air filters that remove the smell … BUT most people use them in-correctly …

… and then wonder why the filter isn’t working and that the smell is still there.

Here’s the mistake most growers make:  They pump too much air through the filter….

… totally overwhelming the filter and the damn thing stops working.

The solution is to slow down the fan …. and let the air go through the carbon filter SLOWLY.

Now the carbon inside has time to do its magic and clean the air properly … and outcomes only fresh air without ANY smell.

That’s the secret:  Slow down the fan. 

TomatoTent controls the fan speed automatically, you don’t have to worry about it.

The computer constantly monitors the temperature and humidity inside the tent…

.. if it gets too hot or humid, the fan runs faster to pump more air and correct the climate.

That’s why the fan runs as slow as possible … and the filter has time to clean the air. 

This is the secret to making the carbon filter remove ALL the smell….

…. and that’s also how you don’t get busted by Mr. and Mrs. Nosy from next door.

One carbon air filter alone would actually be enough to clean all the air.  But I understand some of you need to be even safer…

… and for you, TomatoTent has the ability to add a 2nd carbon air filter….cleaning the air twice. It’s for those of you who need to be 100% absolutely sure all smell is gone. (you don’t have to use that option …. but it’s there if you need it.

Those smell filters, by the way, need replacing every 6-9 months. If you need a new one, you won’t have to buy them from me … You can get them from amazon, eBay or growershouse … they are just plain vanilla standard 4-inch hydroponic carbon filters.

My favourite feature is the touch display …

… this display is important especially for beginners because it tells you if somethings wrong.

Like when the soil dries out … you can see that on the display and quickly give water.  

And if you like, you could connect TomatoTent to your WiFi network at home … and then check on TomatoTent from your smartphone.

… Just make sure you don’t show it off too much outside (loose lips sink ships).

TomatoTent is extremely compact and stealthy … 

…but it can still grow a harvest bigger than expected.

That is because it can use a powerful LED grow light.

A decent LED grow light produces heat … it would usually heat up this small tent.

But TomatoTent can run a full-sized LED because the heat coming from it is immediately transported out of the tent.

The used air coming from the tent is pulled over the LED lamp heatsink … and then exits the tent.

Now we have a powerful 100 Watt (real draw) grow light in a small grow tent.  That means the plant in there can grow exceptionally well.

LED grow lights are, probably, the most important part on a grow tent. 

The more light your plants get (while nutrients and water are right), the more weight (weed) you get out of it.

Not only that, but other growers will often fire shots at you for having a crappy grow light …. its a weird jealousy thing, I guess.

TomatoTent has a quantum panel with Samsung LED chips….

… its among the best LEDs right now.

Not only do Samsung LEDs give you bragging rights … they also produce lots of light….

This is why TomatoTent delivers a big harvest on such a small size.

Led lights are all nice and great … using less electricity and all that … but they have a problem!

LED Lights damage human eyes.

I hope I’m wrong about this … but I have a feeling that in about 10-20 years …. there will be a wave of people with serious eye problems ….. all those growers who didn’t wear protection glasses when working on their plants under them bright LEDs. 

TomatoTent solves that problem with the ‘eye protect’ button.  You can push it and the light dims down to 20% … protecting your eyes from damage while you check on your plants.

TomatoTent especially works for Beginners.

Because it is a complete set … all the part are in there and they work together well.  

You get growing very quickly and won’t have to do research or trial & error.  Its a plug-in-and-grow solution.

The most difficult thing for new growers are nutrients (fertilizer)…

…Its where many growers … (even experienced ones) drop the ball and hurt their plants.

Cannabis is a fast growing, hungry plant.  

You need to feed it well with fertilizer … or it will be meek and sick.

But nutrients have to be given precisely right … too much is bad .. and too little, too.

I once i gave too much fertilizer and my plants turned all brown and yellow … they almost died.

But I now found ways to get nutrients perfectly right, even for people who have never grown cannabis before.

