Root Stimulator .. what is that?

Ok cool,

‘Do I really need this?

That was my first thought when I heard about “Rooting stimulators”.  (Australians will find that name funny).

So I did my research and found out interesting stuff about … Rooting Stimulators (hehehe).

Bigger roots = Bigger fruits

It kinda makes sense that a healthy root system would mean a healthy plant, right? Yes.

Yet we often forget about the roots, because we don’t see them.

But if we devote some effort to look after our plant’s root system, we will have better yields and less problems overall.

Root stimulators build a larger, healthier root system, which in turn allows the plant to absorb nutrients more easily and quickly. You will surely notice a difference in plant growth speed and foliage when doing a side-by-side of plants with a rooting stimulator vs those without.

Watch this cool rooting video 😉

Dead plants and animals?

There is this organic stuff called “humates“.

The word stems from the latin “humus” which means ‘ground’.

Humates are the things that remain after a dead plant or animal has decayed.

Its nutritious stuff full of organic acids, amino acids, amino sugars, & peptides.

It’s a catapult for new life!

Do you have a compost area in your garden?

The dark, rich soil left over after 1 or 2 years is full or humates.

So these days, we have found a way to take these precious humates and put them into a bottle.

We can then mix them into our plant water and make our plants happy.

That way people without a compost system in their garden can still get the benefits.

Black soil is good soil

You can spot fertile soil by it’s rich, black color.

Black soil gets its color from the humates in it.

Good soil is expensive!  We don’t have much of it (anymore).

Typically the potting mix we buy is peat mixed with some additives.

To make that potting mix really good, we can add rooting stimulator.

So what does this all mean?

If we grow Cannabis indoors, things tend to be quite “artificial”.

We are using potting mix and man-made fertilizers.

But by giving a root stimulator, we can introduce some natural goodness into our environment.

We can make it more natural.

Humates are the building blocks of new live. It just makes sense to give them to our plants. They will grow better, faster and bigger.

A great, newly developed rooting stimulator is Radix Rooting Compound.

That stuff was made specifically for Cannabis and have some stuff others don’t.

It does have added humic, fulvic, amino acids, protein hydrolysate, and other proprietary ingredients that act as beneficial natural biostimulants.

Mix 1.5ml to every gallon of water. It doesn’t matter if you have fertilizer in the water or not.

The stuff is very concentrated, you won’t need much and it will last a long time.

Radix was manufactured in a laboratory grade nutrient facility in Canada. Each bottle is identical to the last. That means very predictable results for the user.

Will it increase yield?

The manufacturer says:

“Yes, if you do a side-by-side of plants with Radix vs no root stimulant, you will be sure to see a yield increase with the Radix treated plants, everything else held equal.”

To truly find out, we need to do a comparison grow. Maybe I can set one up soonish. So we can get the truth on this.

For now, I think this is good stuff.

You don’t absolutely need it, but you’ll increase your harvest and make your weed a bit better .

 Rooting Stimulator is available here