Trimming Marijuana

Last updated: June 22nd, 2021

Trimming Marijuana

It is the process of removing all or most of those little leaves that sit in between the buds.

Trimmed Marijuana

I use nail scissors to remove the leaves. Don’t throw them away! They are sticky and full of THC.

You can make Cannabis Butter or Hash out of them.

Wet, freshly trimmed Marijuana
Leftover from Marijuana Trimming

The more bud-leaves you remove, the milder the smoke later. The little leaves create harsh smoke.

But on the other hand, the more leaves you cut the more time you will need for trimming. And the less weight your end result will have.

Find a healthy way in between.

During the trimming, touch the buds as little as possible. Everything that sticks to your fingers will not be in your joint later.

After the marijuana trimming, put the buds on sheets of paper. Don’t use newspapers as they contain toxic ink. Now your pot is going to dry. Click here to read about drying marijuana.

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