There are 3 ways do the fertilizer thing …. (from absolute beginner-easy to advanced pro-growers). Here they are:

1. Use No-Till soil  … and don’t worry about giving Fertilizer at all  (VERY EASY)

This is by far the easiest way of growing Cannabis … you don’t need to know anything.

This so called “No-Till Soil” or also called “SuperSoil” is a special soil that already has all the nutrients in it …. 

…. you don’t have to give any fertilizer at all!

Just giving pure water is enough (whenever the system tells you it needs water).

2. Grow in potting mix (standard, from the garden store) and use a full spectrum fertilizer  (ALSO EASY)

This is easy … you buy yourself potting mix and whoever you give water, you mix fertilizer powder in there.

The best fertilizer for that is called Veg&Bloom .. it has everything the plants need.  It can be used by total beginners.

3. Use a hydroponic system (ADVANCED TECHNIQUE)

This uses no soil, just water. Its clean, but takes a lot of work and knowledge.  

Not recommended for beginners … but you can do this later after you have a few grows under your belt.

With TomatoTent you can grow your own plants at home successfully, right off the bat.

There is no failure, even if you have never grown plants before.

… you will never have to spend money on Weed again.

Whatever you spend to buy TomatoTent is a large investment …

… but you get that money back in the form of weed.

Because a harvest of 1.5 ounces on your very first grow is entirely possible.

And those 1.5 ounces are worth roughly $600 USD.  And that is just from your your first harvest.

There is a special magic about smoking your own…

… I may sound strange here … but that smoke from your home grown weed…

… it puts a certain deep-seated confidence into your spine …

… an honest, healing, happiness … 

… because you created this.   You created this weed and you did it well.

Some people like to have a personal guide when growing weed. 

I get it …. it can make us feel safer when doing something new …

… to have somebody we can ask a question … and get some expert feedback.

I thought about this and decided I cannot personally do that. It would be too many email for me to answer.

But …

instead, I have created an Internet Forum … (it’s not open to the public)..

… and in that internet Forum, you can post a question or … better … upload a photo of your plants.

Then the experienced people in there will assist you and help with any problems.

I stand behind my workmanship and manufacturing staff.

If any part of Tomatotent stops working within 36 months (3 full years, more than most electronic things have), we’ll send you a replacement for that part free of charge.  This is to make sure you’re not out of pocket if TomatoTent breaks … which probably it won’t anyways.

To claim any warranty needs, you can send an E-Mail to our support address “”.  A staff member will respond with 24, sometimes 72 hours.

Both Power supplies (the things that touch Mains-Voltage) are made by reputable brand “MeanWell”.

They have an overheat-protection mechanism …. if they get too hot, they switch off and don’t catch fire.

They also have short-circuit protections …. if there is a cable defect somewhere, the LED driver switches off before an electrical fire can start.

TomatoTent is still brand new …. in fact, right now while I am writing this, I am sitting in my workshop and behind me is a new LED light test-running.

I’m manufacturing each and every TomatoTent myself, here in my workshop.

There is a limit on how many I can make.

I’m now making another 20, in addition to the initial 15 that were completed.

Ok, we’ve gone over a lot here.

Lets catch breather … and do a quick recap.

Here’s what you get with Tomatotent.

You get the TomatoTent complete system, it includes:

  • LED Grow Light, dimmable
  • Grow Tent 1.3×1.3×3.93ft (40x40x120cm)
  • Intelligent controller with touch screen
  • Speed controlled fan
  • 7 gallon fabric pot
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Carbon filter 4 inch

This TomatoTent Set has everything you need to become a successful home grower.

You don’t have to spend any more thought on buying the equipment because its all there.

Right now you can buy this and start home growing.

Cannabis growing is actually quite special … because the harvest is worth so much money.

You can very quickly make your money back … faster than on any other investment.

Now you can do 2 things … you can keep researching the millions of look-alike grow products on the market …. until you get tired and confused.

Or you can really start growing Kraut by purchasing a TomatoTent today.

Click the green button below that says “Buy Now”.  You will see our the shop that sells it for your country.

After placing the order you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.

Hope to see you growing soon,