TomatoTent Mini Cannabis Grow Box

Last updated: November 7th, 2021

Ultra-discreet Mini Cannabis Grow Tent.

Grow your own at Home.


I live in a small apartment, in the middle of the city.

But I still want to grow my own weed.

So I built myself a Mini Grow Tent.

And becasue I have neighbours above, beyond, left and right, this thing had to be super discreet. They couldn’t be any smell. So I built it to have 2 large small filters.

Since I posted about it on YouTube, many other people wanted one and I have since started making these for everyone.

About this Mini Grow Tent

  • You don’t have to know too much about gardening
    Its made for beginners.
  • Complete with everything you need, except …
    …. potting mix, tomato-seeds, and fertilizer. (More on that further below on this page). But, all the hardware is included … that means you don’t have to buy any further equipment.
  • You’re in good company
    As Owner, you will be invited to join our private, (password-protected), internet-troll-free online community. There you’ll get help with your Grow.
  • It’s Energy-Wise (kind-off)
    Consumes about 85 Watts electricity. That means you pay about $0.40 (0,36€) per day for power.
  • Latest Samsung LED Grow Light
    Good quality LED chips for a good harvest and a long life.
  • Made with long-lasting components, designed for a minimum lifetime of 6 years. Meanwell Power supplies, Fan used in Bitcoin mining machines (that means they can run at full power all the time). You are covered by a 24-month manufacturing-defect warranty.
  • Very small and discreet
    It hides in most wardrobes, closets, or storage rooms. So even an unexpected visitor to your home may not see it. Sizes: 16 x 16 x 61″ (40 x 40 x 155 cm)
  • Doesn’t Smell or stink (usually)
    The Airfilter cleans the air. This takes out most of all smells because it uses 2 carbon air filters. While plants are very ripe, a slight scent may be noticeable but you could crack a window. 
  • Quiet enough to not be annoying
    The system makes a soft ‘swoosh’ sound … coming from the fan. The computer keeps the fan as slow and quiet as possible while providing enough airflow for healthy plants.
  • Grow 1 large plant … or up to 3 small ones.
    It’s made for 1 well looked after plant. Multiple plants are possible, but I don’t recommend it. It gets crowded.
  • Comes with 1 large pot
    A big pot that makes good use of the available space. When using several small pots, there is space wasted for air between the pots.
  • Drying Function
    After you harvest, you can dry your crop inside the tent. The fan will run slowly and keep the air flowing gently around the buds, letting them dry slowly (and eventually taste nice). The filter still removes and smells, keeping you safe.

What’s Included?

All the technology is included. No need to buy any more of that.

There is a video on how to assemble it, it takes about 30-60 minutes to set it up.

Fabric Pot

Large Fabric Pot 30cm wide, 30cm high. It was made to grow one large plant in lots of soil (big pot, 7 gallons).

Many people ask how many plants fit into the Tent.

A good way to use it is with 1 big plant. 

Alternatively, you could grow up to 3 small plants. But it gets tight in the tent eventually.

Air cooled LED Grow Light

It ‘pulls’ the ‘used-up Air over the LED and removes heat from the LED.

This avoids overheating of the Tent IF you live in a warm place. There are no heat-problems with this system up to an environment temperature of 30C/86F.

If you live in a cold place, you can move the heat-sucker to a position where the warmth of the LED remains in the tent to keep it warm.

2 x Activated Carbon Air Filter

This air filter is filled with ‘activated carbon’ (that’s a fancy name for ‘refined charcoal’).

The system uses 2 of these.

This stuff binds VOCs and traps them (VOC means Volatile Organic Compound) and, in plain English, is ‘the stuff that you smell from your plants’.


This fan is custom-made for this tent because the other standard fans were not as efficient, powerful, and speed-controllable.

The fan is a powerful long-life Unit. It’s made with Ball-Bearings (because they last longer).

It’s also mind-blowingly powerful. Typically, the fan needs only 20% of its capacity. 

The lower RPMs (Revolutions per minute) make this system reasonably quiet.

By “reasonably quiet” I mean it’s as loud (quiet) as a running fridge.

It’s too loud to have it next to your bed …. but it’s not so loud that it annoys you.

The Tent

The tent is sewn from light-blocking Mylar-Nylon compound fabric. In English, that means it won’t rip easily, is black on the outside, and reflective silver on the inside.

The glittery, shiny inside tent reflects light towards the plant (more light is used, not wasted).

The fabric is also non-toxic, it won’t add chemicals to your home air.

The grow tent is fire-resistant for your safety.

And the grow fabric is water tolerant. Even if the bottom tent gets wet after you water your plants, that’s ok. It won’t mold.

The tent will not completely contain all light inside. Some light leaks out at the bottom air inlet. That means you may not want to place this in your bedroom as the light could mess up your sleep.

LED Light 

The system uses Samsung LED chips (LM301B) and some added Red. The Samsungs are currently (the year 2021) the most efficient LEDs for growing plants. They make the most light for the electricity they use (and you get more value for the electricity you buy).

Comes with long-life Meanwell LED Driver (a good brand with integrated electrical safety mechanisms)

There is a ‘Short-circuit’ protection. That means it switches off when something is not right (over-heating or worse).

The system has a ‘Dimmer’ button. When you press it, the Lamp dims down to 10% (and you can look at your plants without hurting your eyes).

Touch Screen Controller with WiFi

It’s a little computer that does a lot of gardening work for you.

It keeps checking the climate inside the box (temperature and humidity).

If it gets too warm or humid, it makes the fan go faster (pumping more air to keep your plants growing well).

Or, when it’s cold enough it slows the fan (making the box quiet and energy-wise).

This computer also counts the days for you (how old your plant is). No need to write that down in a calendar.

This electronic brain switches the lamp on/off for you.

It does so gently with the inbuilt ‘SunRise / SunSet feature. Your plant will be a little happier because of the soft-starting light in the morning, and the slow fading light at night.

WiFi & Remote monitoring

This is slightly ‘techy’.

I know not everyone grew up with a Game Boy in the crib.

If ‘tech-babble’ confuses you, please skip this section.

You’ll have access to a screen on your mobile phone or computer that tells you what’s going on inside your Tent (from wherever you are).

There is a bar-graph logging function. So you can see what DID happen in the past.

Seeing temp/humidity values over time will help you dial in the perfect grow if you’re into that scientific stuff.

All this is very, very easy to use. To access the Dashboard on your phone, there is a QR code that you can scan with the camera. It’ll open the Dashboard (no need to install an ‘App’.


Will run on 120 Volt (North America) and 230 Volt (Europe, Rest of the World).

It consumes about 115 Watts of electricity.

We will ship you the right cables for your country.

Ships partly assembled but needs some setup work

We need to ship it in a small box to keep the cost down.

That’s why the tent ships disassembled.

You would set it up as shown in this video.

Worldwide Shipping 

Worldwide shipping is available with pre-cleared customs for a hassle-free arrival. With tracking number so you know where the parcel is.

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