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Vaporizer are becoming more and popular.

It is a device to inhale the ingredients of dried plant material. All sorts of herbs can be used. Especially Marijuana.


How does a Vaporizer work?

You put your pure plant material into them.

The plant material will than be flowed through by hot air.

The Hot Air will vaporize the plant ingredients. And you inhale them.

Because no combustion takes place, there are ideally no carbon monoxide or smoke tars present.

The most efficient temperature seems to be 200 ° C (392 ° F). That was found by studies undertaken by MAPS (link).

Does it really make me high? Or is a bong stronger?

Depends on the Model.

Some make you really high, others not at all.

I generally think that a bong will hit you stronger. But it comes together with a huge mass of tar and other unhealthy stuff that will over time clog up your lungs.

A properly used Marijuana Vaporizer WILL make you stoned. Properly stoned! And the beauty is, the high feels somehow a little different. It is lighter, more creative. I think.

The efficiency of these devices seems to be dependent on how quick the material is heated up and how much vapor was inhaled.

The best Model I could find is the VapirOne. It is this one here:


It heats up fast, and TELLS you when its ready to go. Heats up in aprx. 30 – 60 seconds.

Has a real thermometer display.

Lets you set the temperature digitally.

Can be used with inflation bags or directly to the mouth with a tube. All included.

It is in the lower price range of around 150 bucks available here. (Sorry for the cheap image with the chick).

VIDEO: See the Vapir ONE in action:

Which ones NOT to use

I have bought one similar to these EasyVape’s:

They do not work!

The problem is that they need ages to heat up.

You sit there and wait. Than you think its ready and start sucking on that rope. You suck and suck. You inhale deeply for ages … but nothing happens.

In the beginning for 3 or 4 hits it tastes good. But that’s it. The aroma is released at 175 ° C

But the THC is released from Marijuana at higher temperatures around 200 ° C. At those temperatures, the aromatic oils will be already gone. So the vapor tastes like nothing while the THC content is at its peak.

Most likely, the user will have lost patience and stopped inhaling at that point if he would be using an easyvape.

Anyway, don’t buy them. They are build by people that want to make a quick dollar without the want to deliver a good product. These are even more expensive than e.g. a VapirOne which has an air pump and bags. Everything with funky pulsing lamps on it without a reason should make suspicious.

Don’t use them together with water filtration!

THC, the main psychoactive component in Marijuana, binds itself to water quickly. If you filter the vapor through water, you mainly remove THC from it. Therefore, it will be less potent.

Studies of MAPS/CaNORML show that water filtration removes THC, but leaves tar etc. in the smoke. Click here if you are interested in the scientific results of that study.

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